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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Speculation for the Rumble seems to begin! That would be insane if Flair, HBK, or RVD won, as the rest have won it (IRL)

I'm gonna say this for the Edge/Cena feud and the Mickie/Trish feud: Both have been done, but I will really enjoy both feuds much more than I did on TV if you make this storyline unique and original. Have some new concept be thrown into these feuds, as they are good with each other (respectivly) and I think if you be original and not approach these feuds the way they did IRL, then these 2 feuds will be sick.

Batista and Henry, to my mind, never really had a feud that resulted in many matches. Batista ended up finishing the RAW vs. SD! feud during Survivor Series and then got injured, so I don't think that he and Henry had an all out feud. Henry bores me in the ring, so I can't tell the direction you are going with for their feud, but nonetheless, I'll be watching/reading/wtvr lol

JBL was apart of the Sd! roster, right? Alright good, I enjoyed him very much on Sd than on RAW, so good.

Orton, while younger, was very entertaining. For some reason, I don't remember him on Sd! All I remember was him feuding with Taker, Rey, Angle and that's it....boring, make him more remember-able (is tht a word lol) plz kthx

Juvi back on Sd! good. I remember Psycosis and Super Crazy more than I did with Juv, so you gotta push him. Him, Chavo, and all the rest of the CW's on Sd! can make up one really fun division. Man, you got so much awesome potential and characters to use, like you have the tools to make these shows crazy!

Rhyno possibly coming to WWE, nice~ If you do make ECW you could make it os much better, like for real man.

Anywyas, great news feed, I'm not gna talk about Mania, because I wanna see how you're going to to do this, don't disappoint!

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