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Re: JLA Wrestling


"My sacrifice" by creed plays in the background, while the JFA superstars show what they can do. The video ends with Eric Bischoff smilling. The Miami crowd erupt as the camera shows the vast aray of signs and masks. We go to ringside with JR and Jerry the King Lawler.

JR- Hello and welcome to JLA LiveWire we've got one hell of a show for you tonight.

Jerry Lawler- That right JR tonight the Tag Team Titles will be on the line.

"I'm Bad" Eric Bischoff enters the ring with the Tag Team belts.

Eric Bischoff- Tonight the tag team titles will be on the line in a Tag team turmoil match. The rules of this match are so simple that even this crowd should understand them. Two tag teams begin the match, when one person is pinned then his team is eliminated, then another team enters the ring to fight the remaining team. This happenes until all six tag teams have entered the ring. The last team reamaining in the ring are the first JLA Tag Team Champions. Also tonight we will have one of the JLA Tournaments Semi Finals with Chris Benoit fighting Triple H. Now I dont want a repeat from two weeks ago, so with that in mind i've decided to bann DX from ringside. And if any of the D Generates decide to enter the ring during the match, there contract will be terminated. Now enjoy the show.

"I'm Bad" Bischoff leaves the ring.

Post match interview with Ultimo Dragon.

Michael Cole- Ultimo Dragon, how do you feel going into this number 1 conteders match against the man that cheated you out of a win last week.

Ultimo Dragon- Cole, I'm going out there tonight for one thing. Its not for revenge, yeah sure i want to beat the man that injured my freind Jyushin Liger and also cost me my match last week on LiveWire. No, i'm going out there for that title around Rey Mysterio jr waist. Now I wasnt entered in the first ever Cruiseweight Title match, yeah sure i was angry but I didnt decide to take out my frustration on one of my fellow wrestlers, Akio did. Now you'd think injuring a fellow wrestler would be enough for someone, but no. Akio decided to cheat to win are match by holding the ropes, now last time I checked that was against the rule book. Akio your one hell of a wrestler for sure, but try and cheat once more tonight and i wont be the calm and cool Dragon i've been so far. My heart is set on that Cruiseweight title Akio, and when my heart wants something, he gets it.

Ultimo Dragon vs Akio- Number 1 contendors match for the Cruiserweight title.

Match- The match begins in a pin frenzy, then Ultimo takes the initiative and hits a strong dropkick hitting Akio in the jaw. Ultimo Dragon goes for the pin 1... Akio kicks out. Ultimo hits Akio with lefts and rights pushing him into the corner, Ultimo climbs to the second rope and begins the ten punch 1..2..3..4..5..6.. akio grabs hold of Ultimo Dragon and hits the atomic drop. Akio has the advantage and uses it to hit a Pele kick, the force of Akio's boot knocks Ultimo to the canvas. After connecting with 3 elbows and an arm bar submission, Akio hits with a DDT, planting Ultimo Dragons face into the hard canvass. Akio hooks the leg 1...2...Ultimo Dragon raises his right shoulder. After complaing with the referee claiming the count was slow Ultimo Dragon surprises Akio with a school boy pin, 1...2... Akio kicks out. Both men get to their feet, Akio is the first to react and hits a running enzigurie. Akio is in controll of the match after a hurricarana, snap and vertical suplex. With Ultimo Dragon out on the canvass Akio climbs to the top rope, and hits the Corkscrew. Akio goes for the pin 1...2...the referee is draged out of the ring.

JR- Jyushin Liger has draged the referee from the ring.

Jerry Lawler- Whats he doing I thought he was injured.

With the referee injured on the mat, Jyushin Liger enters the ring to hit the Liger Bomb on the unsuspecting Akio. He drags Ultimo Dragon on top of Akio then heads backstage. Earl Hebner enters the ring and makes a slow count 1...2...3.

JR- Ultimo Dragon wins the match and is now the number 1 contendor for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Jerry Lawler- What the hell was Jyushin Liger doing interfering in this match.

JR- He's getting some revenge for what Akio did to him King.

Akio trys to explane what happened but to no avail. Ultimo Dragons hand is raised and is announced as the winner.

Winner- Ultimo Dragon


Undertaker enters the ring accompaned by Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman- Last week on LiveWire you witnessed history in the making. You witnessed the next JLA Champion teaming up with the greatest manager of all time. Now i've had many people come up to me and say "Why Paul, why did you turn your back on Brock Lesnar?" Well it's simple really, i'm sick and tired of dragging around dead weight. And Brock was one dead weight. You see i see myself as a ship, well with Brock on my ship i was sinking fast, well when your sinking you lose whatever is not needed and Brock Lesnar was deffinatley not needed. So i decided to team up with the phenom not the "Next big flop". With the Undertaker on my ship we will cruise through the JLA tournament and on to Bash at the Beach were we will win the-

Brock Lesnar's music interupts Paul Heyman.

Brock Lesnar- Paul, last week when you hit me over the back with that steal chair it hurt. The worst pain wasnt that the chair smacked against my back, it wasnt even that the blow caused me the JLA Championship. It hurt becuase the man holding that chair was my manager and who thought was my freind. Well Paul I can make new freinds as you and the Undertaker will find out.

