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Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Super Wildlife Mafia
~ A game of conquest and vengeance ~

Night Zero: A dead bear

Under the misty night sky, all animals were dangerously asleep. The jungle had never been more peaceful but that was about to change. Shallow footsteps chimed in the night. Alert to sounds, the first to wake up was a deer. Trusting his ear, he followed the sound. Suddenly it stopped. Peering between two tree trunks, the deer saw a large dark figure, standing over a fallen animal.

The deer turned around to escape but that one unguarded moment was all it took. It too had fallen but not before delivering an ear piercing squeal. All the animals had been woken. The first to arrive at the scene was the mighty lion. He saw the deer’s neck torn away from the body. Shocked at the sight, he didn’t notice the other carcass until the court jester pointed it out. The monkey was all smiles but the lion had realized the seriousness of the situation.

In blood he saw it written near his body, “Soon there will be more!” The lion picked up a parchment, lying next to the body and read it aloud

Spoiler for role:

A serial killer enjoys not only the company of dead bodies but living souls as well. You, the bear, are the hairy serial killer. Being a friend of the King, you have the utmost trust of the forest’s inhabitants so mutilating them at night should be a cinch for you. Each night, you can kill one unsuspecting …

The rest of the parchment had been torn away. The lion looked awry that he jumped at the echo coming from the skies. The voice said, “The threat that lays before you is only a prelude to something much graver. Be warned, your majesty, for he has come for your blood.”

The King pulled together enough valor and spoke in a hoarse voice, “Tomorrow, we will gather together and discuss this but until then, be alert and nobody wander alone!” He retreated back to his cave, not wanting to hang around the scene of the crime much longer and the other animals followed suit i.e. all except one. One animal had stayed behind. Jumping over the bodies, it vanished into the vines and away from sight


Day One begins now. Twenty Two players are now alive.

1. Sticksy Sticksy
2. StevenL
3. Ultimoron
4. LostFan
5. Metal X
6. Alcoholic
7. BKB Star
8. Kantos
9. Rising (Replaced Magsimus)
10. Rising
11. Dan Marino
12. Wesson
13. TheHitmanHart
14. Rising (Replaced RKO920)
15. Postage
16. Stone Cold sXe (Replaced Eveny Screwd)
17. Currently
18. CBR
19. Josie
20. Kantos (Replaced Craig)
21. DH.
22. Stone Cold sXe

Twelve is majority for a lynch. Good luck

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Day Eight

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