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Diva Chaos Episode 37

Last time on Diva Chaos we saw the surprising return of Maria who interupted the World Title match between Maryse and Michelle Mccool causing the match to be thrown out. Then in the main event Maria teamed up with Christy Hemme to take on Maryse and Michelle and Maria pulled off the huge upset, pinning World Champion Michelle Mccool. However after the match the World Champion Michelle Mccool's night got even worse when she was laid out by Maryse who made it clear she wants Michelle's World Title. Also Maria has promised a huge surprise for Kelly Kelly and everyone tonight! What does Maria have instore for Kelly and who else will step up to challenge Michelle Mccool!

The show begins with General Manager Kelly Kelly is standing in the ring with World Champion Michelle Mccool, Hardcore Champion Maryse, and World tag Team Champions Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

General Manager Kelly Kelly:For the past few weeks I've been disrespected by Taylor Wilde, by Candice Michelle, by Mickie James, and by each and everyone of you fans! But, last week Maria not only disrespected me and everything this company stands for when she interupted the World Title match between Michelle Mccool and Maryse. She desecrated our World Title and your company by doing so. So tonight I'm going to show Maria what happens when she disrespect me, our company, and our champion! Maria and everyone else need to remember that this is my company and...

The music of Maria hits and she makes her way out on to the stage accompined by Mickie James, Christy Hemme, Taylor Wilde, and Candice Michelle. She walks around with a smile on her face

Maria:I told everyone last week that I had a surprise for Kelly Kelly, but first I got a surprise for Michelle Mccool and Maryse. That in three weeks Michelle you will defend the World Women's Championship against Maryse. But, just not Maryse, you will also defend the title against Christy Hemme and myself in a fatal four way match!

Kelly and Michelle laugh in the ring

Kelly:That's really cute Maria, but just who the hell do you think you are! There is only one person who can make a match around here and that's me, and I promise you nethier you or Christy Hemme will ever get a title shot while I'm in charge!

Maria:Kelly you were right about one thing, while you're in charge me or Christy will never get a World Title shot. But, you're wrong about something, your not the only one who can make matches around here!

Maria looks to the back and "I'm all grown up now..." plays over the PA system and Stephanie Mcmahon makes her way through the curtain as Kelly and everyone else can not believe it. Stephanie looks around with a huge smile on her face as she stares around the arena.

Stephanie:The bitch is back! Kelly Kelly, after you pinned me in the cage match and then Melina broke my ankle... I lost my passion for this buissness. I sat by and watched you ruin this company that I spent so much time and effort to help build. Women who busted their ass off to get people to respect women's wrestling and you disgraced them, you tortured them, for your own sick pleasure. Then you and your group of thugs put Maria in the hospital and when I saw the determination in her eyes to get back at you, well... it rejuvenated me! I have the power now! That's why in three weeks Michelle you will defend the title in the fatal four way match. But also Kelly Kelly since your no longer in control, that means your active competitor again! So in three weeks you will be in that ring and one of the ladies and standing across from you is someone who I've seen you torture night after night, a woman who you drove away despite all she had done for you and this company...Candice Michelle!

Candice smiles from ear to ear as Kelly looks on in fear and disbelief

Stephanie:I can only imagine how the horrible things Candice has imagined doing to you and thats why this match will be an extreme rules match! However, that is in three weeks, I'm focused on tonight! So first thing Maryse, hi sweetie, we've never had the chance to meet offically! My name is Stephanie Mcmahon and your about to learn something really important I am the dominant female here and that's why you will be defending your Hardcore Title against someone who's earned their shot, Christy Hemme! Now on to our World Champion Michelle Mccool, Kelly Kelly says Maria desecrated the World Title, no one has desecrated that title more then you have! You stole that title from Mickie James, you stole the opportunity from Taylor Wilde, and you stole the match from Maria, so that's why tonight your going to have to take on one-on-one Maria! Let it be known the reign of Kelly Kelly is offically over!

Stephanie heads to the back with Maria, Mickie, Christy, Taylor, and Candice. In the ring Kelly Kelly has her head held down as Maryse, Beth, Natayla, and Michelle all look at her for answers as we fade to commercial.

Back in Kelly's office she sits as her desk as her champions surround her

Michelle:This can't be happening! She can't do this can she! Kelly! Kelly!

