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Learning to break kayfabe
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TNA: A Change Cometh

Presented by ExtremeLeeClassic

OOC: This BTB takes place after Slammiversary VII, and is based around TNA being split into two brands. A little unrealistic, but it got me thinking that this could be possible, mainly due to the power struggle shown on TNA recently between Jarrett and Foley, which is partially reminiscent of that between Vince and Flair in WWE, 2002. Anyway, hope you enjoy this! Banner credits to Andruxa.


The Story Behind It All...

It was March 18th, 2002, when WWE shocked the world by bringing in the idea of a Brand Extension. Assigning Ric Flair as a General Manager for Raw and Vince McMahon a GM for SmackDown!, the two executives took on the role of assigning the available roster to their shows, in hope of getting one up on the other. That was over seven years ago, and ever since, the concept of different brands hosting different talent has propelled WWE higher than any other form of wrestling federations.

On the other hand, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has been in promotion for a long time, ever since the same year the Brand Extension was created. In those seven years, TNA has thrived to be the best wrestling promotion in the world, trying to overtake WWE with its different style approach to the world of pro wrestling. Such as a six-sided ring. A thriving X-Division made up of high flying, talented athletes such as Chris Sabin and Chris Daniels, whom have made their names here in TNA. A Knockouts Division which captures, or should we say captured, the spirit of women’s wrestling by introducing competitors such as Awesome Kong and Angelina Love. A yearly pay-per-view which takes place in a six sided steel cage. They sound like fantastic ideas, and so they are, making TNA the company what it is today. But it only comes second best when compared to the superpower that is WWE. But TNA president and chairwoman, Dixie Carter, and co-founder and vice president, Jeff Jarrett, believe this could all change in a controversial manner.

It was the month of May where it all began. TNA was dominated by successful feuds when eyes began turning towards it, watching the action unfold, especially after an incredibly successful Lockdown pay-per-view which was rated 5 stars by some wrestling critics. But backstage, things weren’t looking too good. Four superstars- Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley- were all realising that wrestling was getting too much to them, and further aggravating injuries picked up in their illustrious careers. In fact, the injuries of both Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash forced both into considering retirement, which was granted by TNA providing both had one final match. But it wasn’t the feud that TNA had both eyes glued to, oh no. That came in the form of the violent feud involving between Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett, which was keeping TNA fans hooked.

The storyline was simple. Ever since entering TNA as a superstar, Mick Foley has been pushed further and further up the card, becoming on screen ‘co-owner’ of the brand and even gaining a World Heavyweight Championship to his name. One man who hasn’t been too happy about this- within the storyline, anyway- is Jeff Jarrett. Backstage attacks, in ring confrontations and hard hitting matches have occurred between the two- at first, over the title, until TNA executives realised that the feud between the two could be more than that- about ownership of TNA. From then on, the direction was clear.

It was announced on 24th May, 2009 that TNA had struck a deal with new, up and coming cable channel MavTV for a two hour time slot every Tuesday night, between the hours of 9 and 11pm. This was interesting to note, as that specific time was also assigned to the ECW on Sci-Fi broadcast on MavTV’s rival, The Sci-Fi Channel. The deal was kept secretive, but by June, TNA began to incorporate the deal into one of its greatest storylines between Jarrett and Foley. On the TNA Impact taping of May 26th, Jarrett announced that the only way he could defeat Mick Foley is by creating something that can challenge and break him down- and that would be in the form of a rival to TNA Impact, which Foley had subsequently took charge of since late April. So Jarrett announced the deal in front of millions of fans, and stated that the two hours owned would be known as TNA’s newest program- TNA Voltage- and he is to be the owner. Jarrett promised the fans that on his show, he could promise the kick start TNA needs to make it the best today, whilst offering something different to programming. All he needed was for Mick Foley to sign a contract to hand over half of the rights. Foley, unsurprisingly (in storyline terms), was hesitant to sign the contract at first, but he eventually managed to talk himself into it by proclaiming it was ‘just another example of how Jeff Jarrett could be used to wipe the floor with.’ Foley signed the contract, but then cunningly tried attacking Jarrett with the clipboard used to hold the contract on. Luckily, Jarrett ducked and attacked Foley, before throwing him out of the ring. A line had been drawn, and although the motto of TNA is to ‘cross the line’; Jarrett and Foley had instead built up rivalries from either side of it.

