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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

Florida; Tampa – St. Pete Times Forum

Opening Video Plays

JR: Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to Friday Night Smackdown! I’m Jim Ross here with my broadcast partner: Mick Foley!

Foley: That’s right JR; Mrs. Foley’s baby boy is back on commentary!

JR: Looks like our new General Manager is already making sparks fly!

“No Chance” plays to a face reaction as Mr. McMahon himself makes his way to the ring doing the power walk.

Mr. McMahon: I’m sure you’re all wondering “Who is the new General Manager of Smackdown!?’ just wait a few moments and that question will be answered, but first: there is some rumor going around that I have a huge announcement. Yes, that is true however; I will wait until the Pay-Per-View Backlash to make that announcement. That’s then this is now so without further ado your NEW General Manager of Smackdown! is a former General Manager and I must say they did a fine job so here they are:
“I’m All Grown Up” plays to a big reaction as Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring! She shakes hand with her father who leaves.

Stephanie: It is great to be back here as General Manager of the real ‘A’ show of the WWE!

Crowd pop

Stephanie: And I have some HUGE Announcement indeed: First, you can bring it out now guys!

Two Men bring out pedestal with a cloth over it and set it in the ring.

Stephanie: Now I realize how Smackdown! has considerably less titles than RAW does. One that comes to mind is the Women’s Championship. I have given my brother access to TNA Knockout Superstars in exchange for something.

Stephanie than lifts the cloth revealing The X-Division Championship! The crowd pops big time.

Stephanie: The X-Division Championship! Shane has also given me access to all TNA X-Division contracts. So there will be an 8-man tournament and the final match will take place at Backlash with the winner being the first ever WWE X-Division Champion!

“Metalingus” then hits to heel reaction as an angry looking Edge makes his way to the ring, mic in hand.

Edge: Um, Steph I don’t think anyone cares about the ‘O so exiting’ X-Division Championship. All they care about is the 8-time World Champion Edge!

Stephanie: How dare you!?! This is my show now Edge not Vickie’s! I don’t care if your wife held your hand through the past year and a half, it stops now! I was actually going to give you a title shot-

Edge: Oh really th-

Stephanie: WAS going to give you a title shot however: you were the one who gave up your title by tapping out!
So I have a better idea for the World Title at this time which I will announce later tonight thanks.

Edge looks angrily around then storms out of the ring.

“Ain’t No Stoppin Me” plays to some heat as Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring.

Tony Chimmel: The following contest is a quarterfinal match in the tournament for the X-Division Championship on the way to the ring Shelton Benjamin!

“This Fire Burns” hits to a big reaction as CM Punk comes down to the ring, Money in the Bank briefcase in hand.

Chimmel: And his opponent from Chicago, Illinois: Mr. Money in the Bank… CM Punk!

X-Division Quarterfinal Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. CM Punk
Ending: A very athletic match ends when CM Punk gets him up for a GTS when: BREAK THE WALLS hits and Chris Jericho’s fire works go off! Punk is distracted long enough for Benjamin to slip out and hit the Jumping Reverse Bulldog!



Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Chimmel: Here is your winner: Shelton Benjamin!

JR: What in the world? That was Chris Jericho’s theme song!

Foley: JR, let’s see this one more time:

Replay of the Jumping Reverse Bulldog.

JR: Well Shelton Benjamin wins but, why did Chris Jericho’s music play!?!

Punk looks confused and angered.


“Booyaka 619” hits to a huge reception as new Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio makes his return to Smackdown!

“Rey” chant starts

Rey: It’s great to be back on Smackdown! representing the 619!


Rey: And now I’ve heard that TNA has been purchased, that’s fine that’s just more competition for the new Intercontinental Champion!


Rey: Also-

Suddenly, Edge comes from the crowd and spears Rey Mysterio! Edge keeps stomping away at Mysterio when-

“I Am” hits to an amazing pop as TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles make his debut to the disbelief of Edge!

Styles runs down to the ring and him and Edge trade blows. AJ goes for a kick but Edge catches it and spins AJ around, AJ then hits a pele kick! Edge rolls to the outside. Rey then gets up holding his ribs and shakes hands with AJ. Edge then grabs a mic while going up the ramp.

Edge: You shouldn’t get to comfortable Styles! You don’t even know if you’ll be here after Backlash!

Stephanie McMahon appears on the tron.

Stephanie: Actually Edge, if you listen to that speech Mr. McMahon said that TNA Superstars can choose a brand BEFORE Backlash. So I am pleased to announce the newest signing to Smackdown! The Phenomenal AJ Styles!

*BIG Pop*

Stephanie: Also, at Backlash there will be a title unification match for the TNA Legend’s and WWE Intercontinental Championships!


Stephanie: Also, unlike that other show our new talent will be in action tonight against Mr. Kennedy!

*Crowd pop*


Backlash Promo

The Motor City Machine Guns music plays to a big pop as Chris Sabin makes his way to the ring.

Chimmel: The following contest is a X-Division quarterfinal match-up. Making his Smackdown! debut from Detroit, Michigan: Chris Sabin!

The same music plays as Alex Shelly makes his way to the ring!

Chimmel: And also making his Smackdown! debut from Detroit, Michigan: Alex Shelly!

X-Division Quarterfinals
Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelly
Ending: This great match end with Sabin having the advantage but Shelly comes back with a kick that sends Chris Sabin to the outside. Shelly then runs and hits a Corkscrew Tope to the outside! Both men are down and the ref counts both out!

Winner: DRAW

JR: Anamazing match ends with a double count-out!

Foley: And you know what that means, Benjamin moves on to the finals only had to have won one match!

Both men get up and shake the others hand.


“I Am” hits for the second time to an outstanding ovation.

Chimmel: Following contest is a non-title match scheduled for one-fall on the way to the ring the TNA Legends Champion: The Phemominal AJ Styles!

“Turn up the Trouble” hits to mixed reaction. As Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring and, kicks Chimmel out of it.

Kennedy: And his opponent the future of the WWE: Missssster Kennedy!..... KENNEDY!!

AJ Styles vs. Mr. Kennedy
Finish to this long and eventful match comes when AJ kicks Kennedy in the gut and sets him up for the Styles Clash when Edge runs in and Spears Styles!

Winner: AJ Styles by DQ

Edge and Kennedy then stomp away at Styles when Rey Mysterio runs down to the ring! Styles fights off Kennedy and throws him to the outside. Edge then comes up from behind and gets caught with a huge pele! Edge falls in between the third and second ropes and Rey hits the 619! AJ then kicks him in the gut and hits the Styles Clash!
As Rey and AJ to leave…

“I’m All Grown Up” hits and out comes Stephanie!

Stephanie: Edge, again I was thinking about it and I was thinking ‘You know maybe he’s right, maybe he should be added to the World title match. Then you had to ruin the main event! So, no you’re still not in the World title match!
But, you do deserve at least a shot at one title and since you already have animosity toward Rey and AJ, I’m adding you to the International/ Legends title match!

Edge looks a little less angry.


Stephanie still in the ring.

Stephanie: Please welcome your NEW World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena!!

“My Time is Now” plays to a mixed reaction as Cena comes to the ring.

Stephanie: Welcome, John now I realize you aren’t a Smackdown superstar, I also realize that you do not have a challenger for Backlash, and since your General Manager is to busy with his other Main Event I figure I should name a suitable opponent. Now I was thinking what could top a Title unification match well let’s fight fire with fire!

If you close your eyes” hits to a big reaction and ECW Champion: Christian makes his way to the ramp.

Stephanie: John Cena meet your opponent for Backlash!

Cena and Christian staredown as Smackdown goes off the air….


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