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Episode 36

OOC:Sry about the double post but I just wanted to get one of my shows up and get people taken. Hope no one thinks I'm spamming, not my intent. Anyways enjoy it was an okay show not my best but not the worst.

Diva Chaos starts right off with the music of Maryse! The confident Hardcore Champion makes her way out on to the stage as she flicks her hair. Last week Maryse out lasted 19 other women in a battle royal to become the #1 contender for the World Title! Maryse walks down the rampway with a smug look her face. Maryse enters the ring and snaps back and lifts her Hardcore Title high in the air as she laughs.

The music of the World Womenís Champion Michelle Mccool hits as she comes out and spins around on top of the stage! Michelle walks down the ramp with the World Title wrapped around her shoulder. Michelle seems focused as she does not take her eyes of her opponent Maryse. Michelle climbs up on to the apron and steps into the ring. Michelle climbs the turnbuckles and hoists the title high in the air as the fans boo. Michelle steps down and stares down Maryse as she hands the belt over to the ref and this match is ready to begin.

Michelle and Maryse meet face to face in the middle of the ring and the trash talking begins between both women. Michelle finally leans back and drills Maryse in the jaw with a right forearm. Michelle follows up with a kick to the midsection then a knee to the midsection and backs Maryse up into the ropes and irish whips her across the ring.

Maryse bounces off the ropes as Michelle bends over for a back body drop but Maryse delivers a kick to the chest and then takes down Michelle with a closeline! Michelle gets to her feet and charges Maryse but Maryse
catches her with a sidewalk slam and turns it into a backbreaker! Maryse with the cover 1..2.. but Michelle kicks out.

Michelle rolls over and tries to get to the ropes but Maryse rolls up Michelleís body and then locks her in a camel clutch! Maryse smiles as Michelle grimaces in pain. Michelle though makes it to all fours and then stands up with Maryse on her shoulders! Maryse is in trouble as Michelle drops her with an electric chair drop!

Michelle gets to her feet and pulls Maryse up by her hair and goes for the faith breaker but Maryse counters with a back body drop! Michelle and Maryse both stagger to their feet and Michelle throws a right hand thatís blocked and Maryse hits Michele with a right hand of her own. Maryse then irish whips Michelle into the ropes. Michelle bounces back as Maryse goes for a back body drop but Michelle does a cartwheel and lands on her feet! Maryse turns around and Michelle goes for a big boot but Maryse dodges it! Maryse then hits the French TKO kick to the back of Michelleís head! Maryse with a cover 1..2.. Michelle kicks out!

Maryse canít believe it as she argues with the referee. Maryse then lifts Michelle up by her hair and sets her up for the ddt! There is commotion in the crowd as suddenly jumping over the ringside barrier with a steel chair is Maria!

Maryse has Michele set up for the ddt as Maria slides into the ring. Maria winds back with a steel chair and smashes Maryse in the back with it and then over the head! Maria turns her attention to Michelle Mccool. Michelle staggers around the ring and turns around and Maria smashes Michelle over the head with the chair!
Winner:No Contest

Maria has laid out both the champion and the challenger as the fans go nuts. Maria takes the World Title and holds it high in the air as the fans cheer. Maria throws the belt down as her music hits. Maria leaves the ring as the fans continue to cheer. Maria stops at the top of the rampway and looks back as Michelle and Maryse lay motionless in the ring. Maria smiles and heads to the back as we go to commercial.

Back from the break, Lauren enters the office of Kelly Kelly who is fuming as she stomps around the room as the World Tag Team Champions, Beth and Natayla, look on.

Lauren:Excuse me, Kelly...I just wanted to ask you...

Kelly:Shut up! Just shut the hell up! Who does Maria think she is! This is my show and she dare interupt the biggest match in Diva Chaos history! I'm going to find that bitch, slap her across the face and then fire her ass tonight!

Michelle busts into the room holding her head

Michelle:I want Maria tonight!

Maryse then burst into the room and gets into Michelle Mccool's face

Maryse:Your so lucky! I had you! I had you! I should be World Women's Champion! I bet you paid Maria off to come in and interfere, because you know you cana't beat me!

Michelle shoves Maryse away and Maryse shoves Michelle back and they are about to go at it until Kelly Kelly steps in between them

Kelly:That's enough, both of you! I'm not going to fire Maria tonight, I've got a better idea. It's going to be Maria and anyone she can find to be her partner, against the two of you!

Nethier Maryse or Michelle look to happy about it

Maryse:You just stay out of my way.

Maryse flicks her hair and then walks out of the room as Michelle stares back at Kelly Kelly

We then go the ring where The Beautiful People are walking down the ramp as the fans boo. Both Sky and Love have been on a losing streak and are going to try to get back on the winning track here tonight. Love steps up onto the ring and climbs through the middle rope, shaking her booty. Sky follows up her partner as she steps between the middle rope and shakes her ass as the male fans whissle at her. The two climb the turnbuckles and flaunt their bodies off as they wait for their opponents.

