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Re: WWE: The Afterlife

Monday Night RAW
April 4th
Anaheim, California

Papa Roach’s To Be Loved blares from the sound system around the Arena as Monday Night Raw hits the airwaves and is brought to you from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California

The camera zooms around the arena focusing on signs such as ‘Lemmy=HHH=Bono’ and ‘JBL stole my God!’

There is a lack of the usual introduction from the Announce Team. Instead the Camera pans around the Ring where there is a Red Carpet covering the usual Canvas.

*No Chance* fills the Arena. Vince McMahon, dressed in smart attire strolls onto the stage, the infamous ‘Power Walk’ is done, and then enters the Ring. He walks over to the Turnbuckle nearest to the Announcers in order to get a Microphone. He immediately starts to speak as he grabs the Microphone.

Vince McMahon – You know after last night’s Pay per View there have been a lot of people talking. They all wanna know why Vincent Kennedy McMahon did what he did. They all wanna know, why I took the decision into my own hands to fire Eric Bischoff from Monday Night Raw.
The crowd pops slightly. Vince McMahon pauses for a second.

Vince McMahon – You people need to realise that I am the Chairman of the WWE and that I can do what I went, whenever I want. I have decided to shake things up a bit. Now there’s been a lot of talk surrounding the possibility of a new General Manager after I fired Eric Bischoff last night. And let me tell you that that talk is not ill-founded. Later on tonight, a new General Manager of RAW will be appointed.

Crowd pop

Vince McMahon – And going on from that point, I’d like to think of tonight as a night of change. One of those landmark nights. Tonight, I am going to do something that I have never done before. Tonight every single superstar in the WWE that holds a Championship belt will be stripped of that belt. We are going to get rid of every single blemish and every single memory of the Eric Bischoff era of RAW, and replace it with a new one.

Mixed Crowd Reaction

Vince McMahon – We’re going to start off with the WWE Title, because in that very Ring, later on tonight we will have a twenty man over the top rope Battle Royal. The winner will become the NEW WWE Champion. And that is not all, tonight, I, am going to take charge and lay the foundations of a new era in Sports Entertainment. Thank you very much.

McMahon drops the mic on the floor and looks around the Arena that is his for the night. He confidently strolls off up the Ramp. We turn back to the Announce Table where Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler finally welcome us to RAW and start to dissect Mr. McMahon’s Bombshell announcement.

Jim Ross – Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen and there we have it, Mr. McMahon has decided to strip every single WWE Superstar of their title coming off the back of the Pay per View.

Jerry Lawler
– That’s not all J.R, we’re gonna have a new WWE Champion tonight!

Jim Ross –
That’s right King, twenty men will battle later on for the chance to become WWE Champion. But let’s not forget, the boss is in charge tonight, and he’s said that come the end of the night we’re gonna have a new General Manager.

Jerry Lawler –
Well I’m just hoping that Eric Bischoff doesn’t worm his way back in to the picture!

Jim Ross
– Oh I’m sure we’ve seen the last of that egomaniac.

**Commercial Break**

Mr. McMahon is walking backstage, triumphant from his announcement when he encounters the now former Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam – Mr. McMahon, Mr. McMahon!

RVD rushes over to catch Mr. McMahon who is just about to walk into his Office. He opens the door and leaves it ajar.

Vince McMahon – Mr. Monday Night Night, Rob Van Dam! What can I do for you?

Rob Van Dam – Yeah Mr. McMahon, I know you’re the Chairman, me and they boys, we’ve just seen what you’ve done. I need to know why you’ve taken the Intercontinental Title off me.

Vince McMahon – {Laughing} Rob, this isn’t about anyone in particular. I’d like to think that starting tonight I’m ushering in a new era on Monday Night RAW.

Rob Van Dam –
I get what you’re trying to do but you’ve taken away from me everything that I have ever worked for. The reason why you get into this business is belts like the Intercontinental Title. Its lineage dates back years and for that reason alone it means a lot to me.

Vince McMahon {starting to get a little anxious} Again, Rob this decision was not based around you, but based around the needs of RAW and the needs of the company.

Rob Van Dam – Well Mr. McMahon, tonight I would like to get that title back because I am Mr. Monday Night.

RVD pulls his thumbs towards his shoulders

Rob Van Dam – I am, Rob Van Dam.

