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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Most of those guys could do without the Rumble win, although I wouldn't mind Rey or RVD. Make it happen.

Edge vs. Cena for the title should really go one way, with Edge retaining. Should be a great match, though. Don't care for Batista or Henry, either, but don't have Henry win the title. Do have Batista drop before 'Mania, though, I'd hate for him to have a year-long reign.

Henry being gone wouldn't be bad. Quite the opposite, really.

Mickie and Trish are pure win. Give them a very good program.

JBL getting pushed? Dang. Not really a fan of his in the ring, better suited as a manager, in my opinion. If he's going to get pushed, give him a ton of mic time.

Orton is more push-worthy than JBL, honestly. Would like to see him do good in this BTB.

Juvi is good, don't release him. Keep him on as champion.

The supposed matches we might be seeing all sound great, especially Angle/Hunter. RVD would be a great opponent for him if he doesn't win the Rumble, which he should.

Rhino would be a solid addition to the roster, especially if you're going to be bringing back ECW.

Good stuff, BKB, looking forward to your first show.
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