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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001- To Survive and Prosper

Hardcore TV Feedback

Mmm, I’ve never seen the original ECW really (discounting DVD’s and youtube videos), so sorry if a lack of knowledge is shown from me. Hopefully I’ll learn more as this thread continues though.

Nice little video package to remind/inform people of the events which took place last Sunday. It’s nothing big, just a nice little touch.

Joey Styles did a great job hyping up the show, as well as last Sunday and just ECW in general. Using him in this role to get the crowd excited before the actual show begins is a pretty good role for him, since he carries himself well on the mic.

Good way to get started with CW Anderson, as you’ve made it seem like he has A LOT of momentum coming into this which I’m glad to see you capitalising on. Not sure on Anderson hitting a somewhat cheapish knee to the midsection to begin proceedings, as that’s usually looked upon as a heel tactic, however I like how you’re really building up his power game. The descriptiveness with the selling is good, as well as the writing in general thus far. Liking the FBI using cheap tactics to change the momentum, as you make it seem like there was no other way to do so, with Anderson really looking strong. Some nice moves from Mamaluke with strong psychology behind them is good, because match-writing in BTB usually fails to capture psychology. Playing up the tenaciousness of Mamaluke is good too, as you’re not just putting Anderson over by doing so. Sure, he’s smaller and not as good, but he’s a fighter. I wasn’t big on the release of the armbar, as you made sure to assure us that victory was almost inevitable if the move stayed on, seen as how Anderson had nowhere to go. Apart from that, the match went down well, making Anderson look great in the ending as he hit some big moves and owned the FBI on the outside. A good way to start off and really get the crowd going with a comprehensive win for a face in a very solid match.

Styles again doing a good job of selling what happened on Sunday, which is great. Good segue into this promo. The promo itself was pretty damn good. @ the opening with Francine and Justin Credible. Good mix of seriousness from Corino, and joking from Credible and Victory. Laughed at the ending as well. Good promo, as you showed you can mesh styles well to make an entertaining segment.

Pretty basic start to the match here, making Kash and Crazy look good by having them go toe-to-toe with the champs from the get go. The match stayed somewhat slow until Super Crazy gets it going, which is great to see. If you’re going to have him wrestle, you’ve gotta keep it quick with him on offence like you’ve done here. The chairshot from the outside was a nice move, and the finish makes the champs look good. Only minor problem I had with this match was that there weren’t really enough tags between the teams.

Good from Styles AGAIN.

Promo from these two was pretty basic in terms of the breakup of a team and why it happened, though i like your explanation on why Chetti is back after losing a loser leaves town match. The set up and beatdown was well executed, especially with nova certainly not expecting to be jumped after Chetti acting like a pussy. Classic heel stuff by getting the referee to count while not actually being part of a match is something I love. The celebration screams great heelwork too. Good segment.

London OWNS, so I’m really happy to see him used here. He had even less charisma back then, but he got over well with the ROH fans for his amazing high-flying, and it looks like you’re going to throw him into the same role here. RVD playing it up to the fans only to get arm dagged is great, because you’ve shown both RVD’s ego, and that London means fucking business. Again, you used RVD’s ego well here to get the change of momentum happening which is smart booking. First moves from London on the attack being some high-flying moves are good, as it’s important to try to get him over with the ECW crowd early. The shooting star press to the outside is something London used to utilise a lot, and it’s great to see you use it, because as I said, moves like this would help London get over. The finish after this seemed to come a bit abruptly though, as it seemed rushed. After an earlier match from the tag teams earlier, I would have expected this would have gone at least a little longer since it had so much potential. You really only brushed over the top of both men’s movesets, so there was a lot more that could have been done. With that said, it was still a fairly impressive match.

Right way to start off the Pulp Fiction promos with Rhino, as you didn’t feature him on your actual show, and he holds both of your singles belts. Rhino’s promo seemed like he was just trying to shout as much as possible without it having any meaning really. Not much depth to it at all. The Impact Players make their erm... impact here, which was promised. I don’t mind Corino (though I wish his forehead didn’t look so disgusting), so I wouldn’t object to him going after the gold.

Generic work here from Matthews and York (it’s amazing to believe how much more charismatic Matthews got as a member of MNM), but it does the job. Looks like a six or possibly eight man at the next big event, with Matthews, York and Nova involved against Angel, Devito, EZ Money (possibly) and Chris Chetti.

Anderson intense is great. You’ve made him look very good this show, so if he were to go on to beat Dreamer, I’d be very happy.

Bleh, not great stuff from Sinister Minster. Just... boring I guess.

Good way to continue the brawl here. @ The Sandman’s shirt btw.

I don’t mind Simon Diamond, so I’d be happy to see him and Swinger go after tag gold. Guy was always pretty good on the mic, and this sets a run for him up pretty well.

Not digging this whole ‘Minister’ type deal. He reminds me of WWE PG . I didn’t find him getting a hooker too funny really. I don’t know, just too clichéd.

Basic promo from Cyrus which should serve for some storyline action. Never seen him in the ring, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Lynn vs Van Dam? Mtfo.

World Title scene seems relatively heated here, though I think a Sandman appearance was needed. He’s the man who just lost the belt, so I would’ve liked to have seen some type of confrontation between him and Rhino.

Overall, a pretty good first show. The match writing is good, and while the promo writing at times dips up and down, I wasn’t a big fan of some of the characters anyway. I really hope you keep with this, as it could be something big and it’s definitely something different. Good work.

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