Vince McMahon – D’ya know what then. Tonight Rob, this is a changed company. You’re going to get your shot. Your opponent? Well you’ll find out later on tonight. Good luck.

Mr. McMahon exits the conversation by walking into his Office. The door closes behind him. We get a parting shot of a content RVD as the cameras head back to the Ring for the opening bout.

Match 1
Fatal Fourway Elimination
WWE Cruiserweight Title

Shannon Moore vs. Spike Dudley vs. Funaki vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

The match starts with all four men brawling with each other. Shannon Moore brawls with Rey Mysterio as Spike Dudley gets to work on Funaki. Dudley throws Funaki into the barrier outside the Ring. He then climbs onto the Apron and looks for some heel heat. Dudley then jumps off the Apron and lands vertically on top of Funaki. Funaki cowers away in pain as Dudley rolls out. He then takes a breather on the outside before hitting Moore on the back of the shoulder blades with a forearm. Mysterio manages to catch Dudley however with a few punches. He runs to the ropes and tries to execute a standing hurricanrana but Dudley catches him in mid air. Dudley powerbombs Rey and gets a two count, which is reversed! Rey hangs onto the rollup and catches Dudley for the three count. Dudley is eliminated.
Funaki meanwhile manages to get back in but is stomped on by Shannon Moore. Moore then turns around and punches Rey followed up by more kicks to Funaki. Moore poses to the crowd but is unaware that Rey has got back up and he dropkicks him to the middle rope. Rey runs to the ropes and then perfectly executes the 619! Rey for the cover and the pinfall, Moore is eliminated. Meanwhile TAKA Michinoku has run down the Ramp and distracted the Referee. Rey tries to hit TAKA but misses and Funaki nails him with a vicious right hand followed by a German Suplex for the victory.
Here is your winner and the NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion @ 8:51 - Funaki

Funaki and Taka celebrate on the ramp outside the Ring whilst Rey is standing in the Ring in complete disbelief

Jim Ross – Funaki stole the victory. Rey Mysterio was about to capitalize on the situation but Taka Michinoku ran out. Let’s look at this again.

Footage of Funaki’s victory is played again.

Jim Ross – You can clearly see that Taka impeded the referee allowing Funaki to get a bearing of where Rey was.

Jerry Lawler– Well J.R, the most important thing to come out of this is that we now have a new Cruiserweight Champion, but hold on, it looks as if he’s got something to say...
Funaki stands on the TitanTron ramp with TAKA. He starts to speak inaudibly in Japanese but is drowned out by what obviously seems to be a translator.

Funaki –
I have won the Title. I am going away from RAW. I am going to SmackDown where I truly belong. Goodbye.

Funaki and TAKA quickly leave, as the Commentators are left to dissect their outburst.

**Don’t Try This At Home Commercial**

*Simon System* hits the arena as Simon Dean comes out to a chorus of boos

Jim Ross – Well here comes Simon Dean folks, and if you’re not familiar with him folks, let’s just say that he’s out here to promote what he thinks are his ‘healthy’ products.

Jerry Lawler – J.R. they’re great! Have you not tried any of Simon Dean’s Buldge Busting BBQ Sauce? I know you love your BBQ and you can slim down as well.

Jim Ross –
You can stop with the marketing trick whilst you’re at it King!

Jerry Lawler
- I’ve heard some rumblings in the back that Simon Dean is out here tonight to promote his new patented Simon System Alco pop! He wants to get in with the youth culture!

Jim Ross – Give me a break, this guy just wants to make as much money off of the WWE Universe as he can.

Simon Dean gets into the Ring and receives a microphone

Simon Dean – When I come to California, I expect to see glamour, hot women and open top cars but judging by the looks of you people, I think I’m in the wrong city!

Crowd boo

Simon Dean – I mean look at you people, hey you there {points to a slightly overweight man in the front row} do you even know what abs are? Or is abs just a name you give to a pet? {Starts laughing to himself}. But you know what; tonight I am here to promote my new patented Simon System Alco pop.

He climbs out of the Ring and walks to a young man ringside

Simon Dean – What’s your name?

Mystery Person – Jamie

Simon Dean – Jamie do you want to try some of my patented Simon System Alco pop?

Jamie – Yeah why not?