As the weeks progressed towards Slammiversary- which would be the last show before the two brands were shook up- Jarrett and Foley went around in a business like manner, appointing superstars to their respective shows. Jeff Jarrett shocked the world by announcing he had secured AJ Styles’ name exclusively to his show, meaning that Voltage had the rights to the TNA Legends Title, but Mick Foley dropped a bomb on proceedings by proclaiming he had a bigger signing- TNA Heavyweight Champion, Sting. Providing Sting won the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary, all rights of the TNA Heavyweight Title would stay on Impact. The blow stunned Jeff Jarrett, but the next week Foley added insult to injury by claiming that he had secured the rights of the X Division title to be exclusive on Impact also, despite who the champion was at the outcome of the Ultimate X Match at Slammiversary. Then, just when it couldn’t get any better, Jarrett retaliated with a stunning revelation- he had gained rights to not only the TNA Knockouts Title, meaning that Voltage would be concentrated on this division alongside other talents, but also the TNA World Tag Team Titles! From then on, the roster would build around these revelations, with wrestlers having free choice (in terms of within the storyline) of where they were to go providing the opportunities they had on each show. Suddenly, in the time span of just three weeks, the TNA roster was split down the middle.

So, two brands have come out of this rivalry- TNA iMPACT and TNA Voltage. Two shows with different talents, different owners, and different titles. Sound a bit familiar to the WWE Brand Extension? Of course. But this is what TNA do- they exploit the success of other federations and use it to their own calculating advantage. It’s a big risk and the journey of two separate brands is sure to hit some hard bumps on its way, but this could be what TNA needs. To revitalise. To show off it’s incredible talent. To become THE best wrestling federation, ever.


Slammiversary VII Results

X-Division No. 1 Contenders Match
X-Division Over-the-Top-Rope Gauntlet
Amazing Red def. Eric Young, Naito, Yujiri, Kiyoshi, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Consequences Creed, Homicide, Cody Deaner and Doug Williams

This high-risk, high-skilled affair saw ten competitors desperate for a number one contender’s position in a contest that truly depicted the leaps and bounds the TNA X-Division has come along. The match boiled down to the final four- Amazing Red, Homicide, Doug Williams and Consequences Creed after the others were eliminated. Williams was thrown over the top rope courtesy of a clothesline by Creed, but his celebrating led to Red and Homicide teaming up to throw Consequences over the top and out to the arena floor, making the match now a one-on-one affair with pinfall and submission rules in place. Both had a clear chance of advancing, but it came down to Amazing Red to get the victory. How did he do this? In a style Red is use to, countering out of Homicide’s Gringo Killer to execute a neat roll-up which gave the Amazing one the number one contenders position.

Intergender Tag Team Match
Raven and Daffney w/ Dr. Stevie def. Abyss and Lauren

Although not being a trained professional wrestler, backstage interviewer Lauren wanted to play a part in this match after weeks of psychological abuse from Dr. Stevie, Raven and Daffney on both her and her boyfriend, Abyss. Despite this, Lauren was rarely tagged in, as Abyss looked hell-bent on destroying Raven. However, as the match came to a close, Lauren made the tag in on Abyss after she called for it when Daffney was interjected into the match. She went wild at the crazy one, slapping her repeatedly and unleashing an attack, until she was shoved into the corner by Daffney, who then snuck behind Abyss with a low blow! But Lauren was in a rage, and she then turned Daffney around before kicking her in the stomach and making her pay with some well executed forearms! Lauren then bounced off the ropes, but Raven, who had just dragged Abyss to the outside, pushed Daffney out the way so he could grab Lauren by the hair! Lauren screamed to be let go as Raven looked to punch the lights out of her, but Lauren’s plea was answered as he released his grasp…only to boot her in the stomach and devastate her with a RAVEN EFFECT DDT! Lauren lay flat out on the floor, as Daffney crawled over and made the cover whilst Raven hit a baseball slide on Abyss sending him crashing into the fans barricade. Obviously, the three was counted, and Daffney and Raven, alongside Dr. Stevie left Abyss to weep over his fallen girlfriend, who was then stretchered out of the building.