Kelly slams her fist on the desk and everyone in the room hushes as she lifts her head up from the desk

Kelly:If Stephanie Mcmahon wants a war, they let us be the ones to fire the first shot tonight! We'll take out her soliders and then when Stephanie is all alone, we'll take her out once and for all!

Kelly smirks as the other women look around as we go back to the ring

The music of Sable blares over the PA system as she makes her way down the ramp with a smug confident look on her face. It was last week when Sable made her return to singles action by successfully defeating Ashley. Sable climbs into the ring stepping under the middle rope and over the bottom rope. She walks around the ring and then does the grind in the center of the ring. Sable then takes a microphone.

Sable:"I am the greatest women's wrestler of all time! I ruled women's wrestling in the 90's, hell I was women's wrestling in the 90's! My time is not yet over, that's why right now I'm issuing an open challenge to any woman I have never faced before! To prove that I am the greatest wrester of any generation!"

Sable throws down the microphone and waits for an opponent. Quickly the first woman to step up the challenge is none other then Gail Kim who comes charging down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Sable stomps on Gail the moment she slides into the ring, repeidately Sable stomps on the back of Gail Kim. However, Gail gets to her knees and comes back with some forearm shots to the midsection. Gail fires back with some shots to the head. Sable tries to retake momentum with a closeline but Gail Kim ducks it and then dropkicks Sable through the middle ring rope and to the arena floor.

Sable gets up off the ground, holding her back. Gail wastes no time and planchas over the top rope on top of Sable. Gail then unloads with some hard right hands to the fallen Sable. Gail lifts Sable off the ground and throws her back into the ring. Gail slides under the bottom rope and back and into the ring. Gail with the cover 1..2.. but Sable kicks out. Gail picks Sable off the mat and throws her into the corner. Gail comes charging in but Sable catches her off gaurd with a back elbow to the face! Sable grabs Gail by the hair and throws her face first into the turnbuckle pads. Sable turns Gail around and delivers some stiff karate kicks to the midsection of Gail. Sable snapmares Gail out of the corner and then delivers a Mr. Perfect snapping neckbreaker! Sable goes for the cover 1..2.. but Gail kicks out.

Gail rolls around the ring and tries to get to her feet but Sable delivers a stiff kick to the ribs and then taunts Gail to get up. Sable with another stiff kick to the ribs of Gail Kim. Sable lifts Gail off the mat by her hair and then irish whips her across the ring. Gail bounces off the ropes and Sable goes for a closeline but Gail ducks it. Gail hits off the ropes again and then this time catches Sable with a spinning head scissors. Sable stumbles back to her feet and Gail delivers a kick to the midsection and then a ddt! Gail then quickly climbs out onto the apron and begins climbing to the top. Gail stands pearched on the top rope as Sable gets to her feet. Gail comes off with a missile dropkick, and it connects right in the chest of Sable! Gail quickly with a cover 1..2.. but Sable got a foot on the bottom rope. Gail runs her her hands through her hair in frustration.

Gail grabs Sable by the hair but Sable grabs the trunks of Gail Kim and flings her towards the rope and Gail falls throat first over the middle rope. Sable rolls away from Gail and tries to collect herself as both ladies are down. Slowly both ladies make it to their feet as Gail manages to get up a split second sooner then Sable. Gail charges at Sable and jumps up on her shoulders and goes for the hurricanrana! Sable counters though and drives Gail down hard with Sable Bomb! Sable quickly rolls Gail Kim up as the ref counts 1..2..3!
Winner by pinfall Sable

Sable gets up looking even quite surprised herself as Gail lays on the mat holding the back of her head. Sable then stands over Gail Kim and does the grind and then walks around the ring taunting the fans and grabs a microphone.

Sable:"In my absence Gail Kim became a WWE Women's Champion, she became the first ever TNA Knockout Champion, but if I were around the whole time, that would of never happend because she would not have had what it took to beat me! Do you people believe me now that I am the greatest women's wrestler ever! Your looking at the future Women's World Champion! Furthermore if anyone...

Suddenly out of nowhere Sable is tackled from behind by Ashley who still has a score to settle with Sable! Ashley pounds on the back of Sable's head as Sable tries to crawl away. Ashley grabs at Sable's top and rips it off as Sable kicks her away. Sable runs up the rampway trying to cover herself up. Ashley climbs the 2nd rope and stares at Sable holding her top in her hand. Sable glares back as she quickly runs back up the rampway. Ashley throws Sable's top into the crowd and then jumps down and celebrates in the ring. As we go backstage to Lauren who is with Stephanie Mcmahon.