Dean gives Jamie the bottle. Jamie drinks some and then spits it right out

Jamie – Dude, that was disgusting
Dean takes the drink away from him and enters the ring again. You suck chants emerge

Simon Dean – Of course he was only joking…

*Just Bring It* hits as The Rock comes out to a deafening pop


Jerry Lawler – Wow J.R, The Rock has brought this Arena onto its feet. That is the presence that this man has.

Jim Ross –
King, The Rock a former seven-time WWE Champion doesn’t need any Alco-pops, I’m sure he’s gonna give Simon Dean, the hiding he truly deserves!

The Rock stares out Simon Dean as he salutes the fans from the turnbuckle. He then grabs a microphone,

The Rock – FINALLY….The Rock has come back…to California {Major crowd pop}. The Rock has come back home to Monday Night RAW. He’s looking at a television screen in the back and he sees a jackass selling healthy alcohol…woah woah, wait. That’s you! Let The Rock try some of this stuff…

Dean gives him the Alco pop to taste. Rock drinks it but then spits it out on Simon Dean. Dean is disorientated when Rock gives him a Rock Bottom

The Rock – Get this jabroni out of The Rock’s ring {Rock kicks Dean under the bottom rope}. Later on tonight, The Rock, and 19 other RAW superstars will be in this Ring for one reason only, and that is to become the new WWE Champion. If ya smell…….what The Rock….is cooking.

The promo is brief, but punctual and to the point.

Jerry Lawler – The Great One, The Rock as confident as ever that he will walk out of the Arrowhead Pond later tonight as the new WWE Champion. But J.R, Mr. McMahon has still yet to appoint a new General Manager of RAW. Who can it be? We’ve got to take a commercial break, we’ll be right back.

**Commercial Break**

Match 2
WWE Tag Team Titles

The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz

A very exciting and fun, fast paced match. Both teams have the upper hand at various stages during the match. The finishing sequence includes the Dudleyz teasing getting a Table. They manage to grab one from underneath the Ring, but as they go to get it, the Hardy Boyz in unison dropkick their way under the bottom rope and knock the Dudley Boyz off their feet. Both teams brawl with each other on the outside and narrowly avoid missing the ten count. Jeff Hardy whips Bubba Ray into the ropes and goes for a scissor kick but they miss. Unbeknownst to the viewers, Matt has already been knocked out. The Dudleyz 3-D Jeff and pick up the victory and the titles.
Here are your winners and the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions @ 8:32– The Dudley Boyz

Bubba Ray and D-Von are both celebrating their victory in the ring until suddenly,

*You know you dealing with the X-Factor* plays. X-Factor members X-Pac, Albert and Justin Credible run to the Ring all carrying a table

Albert goes to work on Bubba whilst Credible lands a clothesline on D-Von. X-Pac grabs a chair from behind and knocks out both of the Hardy Boyz. He then sets up a table by the corner for Albert to Baldo Bomb on Bubba Ray. X-Factor then leaves all four men laying in the Ring

Jim Ross – An emphatic statement by X-Factor. This faction seems to be intent on wrecking as much havoc as they can on RAW. They have just decimated two of the most dominant Tag Teams in the compny.

Jerry Lawler –
By the looks of it, J.R. our new Champions are going to need some medical attention.

We see one last shot of the four men rolling around in pain before we turn to the back where Michael Cole is interviewing Christian.

Michael Cole – Christian tonight you will be part of an epic 20 man Battle Royal the winner of which will be crowned WWE Champion. What is your strategy going into such a match?

Christian – Well it’s as simple as this Michael Cole. I have never been the WWE Champion. It is that motivation that makes me want to walk into that Ring tonight and eliminate every single person in that…

As soon as he says that, John Cena appears on the scene.
Major crowd Pop

John Cena
– Aha. You? WWE Champion? You must be kidding me ‘Captain Charisma’

He says this in a goofy way, mocking Christian

John Cena
- Now let me see you’ve been {starts counting on fingers} a Tag Champion, an Intercontinental Champion but you’ve never really had that big opportunity Christian have you?

Christian – Cena what do you want?

Cena – I want my title back that’s what I want and I’m gonna make sure that I get it tonight.

Christian – Well I’m gonna make sure that you, or nobody else for that matter gets their hands on it…because that’s {slaps pecs} how I roll!

Cena and Christian stand nose to nose as we go back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on Commentary

Jim Ross – An unusual confrontation to say the least between those two men both of whom want to walk out of RAW tonight the WWE Champion.

