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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

Great show man, here’s my review. Though I’d suggest switching the color of the person speaking, make it different than what they say…but here it is.

Vince segment: This reminded me of the WCW segment, and I like it that he mentioned Samoa Joe being signed…I’m thinking we’ll see him later tonight.

Orton/Joe/Shane segment: Really good man. I liked how you’re trying to make Orton even more heel, but Joe didn’t actually ask for a title match. Good to see Shane as GM, and I think that Orton is going to have a personal vendetta against him sooner or later.

Hardy vs. Kane: Not much of a recap, but I liked the finish…so it’s the start of Version 1 with the biggest fan Shannon Moore again? Good opening match, glad to see Kane again.

Divas segment: Trish being back…hmm, wondering how it’ll work out. Maryse is being cocky, I like it. Beth Phoenix with Santino again!? Aw man, I liked him being on his own, but I’m rooting for you to do something good with this. And now, AWESOME KONG! She’s a great diva, but I wouldn’t really call her a “Diva”.

Divas match: Seems like Kong is taking every diva out in this match, I really wanna see what’ll happen between Phoenix and Kong, two great competitors. Glad to see Kong keep the belt.

Miz n’ Morrison vs. Cryme Tyne: FINALLY! I’ve always thought JTG and Shad deserved the tag titles. And what a way to get them, wondering if Miz will get angry at Morrison for “not helping him”.

Shannon vs. Kane next week: I’m ready for it, hopefully Matt will be out there to help him.

Orton vs. Dreamer: Wow, I never expected Dreamer to be the mystery opponent. Glad to see Legacy get banned, the ref is now my hero! Ref’s distracted and Dreamer should have been champ, interesting. Raven returns to the WWE as a heel and attacks Dreamer, I see a feud coming. Why make Legacy go in for the kill if Dreamer’s already lost and would go after Raven anyways? And now I see why they did that…I predict it to be Dreamer, Joe, and a partner vs. Legacy next week.

Overall show, pretty good for the very first show. I like how you book, good luck with this. Out of 10, I’d give it a 6.5…good job man.

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