Brock leaves the ring smiling.

Paul Heyman- You think you can scare me Brock, I know how your mind works, I controll you Brock you might not know it but I do.

JR- Eventhough Heyman is denying it he looks scared king, even with the Undertaker by his side.

Jerry Lawler- No he's not JR, although i'd be a liitle edgey if Brock had just said that to me.

Rikishi's music blasts over the PA system.

JR- Rikishi will be fighting Taz at the Bash at the Beach.

Jerry Lawler- JR your forgeting the most important part, it's for the Intercontinental championship.

Rikishi vs Hardcore Holly

Match- The match kicks off with Rikishi hitting Hardcore with an aray of left and rights. After an irish whip into the ropes Rikishi hits the Samoan Drop then drops the elbow, he covers Holly 1...2...Hardcore kicks out. A belly to belly knocks the air staight from Hardcore Holy and is'nt helped by a big leg drop from the samoan. Rikishi irish whips Hardcore Holly into the corner, he runs with might at the corner and thrusts his wide rear end into the gut of Hardcore Holly. Holly drops to the ground finding it hard to breath. Rikishi spots Hardcores posistion and smiles at the crowd. He walks over to the corner and shoves his ass into the face of Hardcore Holly.

JR- The stinkface, the stinkface on Hardcore Holly.

Rikishi releases Holly from the stench as he moves away from the corner. Rikishi grabs hold of the dazed Hardcore Holly and connects with the Rikishi Driver. He hooks the leg 1...2...3.

JR- Rikishi wins it, but will he be celebrating at Bash at the Beach.

Rikishi celebrates infront of the crowd untill Taz attacks him from behind. He hits the samoan with a steal chair concentrating on his leg. After the damage is done Taz walks backstage feeling pleased with himself. Rikishi is stretchered out of the arena and sent to the local hospital.


Tag Team Turmoil Match- Tag Team Championship.

The match kicks off with the Hardy Boys and The Superheroes.

Elimination1- The Hardy Boys use their high flying abilities well against Hurracane and Rosey. They take controll of the match and eliminate The Superheroes in good time with a Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb.

The Headbangers enter the ring.

Elimination 2- The Headbangers start off well making lots of tags and keeping controll of the match. They get 2 close 3 counts with elimination not looking an option. That is untill Mat Hardy hits a Twist Of Fate from out of nowhere. The match turns after that one move and after The Hardy Boys pull off some great tag team moves, they finish Mosh and Thrasher by pinning Mosh after the Twist Of Fate.

The Dudley Boys enter the ring.

Elimination 3- The Hardy Boys even though tired take controll of the match, and look likely to have it won untlil the Dudleys hit the 3D on Matt Hardy. With
D Von holding Jeff back the Dudley boys get the 3 count.

Edge and Christian enter the ring.

Elimination 4- The Dudleys hit Edge and Christian with lots of double team moves causing damage to christians arm. Gangrel enters the ring and is welcomed with a 3D by the Dudleys. A Bubba Bomb finishes the brood with Christian being pinned.

The New Age Outlaws enter the ring accompinied by X Pac.

Last Elimination- The fresh DX have the upper hand on the tired Dudley Boys. They keep making tags making sure they are always fresh which works well for the D Generates. D Von has to brake up 3 counts on the very tired Bub Buh Ray Dudley who DX have done well to prevent from making the tag. After a brutal beating from Road Dogg, Bub Buh Ray begins to throw lefts and rights hitting both Road Dogg and Mr Ass, momentum begins to fuel Bub Buh Ray who after hitting both D Generates manages to make the tag. D Von enters the ring like a raging bull hitting everything that get in his way. After watching his half brother being beaten for around 20 minuites, D Von is fresh and hitting Mr Ass with a vertical suplex, buterfly suplex and a top rope superplex. Everything is going well for the Dudleys with even Bub Buh Ray getting a tag and hitting a Bub Buh Bomb, which gets a two count before being broken by Road Dogg. Bub Buh Ray goes for a clotheline on Mr Ass, which is ducked and hits the referee. X Pac enters the ring with a steal chair and hits Bub Buh Ray Dudley over the head then D Von twice over the skull. D Von is rolled out of the ring by X pac. Mr Ass makes the cover and with Road Dogg helping the referee they get the three count

DX celebrate their win with the Dudley Boys getting attention by the ENT's.

Road Dogg- Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, children of all ages.
D Generation X proudly bring to you the new Tag Team Champions of the worlddddddd. The Road Dogg Jessy James, the Bad Ass Billy Gun the New Age Outlaws.


Michael Cole- I'm here with the new Tag Champs. How do you feel about cheating the Dudley Boys out of the Tag Team Championships.

Road Dogg- Michael Cole I should hit you for that last comment but I wont because i'm a nice guy. We won that match fair and square, yeah maybe we did bend the rules a bit, but thats the DX way. You get the job done anyway possible and if that means my main man X Pac here has too hit both Dudley Boys over the head then so be it.