TNA X-Division Title
King of the Mountain Match
Christopher Daniels def. Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal and Suicide ©

The X Division is well known for showing off high risk, high flying talent, and that was on the cards at Slammiversary VII’s first KOTM match of the night. Alex Shelley perhaps got the closest to hooking the title belt up top, but he was thwarted by Suicide who hit a sunset powerbomb off the rungs! Suicide then climbed up top, but Jay Lethal joined him…only for both to be pushed off the rungs courtesy of a Chris Sabin springboard missile dropkick, with Suicide especially flopping to the floor in a painful manner! Sabin then scaled the ladder, looking to hook the belt, but he was given a painful uranage slam off the top by a prevailing Chris Daniels! Daniels caught the belt, and then managed to hook the title on the platform as all other competitors were floored on the canvas or arena floor! Daniels was then announced the NEW X-Division Champion, establishing his fifth stint as X-Division Champ!

TNA Women’s Knockouts Title
Angelina Love © def. Awesome Kong

Kong dominated the opening of the match, but Love managed to taste momentum after moving out of the way of a big Awesome Splash. The battle between the two spilled out of the ring, with Kong receiving a drop toehold into the steel steps allowing Love to grasp her Knockouts Title. Luckily, Kong avoided the belt hitting her head, causing it to fly into the ring, before she rolled Angelina in to the ring and gave her a huge Impact Buster. However, the referee was clipped by Angelina’s legs as she was elevated, meaning he was distracted momentarily. When Kong went to give Angelina an Awesome Bomb for good measure, Love had the title in her hand, and smashed it over Kong’s head twice whilst in mid-move! Kong landed awkwardly, but it was enough for Love to keep the large athlete down for the three, meaning Love holds onto her Knockouts Title!

TNA World Tag Team Titles
Tag-Team Elimination Tables Match
Beer Money Incorporated (Robert Roode & James Storm) def. Team 3D (Brother Ray & D-Von Dudley) ©

After winning a tournament put in place a few weeks back, Beer Money Incorporated had the right to face Team 3D for the titles, but only under traditional tables match rules. D-Von was the first to be eliminated after being double back body dropped over the top rope and landing right through a wooden table, leaving Brother Ray to fend his own cause. Although being victimised by Beer Money, Brother Ray put up a good fight, and eventually managed to block Storm’s top rope hurracanrana attempt into a powerbomb from the top rope right through a table! This left Roode against Brother Ray, and Roode looked in a world of trouble following a flapjack into the top ring rope. Ray then set up a table and looked set to powerbomb Roode hard through the wood…until a figure entered the ring and smashed a glass bottle right over the back of Brother Ray’s head! As Brother Ray slumped groggily, the figure was revealed…as former Beer Money Incorporated member, Jackie Moore! Moore signalled Roode to pick up the pieces from there, and he did so, devastating Brother Ray with a Fishermans Suplex right through the table! Ding ding ding, we have a winner, and the winners in this case, with a little help from Jackie Moore, were Beer Money Incorporated, who had in the process become new TNA World Tag Team Champs!

“Retirement Match”
Kevin Nash def. Scott Steiner

An intense back-and-forth contest, which when over was promised to be the last time wrestling fans would ever see Steiner and Nash compete after career threatening injuries. Each man gave it all they got, with Steiner nearly securing the victory off an amazing Frankensteiner from the top rope, whereas Nash nearly gaining the three count off a face breaking big boot. However, it was Nash who eventually got the victory after countering the 10 punch in the corner into a Jacknife Powerbomb on Steiner for the three count. Post-match, both superstars shook hands and hugged, before being applauded by the crowd who were, and still are, in awe of what these two men could display.