Jerry Lawler – Judging from that confrontation J.R, don’t count out Captain Charisma, he looks pumped.

We turn backstage where RVD is walking down a corridor ready for his match

Jim Ross– There’s Rob Van Dam, his Intercontinental Title Match…is next!

**Commercial Break**

Match 3
WWE Intercontinental Title

RVD vs. Kofi Kingston

The two men start off in the middle of the Ring before RVD swings into action with a kick to the groin followed by a punch to the back of the neck. The match is high-flying and very fast paced. The tide starts to turn RVD’s way when he dodges a flying shoulder charge by Kingston and delivers a perfect standing dropkick. A pose or two later and he lands the Rolling Thunder. RVD picks up the victory and regains his title with a Frog Splash onto a stricken Kingston.
Here is your winner and the NEW Intercontinental Champion @ 4.26 – Rob Van Dam

RVD jumps around in the Ring giving his fans a salute until Randy Orton’s face appears on the Titan Tron, Orton then starts to clap sarcastically.

Randy Orton – Hey Rob, congratulations. You see you don’t deserve that title. Next week, live on RAW I’m challenging you to a match for that title. One on One, and I will show you that I am ‘one of a kind’.

The camera turns back to RVD who looks bemused. Orton’s music starts to play.

Jim Ross – RVD being challenged for a match next week. What’s his reply going to be?

Jerry Lawler – Well if I know RVD like we all do I’m going to think that he’s not going to take that challenge down lightly, we both know that RVD is not gonna back down from a fight anytime soon.

Jim Ross – Let’s not forget though King, Orton is contractually a SmackDown superstar. Is the new General Manager of RAW going to allow him fight?

Jerry Lawler
– I dunno J.R, we’re gonna have to find out!

Jim Ross -
King, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that tonight has been one chaotic night but it’s far from over yet, we’ve still got the announcement by Mr. McMahon concerning our new General Manager coming up, as well as the huge 20 man over the top rope Battle Royal to crown a new WWE Champion.

The cameras turn back to the Women’s Locker Room where all the women are quarrelling. Suddenly Vince McMahon walks in,

Trish Stratus -…So tell me Victoria, why the hell do you think you deserve the Women’s Title more than me huh?

Victoria -…I’ll show you why…

Vince McMahon steps in-between the two women

Vince McMahon – Woah, woah, woah. Ladies, calm down. I’ve got enough on my plate without this happening. You want a fight. You’re going to have a fight and it will be for the Women’s Title right after the break…

Trish Stratus – You’ll see Victoria

Trish lashes out at Victoria

Vince McMahon – {Holding Trish back} ENOUGH!

Victoria – I’ll see you in the Ring

Victoria walks out leaving Trish with Mr. McMahon and the rest of the Divas

Jim Ross – Trish and Victoria up next!

Jerry Lawler – I can’t wait for this

**An advert for WWE Backlash emanating from Toronto, Ontario airs. It hypes the return of The Undertaker to WWE**

Match 4
WWE Women’s Championship

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

A fast paced women’s match ends with Trish Stratus picking up the win and the Women’s Title with a ‘chick kick’ after some confusion. Victoria thinks that she has won the title with the Widow’s Peak, but Tratus has one foot on the rope. After what has seemed like an age remonstrating with the referee, Stratus is pulled up only to grab at Victoria’s hair and start punching her face. An errand punch catches Victoria on the nose (it seems as if it’s broken) and blood starts to pour out. A chick kick catches her right in the temple and this one is over.
Here is your winner and the NEW WWE Women’s Champion @3.59 – Trish Stratus

Trish picks up the title and holds it over her head, celebrating her win over Victoria

Jim Ross
– An impressive victory for Trish, she is our new Women’s Champion, but let’s have a look at that punch.

Jerry Lawler –
Yeah J.R. watch Stratus’ hand....
Both go ‘ooof’ as a replay is shown of the finish, especially the errand punch.

Jim Ross –
Looks like Victoria may have busted her nose after that one. We’ve still got a new Women’s Champion though and that is Trish Stratus.

One last shot of Trish lifting the Title is shown before we sharply cut away.

We turn to the back where Goldberg is getting ready to come to the Ring. Out of nowhere a masked man hits him in the back of the head with a baseball bat knocking him to the floor. The man runs away.