Mr Ass- And for the record, how come everyone is protecting the Dudley boys, does nobody remember 2 weeks ago when the Dudley Boys 3D'd poor litte Thrasher through a table. We did everyone in the back a favour. Nobody wants to see the Dudley Boys holding the Tag Titles, watching them slam innocent people through tables every week. We should be getting cheered not booed. This interview is over.

JR- Now I dont think slamming people through tables is ethical but the Dudleys didnt deserve to be cheated out of the Tag Team Titles.

Jerry Lawler- Oh boo hoo the Dudleys deserve what they got. Like DX said can you really see The Dudley Boys as the JLA Tag Team Champions. Long Live DX thats what I say.

JR- Well your entitled to your opinion King. Ladies and Gentleman we have just got news that are General Manager has made a fourth match for the JLA Bash at the Beach pay per view.

Jerry Lawler- Thats right JR. Jyushin Liger will be fighting against Akio. Its sounds like one hell of a match and one that i'm personally looking foward to.

JR- It certanley does King. But folks are main event is coming up and I know it's going to be great. It's the JLA Tournament Semi Final between The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit and the Game Trple H.

Jerry Lawler- I'm sure it will JR especially now that Eric Bischoff has banned DX from ringside.

Post match interview with Triple H

Michael Cole- Triple H you got through to this match with help from DX. Actually you injured Shawn Michaels in the process. Do you think you can get to the final without help from DX.

Triple H- First of all Cole check who your talking too. I'm the Game, I'm the greatest wrestler in the JLA and soon I will be the JLA World Heayweight Champion. So when you talk to me show me some repsect. Secondly Shawn Michaels stood in my way, if you get in the ring with me then be prepared to be injured. Shawn Michaels may never return to the JLA. It's not because he's too injured, his bone's will heal gradually. He wont come back because he knows that with me as the champion he may as well stay home and watch old wrestling tapes when he was in his prime, breaking every mirror in sight so he doesnt have to look at the old man staring back at him. He'll say to himself I used to be the Heart Break Kid, trying every day to block the voices in his head telling him the truth. The truth is Michaels, you are nothing compared to me. I am the Game, I am the sirebrle assasin and soon I will be first ever JLA Champion. So tonight when HBK is crying in his pillow, i'll be winning Chris Benoit without the help of DX. Everyone always says "Triple H your nothing without DX,"well tonight i'll show everyone what the Game can do. Benoit it's time to play!

Michael Cole- Strong words from Triple H.

Chris Benoit vs Triple H

Match Triple H and Benoit hook up in a test of strength. Triple H seems to be gaining the advantage untill Benoit uses his stamina to keep it too close to make sure. Benoit keeps pushing until his face turns red, he gains a big advantage until HHH hits a low kick to the mid section. HHH has the advantage and uses it to get a couple of lefts and rights, with Benoit stunned the game hits a snap suplex causing Benoit to rive in pain. He drops an elbow and knee to the head of Benoit trying to cause a gash. With the attemps failing and the title in mind, Tipple H goes for a vertical suplex which he hits very well. He goes for the pin 1...2.Benoit raises a shoulder. Triple H Irish whips Benoit into the ropes setting him up for a back breaker, the pain in Benoits back is growing with every movie Triple H does. The Game sees this and begins stomping on the unprotected back of Benoit. After hitting the side walk slam Triple H goes for the cover 1...2..Benoit raises his right shoulder with extreme pain. The Game begins to get frustrated, he was only a fraction of a second away from getting the three count. He clamps a sleeper hold over the head of the Rabid Wolverine trying hard to cut the oxygen from Benoit's head. The referee raises Benoits hand and as soon as he lets it go it slams to the canvaas, 1 the referee shouts, the hand hits the canvaas again, 2 the referee shouts, the referee raises Benoits hand for what Triple H hopes is the final count, the referee lets go and waits for the hand to hit the canvaas. Benoits stops his hand inches away from the black canvaas. Triple H screams in frustration, Benoit begins to build up strenth and raises to his feet hitting HHH with his elbow as he does. With both superstars standing Benoit is the first to react and hits the clotheline. With HHH quickly getting up Benoit hits the drop kick followed quickly by a snap suplex, Benoits back is causing him problems as he finds refuge on the ropes. Triple H strugles to get up but finally does. Benoit hits him with a right then Triple H conect with a left both superstars use there full force in each punch making both wreslters weak. Benoit tries one last punch which is ducked by the Game, Benoit trys hard to turn and does. With one toe kick to the gut Benoit falls to the ground like a sak of potatoes hitting the canvass hard. Tripple H uses his last bit of strengh to pick Benoit to his feet, he hooks Benoits arms and connects with a pedigree. Both men fall to the ground hard, with Benoit getting the worst. With the smell of success looming Triple H raises an arm over Benoits chest. The referee begins the count 1...2...3.

JR- Triple H wins it. By God what a match. Triple H and Benoit have had one hell of a match.

Triple H finds it hard to stand but does as his arm is raised as the winner. DX join him in celebrating the match. Benoit receves treatment outside the ring.

Winner- Triple H

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