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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA


- Virginia; Norfolk – Norfolk Spoke (13,800)

No pyro or opening video as Legacy s already in the ring.

Orton: Last week-

*“You suck” chant*

Orton: Last week, was supposed to be my time for celebration. Last week, I had just come off the biggest win in my career defeating Triple H to become a three-time WWE Champion.


Orton:Yes, I not only defeated, I injured that savage known as Triple H! And then as I was celebrating my triumph… I was interrupted..


Orton:By a man possibly more savage then Hunter- Hearst- Helmsley: Samoa Joe

*BIG Pop*

Orton: Yeah, you people cheer for that, you people cheer for savages like Joe or Triple H. And then, one of those savages had the nerve to challenge me! Claiming he was a ‘real’ World’s Champion. And…. just to add to the unfairness Vincent Kennedy McMahon, who is simply bitter that I defeated his son-in-law, at the very event he created, hires his son: Shane McMahon as General Manager who puts me in a match at Backlash and makes me have an impromptu title defense against an opponent I don’t even know! And… and it’s not even someone who deserves it: Tommy Dreamer.


Orton: Then after I successfully retained my title, I was about to teach Tommy Dreamer a lesson about getting in my business! When a crazed Samoa Joe decided to interfere, clothesline me over the top rope, throw Cody over to the out side, and deliver this man, the son of a living legend, and a living a legend in his own right, a spine-crushing Muscle Buster!

*Pop* as Ted grabs his back in pain.

Orton: This is not TNA! This is the WWE! Let me ask you all some thing at your own house you sit at the head of the table? But when go to someone else house do you sit at the head of table? No, of course not, Samoa Joe I don’t care what you’ve done before your still new here! I am the head of the table! Don’t believe me just ask Triple-

“The Game” hits to a huge ovation! Orton looks like he’s seen a ghost when… a midget impersonator comes out.

Ted and Cody just snicker as Orton simply looks on. ‘The Game’ gets into the ring and bends his head down to do his thing with the water when Randy Orton punts him in the head!!

*Major Heat*

The impersonator is out cold as Legacy go to leave.

“Here comes the money” hits to a big face pop as Shane o’ Mac is up on the ramp.

Orton: What the hell are you doing here, Shane?!?

Shane: I just wanted to let you know that if you had any plans to interfere in Tonight’s TNA World Championship Match you might seriously want to reconsider, because should you or any member of Legacy interfere I will strip you of your coveted WWE Championship!

Orton looks livid.

Shane: You have the rest of the night off if you’d like gentlemen!

Shane leaves to his music.


“Killing Me” hits to some heat as Shannon Moore makes his way to the ring with, Matt Hardy who grabs a mic.

Matt: Now I’m sure you’re all thinking ‘doesn’t this look a little familiar?’ I mean Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy, seems like Version 1 al over again right. Wrong, this is Matt Hardy Version 2.0! This version has cancelled all mistakes of the past to bring you the very best of MATT HARDY!!

Shannon claps as Matt does a new Version 2.0 basically the same as his 1.0 pose only each hand holds up two fingers.

“Slow Chemical” hits after the fire to a big ovation as Kane makes his way to the ring.

Lillian: Following contest is scheduled for one-fall, in the ring accompanied by Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore! And his opponent, The Big Red Machine: Kane!

Kane vs. Shannon Moore

Ending- Kane dominates the match when Moore goes to the outside and grabs a chair. The ref grabs the chair from Moore and goes to put it back. Kane then grabs Shannon Moore and hoists him up for the chokeslam! Matt Hardy then hits Kane in the back with a chair that he grabbed form under the ring! Moore falls on Kane the ref gets back in the ring.




Winner: Shannon Moore

Lillian: Here is your winner: Shannon Moore!

Moore flees the ring and leaves with Hardy. Kane sits up and glares right at Hardy and Moore obviously angry at the upset victory.

Jeremy Borash is backstage.

JB: Hello, fans JB, Jeremy Borash here with the man who will be at ringside for tonight’s non-title match-up between Beth Phoenix and Awesome Kong: Santino Marella!

Santino: Hello, Jarhamee Babyrash! Tonight, you will see my lovely Beth Phoenix destroy that King Kong! My only wish is that I could be in the ring with her for revenge.

Shane McMahon then walks on screen.

Shane: It’s funny you should say that because I’ve decided to make that a handicap match: Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix vs. Awesome Kong!

Santino looks very nervous


“Reality” hits to a big heat reaction as The Miz makes his way to the ring.

Miz: All I know is that I’m happy to be away from “The Palace of Wisdom”. That palace is going down faster than you can say “The XFL”. Please, if it weren’t for him we’d still be Tag Team Champions! You fans hate me, yet I’m the one who got screwed! Also, I’m here to give RAW exactly what it needs: a REALITY CHECK!

“Man in the Box (Production)” hits to a big pop as Tommy Dreamer makes his way to the ring.

Dreamer: Raven! Where are you! You cost me the WWE Championship!

