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Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff Present: Elite Wrestling League

So, this is my second BTB. I ended my first one, TNA Wrestling: The Alternative, because I really didn't have enough to keep it up. But, with Summer coming up I have a lot more time to devote to this thing, so here we go.

I'm starting with a clean slate and I'm doing a created fed. I had a couple other projects already started, but I think this one will be the best. The backstory starts now and I will add more and more to it until I get to the first show.

Part 1: The Seed Is Planted:

It’s a regular Sunday afternoon, nothing special going on, just sun decorating the sky and wind gently parading about. Wrestling personality Eric Bischoff sits in a large office chair surrounded by papers and wrestling memorabilia. He hesitates before slowly dialing a number into his cell phone. He hesitates because he doesn’t quite know how to do what he’s about to do; but, he knows it needs to be done. Before he can put the words he wants to say together in his head, his phone call is answered.

???? : Hello?

Bischoff is taken aback by the quickness of the answer.

Eric: …Ric?

Ric: Yeah?

The voice on the other end is none other than WWE Hall of Famer and 16 Time World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair.

Eric: Ric! This is Bischoff, how’s it goin’?

The “Dirtiest Player in the Game” and “ATM Eric” catch up for a few minutes, chatting about old memories from WCW and WWE, and even Ric’s recent appearances in WWE…That is until the conversation turns to something much more interesting, current (and possibly future) business ventures.

Ric: So, enough about me, what are you up to?

Eric: Well Ric, that’s actually why I called. Ya see I know you want to get back into the business. You’ve got the itch, and I can’t really blame you because I’m getting it too.

Ric: (Sounding interested) Oh…

Eric: It’s just that…I worked with Terry on Celebrity Championship Wrestling for a few months, and that was a blast. But, it got me thinking…thinking about…maybe…

Ric: What?

Eric: I wanna start my own promotion.

Ric: Wow. That sounds like a great idea Eric, but where are you gonna start?

Eric: Well, that’s why I called you. I know you wanna get back into the business, but I know you have too much respect for WWE and the way you went out to just hop into any random little promotion.

Ric: Yeah…

Eric: So I was thinking that since we both wanna get back in the business, and we both have plenty of connections to make this thing happen, we could…I dunno...go into business together.

Ric: (Sits silently for a second, mulling it over in his head) Yano Eric…I like what I’m hearing…

The two go on to brainstorm for hours, discussing things like wrestlers to bring in, networks to host the TV shows, names of events, and any other thing they could get into about this new venture. Before the end of the conversation a business meeting is set and each man has more than a few phone calls to make.


There you have it, the early stages are started. After a few replies I'll be back with an update.

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!

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