The music of The Bella Twins hits as they make their return to Diva Chaos. They walks down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as they smile. The twins climb up onto the ring apron and pose back to back as the fans cheer. The two flip into the ring and they dance around as Sky and Love look on less then impressed. Both teams talk strategy and it will be Sky and Brie Bella starting the match off.

Sky quickly charges Brie but gets an arm drag from Brie. Sky gets to her feet and goes for a closeline but Brie ducks that and then dropkicks Sky down to the mat. Sky smacks the mat in frustration and then gets to her feer. Sky locks up with Brie in the center of the ring and then delivers a knee to the stomach of Brie Bella. Sky throws Brie down to the mat by her hair. Sky stomps away on Brie Bella. Sky lifts her up off the mat and throws her into the corner. Sky comes charging in but Brie moves out the way and Sky hits the turnbuckles! Brie rolls her up 1..2.. but Sky kicks out.

Both ladies make it to their feet and Sky throws a right hand but it is blocked by Brie. Brie hits Sky with a right hand of her own and another. Brie goes for an irish whip, but Sky reverses it and sends Brie into the ropes. Brie hits the ropes and gets a knee to the back from Angelina Love! Sky then hits Brie with a closeline! The ref warns Sky and Love as Sky picks Brie off the mat by her hair. Sky tosses Brie into the corner and then tags in Angelina Love.

Love enters the ring and with Sky they double team Brie Bella in the corner and unload with stiff kicks to the midsection. Sky exits the ring as Love pulls Brie out of the corner. Love hoists Brie off the mat and nails a backbreaker! Love with the cover 1..2.. but Brie kicks out. Love smirks as lifts Brie off the mat and delivers a knee to the midsection and then locks in an abdominal strech. Love streches Brie out as she screams in pain. Love pushes down on the head and neck of Brie to deliver even more agony to Brie Bella.

Nikki and the crowd cheer her sister on as she tries to escape the hold. Finally, Brie breaks the hold and hip tosses her way out. Brie drops to the mat in pain as Love holds her back. Brie crawls towards her corner as Nikki cheers her on. Love grabs the ankle of Brie Bella though. Brie escapes Love's grab and leaps and tags in Nikki Bella!

Nikki enters the ring and catches Love with a closeline, then follows up with a dropkick. Love stumbles to her feet and gets a kick to the midsection and then hit with a swinging neckbreaker! Nikki with the cover 1..2.. but Velvet Sky breaks it up with a stomp to the back of the head. Nikki stumbles to her feet and gets a knee to the midsection from Sky. Sky with another knee as Love gets to her feet. Love hits Nikki from behind and then hooks her arms. Sky runs off the ropes and comes on in with a forearm shot but Nikki breaks free and Sky drills Love in the jaw with a forearm! Love drops to the mat holding her jaw! Sky turns around and gets a dropkick from Nikki Bella that sends her out of the ring and to the floor!

Love stumbles to her feet and gets a kick to the midsection and then Nikki drops her with a facebuster! Nikki makes the tag to her sister Brie! Brie climbs to the top rope and comes off with a splash! Brie hooks the leg 1..2..3!
Winners by pinfall The Bella Twins

Brie gets to her feet and hugs her sister in celebration. The Bella Twins dance around the ring after they make it 2 for 2 in matches against The Beautiful People. Brie and Nikki exit the ring together and Brie puts her arms around her sister as they head up the ramp. The Bella's celebrate at the top of the ramp and wave good bye to the fans as they head to the back.

Velvet Sky enters the ring to check on her parnter. Sky tries to help Love to her feet but Love pushes her away! Love yells at Sky for hitting her in the face with the forearm. The Beautiful People argue in the ring as we head to the back.

Maria is walking around backstage when a pair of hands come up from behind and cover her eyes.

Voice:Guess Who?

Maria turns around as the camera pans out and it's Mickie James. Maria gives Mickie a big hug!

Mickie:I didn't know you were coming back tonight! Why didn't you tell me.

Maria:What can I say I'm full of surprises.

Mickie:*giggles* You sure are! But that was great, you got both Maryse and Michelle!

Maria:I know, those two got exactly what they deserved! Michelle stole that World Title from both of us, and I'm going to get it back!

Mickie:So I heard you need a tag team partner for tonight.

Maria:I do, I was going to ask you, but you got a match against Natayla tonight.

Mickie:I don't care, I'll always have your back. Plus I'd love to get my hands on both Michelle and Maryse!

Maria:Really! Thank you so much!

Maria gives Mickie another big hug

Mickie:Come on, we got a lot of catching up to do.

Mickie and Maria walk away together.

The camera then goes to the catering area where Layla is overlooking the food, holding a plate of salad, when ODB comes on in and nudges Layla out of the way.

Layla:Excuse me!

ODB stocks up some chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and ignores Layla

Layla:I said excuse me!

ODB:What do you want sweetheart!

Layla: Don't you know who I am! How dare you ignore me.

ODB stares her down

ODB:Please, the food on my plate weighs more then you.

Layla:Who was it that tossed your ass out in the battle royal last week, oh yea...me!

ODB:Speaking of tossed...how would you like me to toss your salad!

Layla:Excuse me!

ODB grabs Layla's plate of salad and tosses it in her face and then hits her in the face with a plate of mashed potatoes. ODB laughs and walks away as Layla stands there screaming in embrassment.