Lauren:Stephanie, first welcome back.

Stephanie:Thank you Lauren it feels great to be back.

Lauren:You've already made a huge impact tonight in your return, but I've heard you got another announcement.

Stephanie:That's right Lauren, I've struck a deal to bring back some of Women's top athletes from Shimmer. Not only that but also the Shimmer World and Tag Team Championships will be defended in Diva Chaos! So tonight their will be a Shimmer Showcase as Shimmer Champion Mschif will team with Sara Del Rey and Cheerleader Melissa against the team of Daizee Haze and Shimmer Tag Team Champions The Ohio Girls, Ashley Lane and Nevaeh!

Lauren:Wow that's huge news!

Stephanie:That's not all, next week Beth Phoenix and Natalya will defend the World Tag Team Titles against a winner of a three team, elimination style match pitting The Bella Twins against Angelina Love and Velvet Sky and the team of Taylor Wilde and Mickie James! If one member the team gets pinned or submits then that team is eliminated and the last team remaining will get the title shot next week, and that match is next!

Lauren:Thank you for your time Stephanie!

Stephanie:Thank you Lauren.

Stephanie walks away as we fade to commercial

Back from the break Lauren is with Christy Hemme

Lauren:Tonight Christy you get a shot at Maryse and the Hardcore Title! What are your thoughts heading into this big match.

Christy:Since the start of Diva Chaos I have never got a chance at a singles title and this is my chance to prove to the world what Christy Hemme is made of. I shocked the world a few weeks ago when I beat Beth Phoenix, I shocked the world last week when I was revealed as Maria's mystery partner, and tonight I'm going to shock the world when I become the first woman to ever pin Maryse in Diva Chaos, and become the New Hardcore Champion.

Maryse walks into the screen with the Hardcore Title draped over her shoulder with a smug look on her face

Maryse:You want to talk about shocking, it's shocking that you even have a job in Diva Chaos. This is the home of the best women atheletes in the world, people like Michelle Mccool, Natalya, and myself. You...your nothing but a WWE Diva reject. No one can beat me and especially not you!

Christy:Well I'm going to prove to you and everyone else later tonight, that I belong here!

Maryse:Well my dear why wait till later tonight.

Maryse delivers a stiff kick to the midsection that drops Christy to her knees. Maryse laughs as Christy becomes enraged a she lunges at Maryse but misses. Maryse then runs away as Christy gives chase. Maryse runs down the hallway as Christy gives chase right behind her. Maryse turns the corner and so does Christy but suddenly Christy is laid out by a steel chair shot over the head. Michelle Mccool comes around the corner and stands over Christy as Maryse looks on. Maryse and Michelle picks Christy up and throws her face first into a soda machine. Michelle holds Christy up for Maryse who drills her with the hardcore title. The blood begins to flow from Christy's head as she lies motionless. Maryse and Michelle start to walk away but Maryse walks back and lifts Christy off the ground and then delivers a ddt on the cement! Christy is not moving as Maryse climbs on top of Christy and puts the Hardcore Title in her face. Maryse stands up and walks with Michelle as they smile. Referees and agents quickly rush to check on Christy.

Back to the ring after the explosive set of events the mood lightens up a little as The Bella Twins make their way dancing down the ramp together as they smile and slap hands with the fans. The Bellas climb up onto the ring apron and then backflip into the ring together. The Bellas hug and then continue to dance around the ring as they await their opponents.

The music of The Beautiful People hit as despite their problems and losing streak as of late, they have a chance to correct it all by becoming the #1 contenders if they can win this match. Sky crawls out between the legs of Angelina and then they walk down the ramp hand and hand together. They climb up onto the ring and Angelina Love shakes her booty before stepping into the ring and Velvet Sky follows suite as she shakes her ass. The Beautiful People climb the ring ropes and flaunt their bodies as they await the final team.

The music of Mickie James hits as the crowd erupts as herself and Taylor Wilde come out on to the stage. Mickie points as Taylor salutes the fans and they charge the ring together and slide into the ring. Mickie climbs the middle rope and points to the fans as Taylor salutes the fans as Mickie leaps down. All 3 teams look around as this match is ready to begin.

