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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

You wanted comments: here they are <3.

Royal Rumble should be a great read, BUT I FOUND A BOTCH~! . I think you mean with the Royal Rumble just three weeks away . Anyway, good possibilites that you listed there, but I actually agree with that scummy club supporter and go with Rob Van Dam, coz' he pwns.

The WWE fucked Edge over by having him lose his WWE Championhip after one month, so plzplzplzplz don't have him lose it. Tista to retain over Mizzark IMO.

Batista not getting an injury is alright, and I LOL'ed at Henry fucking up in his first match with Vince seeing him, IDK why . Send him to ECW and have him as a monster if you decide to bring ECW in.

Nothing much to say with the Trish and Mickie saga, so that's all that is said .

LOLOL, Rooke sucks, Judd pwns . Oh yeah, and alright to say Jibbles is going to continue wrasslin' to Mania 23, but him on commentary was quite teh funny.

Randy Orton pwns, so fuck the backstage shizz and have him as the World Heavyweight Champion by WrestleMania 22 .

Juventud not being released isn't a bad thing, as all it does it strengthen your Cruiserweight Division which is definitely a good thing.

As always, the Undertaker's WrestleMania opponent speculation begins, and I must say, those picks are good picks, and I found rather ironic with the Deadman facing Benoit . Anyway, RVD to face Taker if he doesn't win the Rumble, Angle vs. HHH should be great, and th other match is rater obvious and actully kinda impressed IRL, so yeh, good decisions d00d.

Nice notes, much <3 bbz.

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