Jim Ross – What the hell?

Jerry Lawler – Someone just attacked Goldberg. We need some help out there.

The Commentators remain silent throughout the attack bar the brief exchange as the horrific nature of it
starts to dwell. The cameras turn to Mr. McMahon’s office.

Vince McMahon
– What do you mean your car’s stuck in traffic, the Battle Royal is up next and I need you here straight after that.

A knock on the door, JBL walks in, the crowd boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield
– I hope you have made the right decision Mr. McMahon with whoever you have decided to appoint. When they arrive, I want you let them see their new WWE Champion in full glory. I want them to bow down at my feet and chant with me...JBL...JBL...JBL...

Vince McMahon
– John, I’m a bit busy, besides you’ve got a match next, now please, go.

Layfield stares at Mr. McMahon before leaving.

Vince McMahon
{on the phone} Now where were we?...Hello....hello....HELLO?!

The phone line goes dead. McMahon puts the phone down and angrily leaves the office.

**Commercial Break**

When we return we see that Goldberg has been taken away by the medical facility and driven to a nearby hospital

Jim Ross – Of course, Ladies and Gentlemen if we have any more news before we go off the air about the senseless attack on Bill Goldberg we will bring it to you but it’s now time.

Match 5 – Main Event
20 Man Battle Royal
WWE Championship

Goldust, Diamond Dallas Page, Simon Dean, The Rock, Christian, John Bradshaw Layfield, Triple H,
The Big Show, Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, Charlie Haas, John Cena, Edge, Santino Marella, Booker T, Albert, Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin, Doink the Clown, Steve Blackman.

The match kicks off with all twenty men in the Ring. Some men start battling each other like Simon Dean and The Rock, others stick with their partners looking to battle away their rivals and stick with their partners for as long as they can. In one corner, Goldust, Benjamin, Haas, Credible and Tommy Dreamer are all battling to throw Mark Henry over the top rope but not even their combined strength can throw the giant over. Meanwhile, Triple H seems to be on a rampage and eliminates the forlorn figure of Doink the Clown.

**Doink the Clown is eliminated @ 54 seconds**

Triple H wastes no time in then eliminating Santino Marella from the equation with a clothesline over the top rope.

**Santino Marella is eliminated @ 1:02 minutes**

On the other side of the ring, The Rock is still battling with Simon Dean until John Bradshaw Layfield sizes him up for the Clothesline from Hell, Rock ducks and manages his own clothesline to eliminate Bradshaw from the Battle Royal!

**John Bradshaw Layfield is eliminated @ 1:26 minutes**

JBL is furious on the outside with the referees and tries to get back in but they stop him. The Rock starts to taunt JBL until he is thrown out by Simon Dean.

**The Rock is eliminated @ 1:57 minutes**

Simon Dean starts to laugh at The Rock. But as he turns around he sees the big, mean body of Mark Henry. Dean tries to punch Henry, but Henry grabs Dean’s head and head butts him over the top rope. Dean goes flying over.

**Simon Dean is eliminated @ 2:12 minutes**

In one corner, Christian and Goldust are fighting. Goldust goes for a suplex but Christian manages to balance his weight so as to counter any move. Goldust tries again, but has the same result. Instead he goes for a clothesline and connects. Meanwhile Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible are both eliminated by Mark Henry via over the top rope clotheslines.

**Justin Credible is eliminated @ 3:21 minutes**

**Tommy Dreamer is eliminated @ 3:22 minutes**

The Big Show is faced with a double team from the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Haas goes for Big Show’s upper torso whilst Benjamin looks to grab Show at the legs. Big Show however swats them away, but doesn’t realise that on one of his back fists, he accidently hits Mark Henry. Henry turns around and confronts the Big Show. It turns into a verbal contest until the whole Ring stops fighting, and every superstar goes after one of the men. The Big Show gets eliminated by 5 men, and Henry the same as well. Both men are gradually thrown over the top rope.

**The Big Show is eliminated @ 5:59 minutes**

**Mark Henry is eliminated @ 6:12 minutes**

Following the eliminations, the wrestlers start to battle with each other again. Triple H manages to land a Pedigree on Charlie Haas, followed by a Spinebuster on Shelton Benjamin. Triple H then gets ambushed by DDP who signals that he wants to Diamond Cutter him but Triple H manages to throw him over the top rope mid motion!