TNA World Heavyweight Title
King of the Mountain Match
Sting © def. AJ Styles, Booker T, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

Sting walked into this match a marked man, and this was shown by the five other competitors ganging up on him. Whether they liked Sting or not, all of the challengers wanted his title, and this led to Sting going into the penalty box first after a Muscle Buster from Joe. But the action soon led to all challengers going nuts on one another, and using weapons to emphasise their hopes for title redemption. As the match came to a close, Joe looked like seconds away from placing the title up top, but he was instead pushed off by AJ and landed throat first on the top rope! AJ scaled to the top, but Angle managed to Angle Slam him off the top rung…but the close proximity to the penalty box meant that AJ landed back first onto the meshed steel! With Booker T trapped in the penalty box, it was then between Sting and Angle, with Angle managing to smash Sting’s head off the top rung and then went for the gold. But Sting had other ideas, and that meant tipping the ladder over so Angle fell through a wooden table that was placed ringside courtesy of Samoa Joe earlier in the match! Sting then picked up the gold, scaled to the top…and the World Heavyweight Title was, as before this contest began, still his!

Unsanctioned Street Fight
Jeff Jarrett def. Mick Foley

In what was a battle of brand supremacy to finish off the night, Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett fought in a fantastic, brutal contest, which spanned the whole arena. Following Foley’s attack on Jarrett just four weeks back, Jeff was out for Mick’s blood, and he sure got it after busting him wide open following four trash can shots to the head! The action spilled into the crowd, where Jeff Irish whipped Mick hard into a wall, before Foley pushed Jarrett down a small, but painful, flight of stairs! Jarrett lay gasping for air, and when the action spilled back into the ring, Mick spawned something that had pretty much paved his career…Barbie! Luckily, Jarrett ducked Mick’s shot, and laid into him with some wild rights and lefts after taking him down on the canvas. But Mick soon got himself back up, and went as far as giving Jarrett a Double Arm DDT right onto an open chair! Blood poured from Jarrett’s eyebrow, but he would not give in, kicking out at two! After Jarrett managed to drop toehold Mick into the chair, he then produced his signature guitar…but as he was about to use it, Foley had somehow managed to grab on Mr. Socko and locked Jarrett in the Mandible Claw! Jarrett’s energy slowly zapped away, but unbeknown to Foley, still in his hand was his patented guitar. Suddenly, the electricity from the crowd fired Jarrett up, allowing him to poke Foley in the eye…and then CREAM HIM with the guitar! Foley wobbled groggily, but Jeff put him out for good…by hitting The Stroke ONTO BARBIE! Foley writhed in pain on the floor, but Jarrett managed to hook the legs and get the one, two, three! After the match, it didn’t look like Jeff was finished and he unleashed his emotions out on Foley, only for a large amount of the roster- with the faces of Kurt Angle, Booker T and Raven being evident- to come out and start attacking Jarrett! However, this was followed by another set of superstars, around 10 in total which included AJ Styles, Hernandez, Homicide and Eric Young, who came out to protect Jarrett. Evidently, the battle lines were drawn- Foley’s side, presumably the iMPACT roster, and Jarrett’s league, presumably the Voltage roster- and all went out at one another! The show then ended with a final glimpse at the battle, and what was to come for the future of TNA.
Following Slammiversary VII:


Monday 22nd June, 2009

On the after effects of a roster shake-up, and the successful show that was TNA Slammiversary 2009, TNA have appeared to carry out a ‘summer clean’ by releasing the following talent:
Cody Deaner
Rhaka Khan
Sally Boy
Jenna Morasca
Big Rocco

Also on the release list was Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner, although unlike the aforementioned talent, these two legends of the ring have retired from professional wrestling following their final match up hosted at the recent TNA pay-per-view.

In other news, Awesome Kong has ripped tendons in her right ankle following last night’s match against Angelina Love. This incident occurred after Kong had Love up for the Awesome Bomb, but in a scripted move, Love blasted Kong with the belt. Unfortunately, Kong landed her weight on her ankle when she fell down from the move, leading to the injury which could see her out of action for over two months.

