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Re: Bill Gates Presents the Gates Fighting Corporation

Originally Posted by 411Mania.com
April 22rd 2010 As we all expected, technology tycoon Bill Gates has no need to be stingy. The billionaire is laying out 6 and 7 figure contracts left and right and news has come in of 3 new signees, all recieving abundant contracts, in Ron Killings, Brian Kendrick, and James Yun.
As of this date, Gates, under the guidance of Paul Levesque, or Hunter Helmsley, has signed on 12 stars to Grapplers, Throwers, and Strikers.

Originally Posted by 411Mania.com
April 26th 2010 With Paul Levesque standing as a main influence of Gates Fighting Corporation's Bill Gates, it hasn't been too much of a surprise that the majority of recent signings have not catered to athletes of greater prominence in WCW or independently. However in the past few days Gates has gone the opposite direction in grabbing up these two ex WCW stars and three independent stars. Rami Sebei, better known as El Generico, Scott Colton, better known as Colt Cabana, Christopher Daniels, and Craig Williams, better known as Human Tornado, all coming in surely with praise from fans some of the deceased independent wrestling organizations these crazy high flyers once belonged to.
With a good number of independent stars coming in lets hope they show that the guys from smaller companies have just as much and most of the time, more skill, than the guys in the big leagues.

Originally Posted by 411Mania.com
May 3rd 2010 More surprises flow in the news room, as Paul Levesque, who one would think favors the recruiting of ex. WWE talent, guides owner Bill Gates yet again, away from the WWE. Five new additions have been given heavy contracts, all members of the TNA roster just months ago. Velvet Skyy, known for her role in the Beautiful People, and outrageously bodacious ass, two machines in Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan, and finally two young stars who have fans anxiously awaiting their next moves, in Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelley. Further more a TNA reporter has been added in Jeremy Borash. And all we can say is what a few fucking days it has been.
As the roster seems near completiton, it has to be noted that there are most definitely large pieces of the puzzle not in tact.

Originally Posted by 411Mania.com
May 9th 2010 Going away from ex. WWE talent for a while has ended for Gates and Levesque in the recruitment for the flagship show of Grapplers Throwers and Strikers. Two more potential X-Division stars in Kofi Kingston and Evan "Air" Bourne have been added on to the GTS roster. Besides these 2 young stars, the ever so busty Candice Michelle and a hall of fame broadcasting team of Jim Ross and Ric Flair have been signed on.
This surely spells out some "lift off" on GTS, and a team of broadcasters unparalleled.

Originally Posted by 411Mania.com
May 17th 2010 Groundbreaking, earth- shattering shit is truely happening in what is reportedly the last 2 signings Gates and Levesque have chosen for Grapplers Throwers and Strikers. One X-Division star and one who well, will certainly cause a stir. Frankie Kazarian, known as Kaz, and Brock Lesnar, yes, MMA star Brock Lesnar have signed contracts, with Lesnar signing the biggest contract in professional wrestling history. 6 years $150 million contract. Hmmm, maybe it is all about the the money with Lesnar, still could pay off for Gates as he will probably recieve triple that in revenue from this signing.
With the roster complete, the action is ready to set forth upon thee.

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