**Diamond Dallas Page is eliminated @ 7:09 minutes**

Albert then manages to throw Booker T over the top rope, followed by The World’s Greatest Tag Team throwing Albert over. Edge and Christian then combine forces to throw Haas and Benjamin over.

**Booker T eliminated @ 7:44 minutes**

**Albert eliminated @ 7:51 minutes**

**Shelton Benjamin eliminated @ 7:56 minutes**

**Charlie Haas eliminated @ 7:56 minutes**

Goldust is seen battling away valiantly with John Cena. They exchange punches and Cena manages to grab Goldust and F-U him over the top rope!

**Goldust is eliminated @ 8:30 minutes**

The last 5 men in the Battle Royal are Edge, Christian, John Cena, Triple H and Steve Blackman. Edge and Christian start to team up against all three men but this tactic doesn’t work too well as the power of three men is more than two. Upon seeing an opportunity whilst Steve Blackman catches a breather in the corner, Edge manages to nail a spear on him. Blackman is knocked out in the corner. Triple H and Cena battle Christian. Christian is about to become a victim of the Pedigree but Edge manages to save him, knocking Triple H over and brawling with him on the canvas. Meanwhile, Cena lifts Blackman up. Blackman hits Cena in the mid-section with a punch and then goes for a kick to the same section. Cena spins this kick around and catches BLACKMAN WITH THE F-U!! Cena delivers the F-U and then throws Blackman over the top rope for the elimination.

**Steve Blackman is eliminated @12:32 minutes**

Cena wastes no time in celebrating and goes after Edge. A straight right hand is followed by a takedown. Christian and Triple H are both on the canvas. Cena is the only man standing. He goes to pick Christian up, but Christian lands the Unprettier!! All four men are knocked out. The seconds tick by as slowly one by one they gradually get up. Triple H gets up first and manages to Clothesline Edge out of the Ring, but Christian follows the up and eliminates the Game!!! WE HAVE TWO COMPETITORS LEFT!!

**Edge is eliminated @ 17:43 minutes**

**Triple H is eliminated @ 17:45 minutes**

Christian and Cena square off in the middle of the Ring, the winner will become the new WWE Champion, something that Christian has never been. There are some minor ‘Christian’ chants but mostly boos, there are majority cheers for Cena. Cena punches Christian, Christian punches Cena, and this goes on for six or so more punches. As Christian goes for his last punch Cena lands the inverted backdrop and goes for the Five-Knuckle Shuffle!! Christian rolls out of the Five Knuckle Shuffle and jumps back onto his feet. Cena checks to see if he isn’t missing a tooth but his eye isn’t on the game as Christian goes for the Unprettier. Cena counters into the F-U!! He looks to F-U Christian over the top rope. Cena edges closer, Christian hangs on for dear life. But then Christian lets go of the top rope and brings Cena with him. They both land on the ground at the same time!!

Christian and John Cena both eliminate each other simultaneously. Neither official knows who won. The commentators try to dissect the footage but they can come to no conclusion. The match is declared as a ‘No Contest’
The match ends as a NO CONTEST

Suddenly *No Chance* hits as Mr. McMahon comes out, he is smiling and remains on the Ramp

Vince McMahon – I’ve had enough of this, as of right now I am no longer the acting General Manager of RAW. I’ll let the new General Manager of RAW decide what he wants to do with the situation. Allow me to introduce the NEW General Manager of RAW....

Vince gestures towards the Stage area, waiting for the music to come on...




Vince McMahon –

Jim Ross – WHAT?!

Jerry Lawler – No way!

Heyman shakes the hand of Mr. McMahon, McMahon leaves the TitanTron.

Jim Ross – Oh my God, what does this mean for RAW?

Jerry Lawler –
I have no idea, who is the Champion? What will Paul Heyman, our new General Manager have to say about the situation.

The screen fades to black as the last pictures we see are of Cena and Christian recovering from their bout in the Ring, whilst Heyman delivers a nasty smirk on the Ramp.


WWE Presents....

Event; WWE Backlash
Location; Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario
Theme Music; 30 Seconds From Mars - The Kill

Featuring the return of The Undertaker to in-ring competition.

Matches subject to confirmation


All reviews will be replied to. News and notes will be up later in the weekend.
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