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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Rumble's always only have around a handful of guys who can actually win it, it just has to be Rob Van Dam.

Edge/Cena should be a great match if it happens, however with the Rumble being a limited card as it is, you're going to need a hell of a Rumble to make up for Henry/Batista.

This definitely has to be false, Mark Henry owns in the ring.

Stratus/James has been done to death but is a good feud nonetheless, you're really going to need some good writing to make it seem original though.

at JBL fixing his back the same way Max Rooke fixed his hamstring.

Randy Orton will pull his head in because you love him. Knowing you i would pretty much guarantee Orton will be in the title picture come 'Mania.

Kid Kash > Juvi. If Juvi is Cruiserweight Champion with the likes of Kash and Noble on your Smackdown roster, and if you move Helms having him there to definitely means Juvi needs to be a jobber.

Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon better be a lie otherwise your 'Mania will suck ass.

Rhino = GORE, GORE, GORE! Bring him in and push him to the moon.

News seem alright, jobber.

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