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WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

Well now that I finally have enough time here is my attempted BTB.
PS> I suck at backstories.
[CENTER]April 2, 2009
TNA has gone bankrupt and Vinny Mac decided to buy it. WWE has not announced the acquisition (probably trying to save the suprise for after 'Mania) but it is pretty well known on the web. Many people however believe it to be a late April Fool's Joke. Go Figure.

Wrestlemania 25
Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk vs. Mark Henry vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. John Morrison vs. Kane vs. The Miz
Ending: Punk ad Kofi climb the ladder at the same time. The two former Tag Champs battle when Kofi gets the upper hand, Kofi is abou to grab it when Punk hits Kofi with the hanging briefcase a stunned Kofi is then hoisted on Punk's shoulders and brought down with a HUGE GTS OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER and Punk grabs the briefcase!
Winner: CM Punk

ECW Championship Match
Christian Cage vs. Jack Swagger(c)
Christian wins the ECW Title with a Killswitch!
Winner: Christian

Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal
It comes down to Melina and Maryse when Vickie Gurrereo appears on the Tron and makes it a Title Unification Match! An angry Beth Pheonix comes to the ring while officials try to keep her away, Melina eliminate Maryse! The refs however are distracted by Beth Pheonix! They finally get her away but Maryse eliminates Melina! Maryse celebrates but new Hall of Famer: Howard Finkel gets on the mic and says theres one more paricipant. Trish Stratus! Stratus makes he way to the ring, ducks a clothsline, and hits the Chick Kick to eliminate Maryse!
Winner: Trish Stratus

3-on-1 Legends Match
Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat/Jimmy Snuka/Roddy Piper w/ Ric Flair
Jericho eliminates Snuka and Piper and tries a Walls of Jericho on Steamboat but gets caught with a small package! 1..2...3!! Y2J can't believe it! The Legends then beat down Jericho and call Mickey Rourke in who goes to the top rope and hits the Ram Jam! (If you dont know what that is watch The Wrestler.
Winners: Legends

Extreme Rules
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
Matt wins a brutal match by avoiding a ladder Swanton and hitting a Twist of Fate in the chair.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Championship Match
JBL (c) vs. Rey Mysterio
Rey counters a clothsline into a hurricanrana to win. After the match JBL quits.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker
After an amazing contest HBK tries a moonsault which UT counters with an attempt at a second Tombstone but HBK slips out the back and tries a superkick which 'Taker counters with a figure-four in dedication to HBK's Match last year with Ric Flair! HBK Taps out!
Winner: Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge(c) vs. Big Show vs. John Cena
Match ends when Edge has Big Show in a sleeper and Cena lifts both up and Edge slips out Cena hit the FU on Show!(Yeah thats what I call it) Edge then goes for a spear on Cena which is countered into an STFU! Edge taps!
Winner: John Cena

WWE Championship Match
Triple H(c) vs. Randy Orton
A greuling match with lots of interference ends when HHH tries a Pedigree but Orton counters with a low blow while Legacy ad the Mcmahons are on the outside fighting with the ref disracted. Orton then hits a huge Punt Kick. The ref turns around to see the 3.
Winner: Randy Orton

Orton and Legacy celebrate when his music hits and out comes TNA World Champion Samoa Joe!
Orton looks shocked as Joe points at him and makes a cut-throat gesture as Wrestlemania goes off the air....

Post rosters later...
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