Another injury suffered at Slammiversary was, unsurprisingly, to Suicide. After the quick flash competitor was rocked via a springboard missile dropkick from Chris Sabin, causing the ladder he was standing on to crash to the ground, Suicide landed painfully on the top rope before bouncing off uncontrollably. When he hit the arena floor, it was apparent the superstar was injured, and hospital reports stated that he suffered a grade two concussion, a dislocated shoulder and a broken collar bone in the incident. This could see the high-flyer out of action for up to four-five months.

The huge loss of talent as mentioned earlier has required some new faces to come on board the TNA roster. Today, TNA announced almost straight after the list of releases that the following talent were coming to the federation under an open contract:

Former PWG star Pac on the iMPACT brand
Former NJPW star Fergal Devitt, under the name Prince Devitt, on the iMPACT brand
Former World X Cup competitor Alex Koslov on the iMPACT brand
Former Independent talent Matt Cross on the iMPACT brand
Former ROH star Kenny Omega on the Voltage brand
Former ROH and SHIMMER star Daizee Haze, under the name Daisy Haze, on the Voltage brand
Former ECW commentator, Joey Styles, on the Voltage brand
Former WWE and WCW ring announcer, Gary Capetta, on the Voltage brand

However, on top of these four new signings, TNA have also reportedly signed two new stars to its Voltage roster, although they are keeping the deal under wraps for the time being and are set to reveal these signings on the upcoming show.

Managed by Mick Foley


TNA World Heavyweight Champion | Sting

TNA X-Division Champion | Christopher Daniels

On-Air Talent
Mike Tenay- Play-by-Play Commentator
Jim Cornette- Colour Commentator
Jeremy Borash- Backstage Interviewer
David Penzer- Ring Announcer

Active Roster
Alex Koslov
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Booker T
Chris Sabin

Christopher Daniels- Current TNA X Division Champion
Consequences Creed
Daffney- Valet of Raven; Occasional Wrestler
Dr. Stevie- Manager of Raven; Occasional Wrestler
Jay Lethal
Jethro Holiday
Kurt Angle
Matt Cross
Prince Devitt
Shark Boy

Sharmell- Valet of Booker T
Sting- Current TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Inactive Roster
Injured at Slammiversary VII, suffering from a broken collar bone and a dislocated shoulder.
Elijah Burke
Yet to make his debut; expected to debut after Victory Road

Stables and Tag Teams
T.T.S.- Threat To Society (Raven, Dr. Stevie & Daffney)
The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)
Lethal Consequences (Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal)
No Limit (Naito & Yujiri)


Managed by Jeff Jarrett


TNA Legends Champion | AJ Styles

TNA Women Knockouts Champion | Angelina Love

TNA World Tag Team Champions | Beer Money Incorporated (James Storm & Robert Roode)

On-Air Talent
Don West- Colour Commentator
Joey Styles- Play-by-Play Commentator
So Cal Val- Backstage Interviewer
Gary Capetta- Ring Announcer

Active Roster
AJ Styles- Current TNA Legends Champion
Angelina Love- Current TNA Womens Knockouts Champion
Brother Devon
Brother Ray
Brutus Magnus
Christy Hemme

Daisy Haze- Valet of Kenny Omega
Doug Williams
Eric Young

Jackie Moore- Valet of Beer Money Inc.; Occasional Wrestler
James Storm- Current TNA World Tag Team Champion
Kenny Omega
Madison Rayne
Mark Jindrak
Matt Morgan

Rob Terry- Manager of The British Invasion
Robert Roode- Current TNA World Tag Team Champion
Samoa Joe
Sheik Abdul Bashir
Sojourner Bolt
Taylor Wilde
Velvet Sky

Inactive Roster
Awesome Kong
Injured in her match at Slammiversary VII, suffering from ripped ankle tendons
Raisha Saeed
Inactive due to Kong's injury- kayfabe injured by The Beautiful People
Lisa Marie Veron
Yet to make her debut; expected after Victory Road

Stables and Tag Teams
Beer Money Incorporated (James Storm & Robert Roode w/ Jackie Moore)
The Beautiful People (Angelina Love, Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky)
Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed
Team 3D (Brother Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley)
The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams w/ Rob Terry)
LAX(Hernandez & Homicide)

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]


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