Angelina and Brie Bella start the match off as they lock up in the center of the ring. Angelina takes Brie down to the ground by her hair and locks in an arm bar. Brie gets to her feet though and escpaes but taking Angelina down with an armdrag. Angelina charges at Brie but gets taken down with a hip toss. Angelina pops back up only to be taken down with a dropkick by Brie. Angelina back to her feet but this time is much slowler to approach Brie. Angelina and Brie lock up again and this time Angelina delivers a knee to the midsecton and then a clubbing blow to the back. Angelina then tosses Brie into the beautiful people's corner and unloads with some stiff kicks to the midsection. Angelina tags in Velvet Sky who enters the ring, Love holds Brie for Sky who delivers a clubbing forearm to the jaw that drops Brie to the mat.

Sky follows up with some stomps to the back of Brie Bella. Sky continues the assault with an elbow drop the lower back and then rolls Brie over and makes a cover but only gets a one count. Sky picks Brie up and goes for a suplex but Brie blocks it and then rolls Sky up in a small package 1..2.. but Sky kicks out. Both ladies get to their feet and Sky goes for a closeline but Brie ducks it and then puts Sky in a backslide 1..2.. but Sky kicks out again. Sky and Brie get up and this time Brie takes Sky down with a closeline. Brie runs off the ropes but Angelina Love comes over and delivers a knee to the back of Brie Bella! Brie holds her back as she turns around and takes a swing at Angelina but Love jumps off the apron. Brie yells at Love but Sky comes from behind and jumps up and pulls down on Brie's shoulders while driving her knees into Brie's back, executing the beautymark to perfecton! Sky with a cover as Nikki enters the ring to make the save but she is cut off as Taylor Wilde enters the ring and dropkicks Nikki Bella! The ref counts 1..2..3! (The Bella Twins have been eliminated)

Sky rolls Brie out of the ring and then gets to her feet and taunts her from the ring but Sky turns around and gets met with a series of forearm shots by Taylor Wilde. Taylor backs Sky off into the ropes and then irish whips her across the ring. Sky bounces off the ropes and then gets a back body drop from Taylor. Sky gets to her feet and gets taken down by a closeline from Taylor. Taylor then climbs the ropes and comes off with a missile dropkick that connects! Taylor with a cover 1..2.. but Angelina Love breaks it up. The ref forces Love out of the ring as Taylor picks Sky off the mat but Sky grabs Taylor neck and drops to her knees delivering a jawbreaker! Sky then closelines Taylor down to the mat. Sky makes the tag to Angelina Love.

Love steps into the ring and quickly stomps away on Taylor Wilde. Love picks Taylor off the mat and delivers a swinging neckbreaker. Love makes the cover 1..2.. but Taylor kicks out. Love puts Taylor in a headlock while she lays on the mat. Love applies the pressure as Mickie cheers on her partner and tries to rally the crowd. Love tightens the hold as Taylor tries to get to her feet. Taylor gets to a knee and then to her feet but Love keeps her in the headlock but Taylor escapes with a side suplex that drops Love right on her head. Love holds her neck as Taylor crawls to her corner. Taylor is almost there as Love stumbles to her feet. Love tries to cut Taylor off but Taylor leaps and makes the tag to Mickie James!

Mickie jumps over the ropes and catches Love head with her feet and then delivers a headscissors! Love stumbles to her feet only to get taken down with a leaping closeline. Mickie runs off the ropes and delivers a low dropkick to the head of Love. Mickie with the cover 1..2.. but Love somehow kicks out. Mickie yells as the fans cheer and she begins to climb the ropes. Mickie comes off wth a lou thesz press and it connects! Mickie with the cover 1..2.. but Velvet Sky breaks it up.

Taylor Wilde enters the ring and tackles Sky to the mat and unloads with right hands but Sky kicks her away. The ref steps between Taylor and Sky and forces Taylor out of the ring. Taylor argues with the referee as Mickie kicks Love in the midsection and pulls her in for the ddt! Sky hits Mickie in the back of the neck with a forearm and then grabs Mickie by the arms. Love runs off the ropes and comes at Mickie with a big boot, but Mickie escapes Sky's grasp and Love delivers a big boot to the face of Sky! Sky rolls of the ring holding her face. Love turns around and Mickie delivers another kick to the midsection. Mickie pulls Love in for the ddt, Mickie leaps up but Love shoves her off in mid air and Mickie crashes to the mat. Mickie gets to her feet holding her stomach and Love delivers a knee to the midsection and pulls Mickie in and hits the lights out! Love with the pinfall 1..2.. Wilde breaks it up. The ref forces Taylor out of the ring as Love gets to her feet.