Dreamer looks pissed off stomping around the ring looking at the ramp.

Miz: Hey! This isn’t your-

Dreamer kicks Miz in the gut and hits the DDT!

Dreamer: C’mon Raven where are you I want to settle this once and for all!

Finally, “Scream” hits to a heel reaction and here comes Raven who cautiously gets in the ring.

Raven: Dreamer, you and I have a past that goes back to the original ECW days. I agree it is time we settle this at Backlash, you and me in an Extreme Rules Match! What do you say?

Dreamer: I say… I accept!


Dreamer: There’s only one man I want as the referee.

“Wreck” then hits to a BIG Pop as Mick Foley comes out with a referee’s shirt!


Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW a huge announcement from Tommy Dreamer he will now face Raven in an Extreme Rules Match with the “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley as the Special Guest Referee!

King: Michael Cole those two are crazy enough at least have a sane official!

Cole: We’d also like to thank Powerman 5000 for there theme “When Worlds Collide”, big thank you to Powerman 5000. And certain Worlds will collide when Shelton Benjamin takes on another semi finalist for the vacant WWE X-Division Championship!

King: And, Benjamin only had to win one match to be apart of that match! Meaning he will have the advantage at Backlash.

Cole: Also, just from the office of Shane McMahon, Kane will Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore in a No-Disqualification Match at Backlash! Chance for payback for the Big Red Machine!

King: Well, Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore have been scoring upsets on Kane over the past few weeks. Will that all stop at Backlash!

Cole: This past Friday on Smackdown! Edge got in the business of WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio and TNA Legend’s Champion AJ Styles now he’s in the unification match!

King: I don’t watch Smackdown! too much but my money’s on the Rated-R Superstar.

Cole: The second of four title unification matches Awesome Kong will take on Trish Stratus.

King: Awesome Kong displayed her dominance when she defeated three divas last week, but can she defeat possibly the greatest Diva of this generation Trish Stratus!

Cole: Just announced on Smackdown! A World Heavyweight Championship-ECW Championship Unification Match John Cena vs. Christian!

King: I’m gonna go with Captain Charisma to win this one.

Cole: And of course, the WWE Championship and TNA World Championship Unification Match! WWE Champion Randy Orton is thus far confirmed will find out his opponent later tonight!

King: I may not be the biggest Randy Orton fan but personally I hope he destroys any TNA Superstar.

Beth Phoenix’s Music plays as she comes out with Santino Marella.

Lillian: Following handicap match is scheduled for one-fall making there way to the ring Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella!

Awesome Kong’s music hits as she makes her way to the ring.

Lillian: And there opponent: Awesome Kong!

Handicap Match

Awesome Kong vs. Beth Phoenix/ Santino Marella

Basically just Phoenix vs. Kong, Santino remains on the apron giving Beth some motivational help. While mostly all Kong, Phoenix gets some momentum in. Beth actually goes for the Glam Slam but, Awesome Kong just shoves her off hits her with a big clothesline Santino taps on Beth to make sure she’s all right but the ref sees it and calls it a tag! Santino tries to argue but, Kong grabs him by the head and brings him in the hard way! Kong then kicks him in the gut and hits the Awesome Bomb!




Winner: Awesome Kong

Lillian: Here is your winner, Awesome Kong!

Santino is motionless as Awesome Kong just screams when Trish Stratus comes out on the ramp and just stares.


A replay is shown of the Awesome Bomb on Santino.

“Crush You Up” plays to a huge reaction as TNA World Champion Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring.

Lillian: The following contest is for the TNA World Championship making his way to the ring from the Isle of Samoa, weighing in at 284 pounds, the TNA World Champion: Samoa Joe!

Joe gets in the ring belt-over-shoulder. He holds the belt for the audience and slowly paces around the ring.

There’s a slight pause when…

“Can U Dig It?” hits to surprised pop then heat as Booker T makes his way to the ring with Sharmell.

Lillian: And the challenger being accompanied to the ring by his wife Sharmell, from Houston, Texas; Booker T!

TNA World Championship

Samoa Joe © vs. Booker T

After a long and physical contest, Booker T kicks Joe in the gut, runs into the ropes and goes for the Scissors Kick, Joe moves his head just in time and Booker misses, Joe then hops on Booker T’s back and locks on the Coquila Clutch! Booker falls to the ground and Joe still has it applied. Booker reaches for the ropes to no avail but has no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Samoa Joe

Lillian: Here is your winner and STILL TNA World Champion Samoa Joe!

An exausted Samoa Joe celebrates when…

“Voices” hits to some BIG heat as Randy Orton walks out.

Joe just looks at Orton with a scowl. Joe challenges Orton to come in the ring. Orton stop at ringside and the two stare down. Suddenly, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes slide into the ring. Cody has a chair and Joe just barely avoid a shot. Joe kicks Cody in the gut, picks up the chair, and nails DiBiase! He then goes back and hits Rhodes! Joe turns around and gets hit with the RKO!! Orton just stares down at an unconscious Samoa Joe as RAW goes off the air…


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