Love looks to her corner but Velvet Sky is walking away from the ring as blood flows from her nose.

Sky:My nose! My beautful nose! I think it's broken!

Love yells at Sky from the ring

Love:Velvet what the hell are you doing! Where do you think you going!

Love turns her attenton to Mickie and picks her off the mat and throws her into the ropes, Mickie bounces back and Love goes for a closeline but Mickie ducks it. Mickie hits off the ropes and Taylor slaps Mickie on the back and makes the blind tag. Mickie comes at Love and baseball slides between Love's legs. Mickie gets to her feet as Taylor sneaks into the ring. Love yells at Mickie but from behind Taylor grabs Love around the waist and hits a german suplex with the bridge! The ref counts 1..2..3!
Winners by pinfall and #1 Contenders for the World Tag Team Titles Taylor Wilde and Mickie James

Taylor gets to her feet and hugs Mickie in celebration. They climb to each corner of the ring and point to the crowd as they cheer them on. Love slides out of the ring and heads to the back looking irate after Sky left the ring to attend to her bloody nose. Mickie and Taylor hug again and raise their arms as we go to the back to Lauren.

Lauren is standing out of the medical room as Stephanie exits the room

Stephanie: Don't worry Christy everything is going to be alright.

Lauren:Excuse me, Stephanie how is Christy doing after the attack earlier.

Stephanie:Well Lauren, it could of been a lot worse. Luckily Christy is tougher then most women and should be able to compete next week. However, Christy will not be able to challenge Maryse tonight.

Lauren:What does that mean for tonight's Hardcore Title match.

Stephanie:I promised these fans a Hardcore Title match and I am going to give it to them. I've already found a suitable replacement and since Maryse I know your watching, get ready because your match is next!

Walking by Stephanie and Lauren is Velvet Sky and into the medics room

Velvet Sky:Someone look at my nose right now! I think it might be broken.

The medic approaches her

Medic:Oh it doesn't look to bad.

Sky:That's because you don't know what it's like to beautiful!

Love storms into the room

Love:What the hell! We had that match won! We would be #1 contenders right now if it wasn't for you!

Sky:For me? You're the one who just got pin!

Love:Because you left me to fight both Mickie and Taylor by myself!

Sky:Because, you broke my nose! You know what, I just figured out, your jealous of me!

Love:Jealous!!! Why would I be jealous of you!

Sky:I'm the attractive one, i'm the talented one, I've been carrying this team and you for far to long. I should be a World's Champion by now, but instead I been stuck carrying you every week!

Love looks down at the ground and then looks up and slaps Sky across the face. Sky tackles Love to the ground and they exchange blows on the ground as referees and agents break in and pull them apart. They carry Love away as The Beautiful People yell at each other as we go to commercial.

Back from the break the music of Maryse hits as she walks down the ramp with a smug look on her face after laying out Christy Hemme earlier. She climbs into the ring and takes the title and hoists it in the air as she snaps back and laughs. Maryse walks around the ring and awaits her mystery opponent.

A huge scream it let out over the PA system and then making her way out on to the stage, making her Diva Chaos, is Daffney. Daffney looks focused as Maryse looks shocked. Daffney climbs onto the ring apron and rolls into the ring and then lets out a scream and stares down Maryse.

Maryse and Daffney meet face to face in the ring. Maryse flicks her hair and shows no intimidation. Daffney leans backs and lets out a deafening scream in Maryse's face and then drills her with a right hand and then a kick to the stomach. Daffney grabs Maryse by her hair and tosses her out of the ring and to the floor. Daffney steps to the outside as Maryse gets to her feet. Daffney charges Maryse and drives her back into the ring barricade. Daffney unloads with some hard right hands to the side of the head. Daffney charges Maryse but she back body drops Daffney over the barricade and into the crowd. Daffney gets to her feet and Maryse grabs her by the hair and pulls her in close and suplexs over the barricade from the crowd and back to ring side.

Maryse looks under the ring for some weapons and pulls out a trashcan with a lid, a steel chair, and a kendo stick. Maryse has a kendo stick and takes a big swing at Daffney but Daffney ducks it and then kicks Maryse in the midsection. Daffney grabs the kendo stick and smashes Maryse in the back with it. Maryse drops to her knees and Daffney smashes Maryse in the back of the head with the kendo stick. Daffney rolls her over and makes the cover. The ref counts 1..2.. but Maryse kicks out. Daffney picks Maryse up and irish whips her but its countered and Maryse sends Daffney shoulder first into the steel stairs.

Maryse grabs the trashcan and drills Daffney over the head with it! Maryse with the cover 1..2.. but Daffney kicks out this time. Maryse takes a moment to taunt the crowd and Daffney. Daffney crawls under the ring and Maryse pulls her out but gets surprised as Daffney sets off a fire extinguisher in Maryse's face! Maryse stumbles as Daffney delivers a kick to the midsection and then a swinging neckbreaker on the floor! Daffney with another cover 1..2.. but Maryse kicks out again.

Daffney grabs the kendo stick again and hoists it high in the air and lets out a scream as the fans cheer. Maryse crawls up the rampway, trying to collect herself. Daffney slowly stalks her, pointing at her with the kendo stick as Maryse crawls backwards. Maryse gets to the top of the rampway and gets to her feet. Daffney points the kendo stick right at Maryse who begs off, but then spits in Daffney's face! Daffney irate takes a wild swing with the kendo stick but Maryse ducks it and then hits the French TKO kick to the head of Daffney! Daffney is out as Maryse grabs her off the stage by her hair. Maryse pulls her in for the ddt! Maryse has her set up but suddenly Maryse gets decked by a steel chair in the back from Christy Hemme who came from the back! Maryse stumbles around the stage and turns around and Christy drills her over the head with the steel chair! Maryse is out cold on the stage. Christy stands over and takes the chair and drives it into the ribcage and again with the chair and one more time. Christy lifts the chair above her head and smashes it down over the legs of Maryse and one more time. Christy throws the steel chair down and then walks away. Daffney takes advantage and makes the cover 1..2..3!
Winner by pinfall and NEW Hardcore Champion Daffney

Daffney snatches the belt away from the referee and holds it high in the air and lets out a scream after becoming the first woman to pin Maryse in Diva Chaos history! Daffney leaves the stage with title in hand as Maryse lies motionless after the beating Christy Hemme gave her as we go to commercial.

Back from the break Christy Hemme covered in bandages from the beating earlier is approached by Lauren

Lauren:Christy how do you feel after the beating earlier from Maryse and Michelle.

Christy:I've never felt better! Maryse and Michelle you've brought out aside in me that I didn't know existed. Earlier tonight it was all about the Hardcore Title but now this is personal! Maryse, let me ask you this do I belong now? I just helped take your title away from you and your undefeated streak! But I'm not satisfied, not by a long shot! Maryse, I want your blood! Next week me and you one-on-one first blood match! Let's see who belongs here bitch!

Christy walks away as we come back to the ring

All 6 competitors are already in the ring as we are ready for the first ever Shimmer Showcase as Daizee Haze teams with Shimmer Tag Champs Ashley Lane and Nevaeh to take on Shimmer World Champion Mschif, Sara Del Rey, and Cheerleader Melissa.

The first two women to start this match are Cheeleader Melissa and Nevaeh. They lock up in the center of the ring, Nevaeh with a go behind and locks herself around Melissa's waist. Melissa counters and gets behind Nevaeh. Nevaeh counters with a snapmare and then locks Melissa in a headlock. Melissa escapes though and locks Nevaeh in a hammerlock. Nevaeh gets to her feet and delivers a back elbow to the side of the head. Nevaeh runs off the ropes but Melissa catches her with a knee to the midsection that drops Nevaeh in her tracks. Melissa picks her off the mat and throws her into the corner. Melissa charges and jumps up and drives her knees into the chest of Nevaeh. Melissa makes the tag to Sara Del Rey. Melissa body slams Neveah as Del Rey climbs the top rope and comes off with senton bomb crashing into the chest of Neveah. Del Rey with the cover 1..2.. but Lane makes the save.

Del Rey picks Nevaeh off the mat and leans her up against the ropes and delivers a chop across the chest of Nevaeh. Del Rey with another chop that echos throughout the arena. Del Rey with one more but this time Nevaeh ducks it. Nevaeh with a right hand and then a dropkick that knocks Del Rey back into the ropes and Del Rey gets tied up in the ropes. Nevaeh makes the tag to Ashley Lane. Lane hits the ring and with Nevaeh they double team Del Rey and unload with a series of right and left hands. Nevaeh exits the rng and Lane delivers a dropkick to Del Rey while she's trapped in the ropes. The referee free Del Rey from the ropes. Lane stomps on Del Rey and then hits the ropes but Del Rey catches Lane and hits her with a samoan drop out of nowhere. Del rey tags in Mschif.

Mschif steps into the ring and throws Lane into the corner and unloads with some stiff kicks to the midsection and then hangs her upside down in a tree of woe position. Mschif heads to the opposite side of the ring and then runs at Lane and delivers a baseball slide to the face of Ashley Lane. Mschif throws Lane back down to the ground and then locks in the dragon sleeper! Lane gasps for air as Mschif tightens the hold. Lane gets to her feet though but Mschif keeps the hold locked in. Lane walks to the corner and climbs the 2nd rope and flips over he shoulder of Mschif! Mschif turns around and gets a kick to the midsection by Lane. Ashley then hits Mschif with a facebuster!

Lane crawls towards the corner and makes tag to Daizee Haze. Daizee hits the ring and connects with a closeline on Mschif and follows it up with a headscissors. Daizee runs off the ropes and connects with a yazuka kick to the side of the head of Mschif! Daizee with a cover 1..2.. but Melissa breaks it up. Lane hits the ring and drills Melissa with a right hand. Nevaeh and Del Rey hit the ring and all 6 women are going at it. Daizee gets a knee to the midsection from Del Rey and then gets hit with the royal buttefly. Del Rey then goes after Neveah but Lane dropkicks Del Rey from behind. Neveah hooks Del Rey up in an STO as Lane runs off the ropes and hits her with a bicycle kick. Lane and Neveah celebrate but Neveah gets hit from behind and Melissa sets up and hits the Kudo Driver! Lane charges Melissa but gets backbody dropped over the top rope and to the floor! Melissa then gets caught by a dropkick from Daizee Haze that sends her to the floor! The ring is down to just Haze and Mschif. Mschif catches Haze with a knee to the midsection and picks her up for a bodyslam but Haze slips over her shoulder. Mschif turns around and catches a heart punch from Haze and then gets hit with the mindtrip! Daizee with the cover 1..2..3!
Winners by pinfall Daizee Haze and The Ohio Girls

Daizee raises her arms and smiles as she celebrates in the ring and then rolls to the outside and gets her arms raised by the Ohio Girls after winning this Shimmer Showcase match as we go to commercial.

Back from the break Shimmer Champion Mschif is walking down the hallway with her head held down when Lauren approaches

Lauren:Mschif, that was a hard loss in your return to your Diva Chaos, can I get your thoughts.

Mschif looks up at Lauren and shoves her and continues her walk down the hallway when she is approached by Michelle Mccool and Kelly Kelly

Michelle:Some "champion" you are. There is only one true World Champion is women's wrestling and your looking at her.

Mschif gets in Michelle's face and Michelle is not backing down. Kelly quickly pulls Michelle away though and head towards the ring as Mschif glares at them both.

The music of Maria hits as she makes her way out on to the stage she stops and blows a kiss to all the fans and then runs down the rampway slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Maria steps into the ring and shakes around for the fans and gets them ready to go as she awaits her opponent.

The music of Michelle Mccool hits as she heads out on to the stage and she spins around and hoists the World Title high in the air as the fans boo. Michelle slowly paces herself as she confidently walks down the ramp as she taunts the fans at ringside. Mccool enters the ring and hoists the title high in the air again and yells at the fans. Michelle then turns her focus to Maria.

Michelle and Maria stand chest to chest in the center of the ring and stare each other down. Michelle shoves Maria and Maria shoves her right back. Michelle swings with a wild right hand but Maria ducks it and connects with a right hand of her own on Michelle. Another right hand that backs Michelle into the ropes. Maria irish whips Michelle off across the ring, Michelle bounces back and Maria goes for a back body drop but Michelle does a backflip off of Maria's back and lands on her feet. Michelle goes for a big boot but Maria dodges it and then runs off the ropes. Michelle tries to catch her with a closeline but Maria ducks it. Maria hits the ropes again and comes back and takes Michelle down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors! Michelle gets to her feet and charges Maria but Maria catches her with a hip toss. Michelle pops up but gets taken back down with a dropkick. Michelle rolls to the outside. Michelle slaps and kicks at the ring apron in frustration.

Michelle turns around and yells at our fans at ringside, Maria is tired of waiting and exits the ring, she turns Michelle around but Michelle drops her with a forearm shot to the side of the head. Michelle picks Maria up and throws her shoulder first into the steel ring post! Maria holds her shoulder in agony as Michelle takes her and throws her into the ring. Michelle drapes Maria over the ring apron and drives an elbow down into her throat! Maria gasps for air as Michelle slides into the ring.

Michelle picks her up and hits a snap suplex and floats over into the pinfall 1..2.. but Maria kicks out! Michelle picks Maria off the mat and delivers a bodyslam! Maria rolls around the ring and grabs the bottom ring rope and tries to get up. Michelle comes over and stands on the back of Maria and chokes her out over the bottom rope! Michelle gets off Maria and pulls her out to the middle of the ring. Michelle has Maria face down and grabs her right arm. Michelle jumps up and drives her knee right into the shoulder blade! Michellle again drives her knee into Maria's shoulder. Michelle locks Maria in an armbar submsission! Maria screams in pain as Michelle wrenches back. Maria crawls and reaches out for the bottom rope and grabs it! Michelle won't release the hold as the ref warns her 1..2..3..4.. and Michelle releases right before getting disqualified.

Michelle picks Maria up and throws her into the corner and then drives her shoulder right into the midsection and again as Maria gasps for air. Michelle picks Maria up and crotches her up on the top rope. Michelle climbs to the 2nd rope and sets her up for a superplex but Maria grabs the top rope! Maria hits Michelle with some punches to the midsection and then shoves her off the top rope! Michelle rolls around the mat and stumbles to her feet as Maria stands on the top rope and comes off with a high cross body and it connects! Maria hooks the leg 1..2.. but Michelle kicks out.

Maria and Michelle are both down as each women trying to catch their breath. Maria uses the ropes to get to her feet as Michelle stumbles to her feet. Maria rushes at Michelle but gets a boot to the midsection for her trouble. Michelle pulls her in and sets up for the faith breaker but Maria counters with a back body drop. Michelle gets to her feet and gets a kick to the stomach and then Maria delivers a ddt! Maria with the cover 1..2.. but Michelle kicks out. Maria picks Michelle up and sets her up for the bulldog! But running from the back is Natalya who jumps up on the apron and distracts the referee.. Maria runs with Michelle and drives her facefirst with the bulldog. Maria goes for the cover but the ref doesn't see it. Maria gets up to get the ref's attention but sliding into the ring is Beth Phoenix who came through the crowd. Beth nails Maria from behind and hooks her arms and hoists her up in the air and then drops her with the glam slam! Beth nudges Michelle and then rolls out of the ring. Natalya hops off the apron and the referee turns around to the action. Michelle crawls towards Maria and puts her arm over. The ref counts 1..2.. but Maria somehow kicked out! Beth and Natalya can't believe it.

Beth and Natalya smack the ring apron, cheering on Michelle. Then from the back come Mickie James and Taylor Wilde who jump on Beth and Natalya! All 4 ladies are going at it on the outside. The referee steps out of the ring and tries to break it up. In the ring both Maria and Michelle stumble to their feet. Maria goes for a kick but Michelle catches her foot and then trips and then locks in the heel hook in the middle of the ring! Maria screams in agony and taps out! However, there is no referee! Michelle has it hooked in good as Maria continues to tap but the referee is to busy on the outside as the tag champions and the #1 contenders continue to battle. Then suddenly coming through the crowd is Mischif who slides into the ring. Mischif stands over Michelle Mccool and then spits green mist in her face! Michelle releases the heel hook and then begins to panic as she rolls around the ring holding her face. Mschif exits the ring and heads back through the crowd. Michelle gets to her feet and swings widly as Maria gets to her feet limping. Michelle turns around and Maria delivers a kick to the midsection and then hits another running bulldog! Maria with the cover as the ref slides into the ring 1..2..3!
Winner by pinfall Maria

Maria raises her arms in victory and then quickly rolls out of the ring as Beth and Natalya storm the ring. Maria is greeted with hugs from Mickie and Taylor on the outside who raise her arms in victory as they walk back up the rampway. Natalya and Beth try to help Michelle to her feet. Mickie, Taylor, and Maria all look back at the ring at the top of the rampway. All three of them motion as the champions that they want the World and Tag Team Titles to end the show!

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