Back to the ring the music of Ashley hits as she makes her way out to the ring! The fans cheer as Ashley runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Ashley climbs the turnbuckles and gives the rock on sign to the crowd and then leaps down and waits for her opponnent.

The music of Sable hits as she prepares to make her one-on-one diva chaos debut! Sable walks out to the stage and takes her time walking down the ramp as Ashley glares on. Sable stops at ringside and taunts Ashley. Ashley has waited long enough and jumps out of the ring after Sable!

Sable runs around the ringside area as Ashley gives chase. Sable slides into the ring and Ashley slides in after her. However, Sable is waiting and stomps on the back of Ashley. Sable continues to stomp on Ashley and then lifts her off the mat and throws her into the corner. Sable leans back and hits a stiff kick to the midsection. Sable puts her boot in Ashley's throat and then chokes her out in the corner. Sable releases her foot and then tosses Ashley out of the corner by her hair. Sable smiles as Ashley tries to get to her feet. Sable runs and delivers a kick to the ribs of Ashley. Sable then takes time to taunt the crowd before lifting Ashley off the mat.

Sable irish whips Ashley off into the ropes. Ashley bounces back and Sable goes for a closeline but Ashley ducks it! Ashley hits off the ropes again and comes back and catches Sable with a spinning head scissors! Sable gets to her feet dazed and Ashley charges Sable and spears her to the ground! Ashley climbs on top of Sable and unloads with rapid right hands as Sable tries to cover up. Sable kicks Ashley away and uses the ropes to get to her feet.

Ashley catches Sable in the jaw with a right hand then a forearm to the side of the head. Sable backs into the corner and Ashley hits knee to the midsection and monkey flips Sable out of the corner! Ashley with a cover 1..2.. Sable kicks out. Ashley grabs Sable by the hair and just unloads with right hands!

Ashley picks Sable up off the mat and delivers a bodyslam! Ashley points to the ropes as the fans cheer! Ashley climbs to the 2nd rope and smacks her elbow. Sable quickly rolls out of the ring as the fans boo. Sable stumbles around ringside and tries to collect herself. Ashley hops off the 2nd rope and climbs out on to the apron. Ashley runs off the apron and takes Sable down with a flying closeline! Sable is down and hurting on the outside as the fans cheer Ashley on.

Ashley steps up on to the ring apron . Sable hops up out of nowhere and grabs Ashley's ankle and pulls her off the ring apron and Ashley's jaw smacks off the ring apron! Ashley falls to the ground holding her jaw as Sable grabs her up by her hair! Sable gives her a knee to the midsection and then pulls her in. Sable hits Ashley with a Sable Bomb on the outside! Ashley grimaces in pain as Sable picks her up and rolls her back into the ring. Sable slides into the ring and makes the cover 1..2..3!
Winner by pinfall Sable

Sable gets to her feet and the ref raises her arm in victory. Sable brushes her shoulder and then stands over the fallen Ashley. Sable dances over Ashley and then kicks her out of the ring. Sable then grabs a microphone.

Sable:For weeks everyone has been asking me, why did I abandon Ashley after our tag match? That I owed Ashley, since Ashley "helped" me out. For the record, I don't owe any one, anything. Ashley should of been honored to be able to call herself my partner for just one night. If anyone owes someone, she owes me! She owes me everything. She would be nothing without me. There would be no diva search, no playboy cover, there would be nothing for her without me! I'm the most influental woman in wrestling history! I set the standard for what it meant to be a diva! Without me there would be no Ashley, no Candice Michelle, no Beautiful People, no Eve Torres, no Maryse, no Michelle Mccool, no Mickie James, and there would not have even been a Trish Stratus! This company would not even exist if it was not for me! Every woman that's came along has to immitate me and they all have failed. So even after all these years, there is only one thing left to do. This is for the men who come to see me, and the women who want to try and be me!

Sable does the grind in the middle of the ring and then drops the microphone. Sable leaves the ring with a smirk on her face as she struts back up the ramp and yells at the fans as we go to commercial.

Back from the break the music of Candice Michelle hits as she tried to defeat "The Glamazon" for the second week in a row, but this week there will be no countouts as this match is under extreme rules. Candice comes out on to the stage as the fans erupt! Candice raises her arms up in the air as the fans cheer her on. Candice slaps hands with the fans at ringside but suddenly she is hit from behind by Beth Phoenix!

Beth throws Candice into the ringside barricade. Candice holds her back as Beth unloads with kicks on the fallen Candice. Beth rips the robe off Candice and wraps it around her throat. Beth chokes Candice out with her robe and then lifts her off the ground. Beth throws Candice into the steel ring stairs! Candice grimaces in pain as Beth stands over her. Beth grabs Candice off the ground and then lifts her up in the air and drops over chest first over the ringside barricade!

Beth is in complete control as Candice lays on the ground in pain. Beth looks under the ring and pulls out a steel chair! Beth waits for Candice to get up and charges her with the chair but Candice back body drops Beth over the ring barricade and into the crowd. Beth lays on the ground in pain as Candice stumbles around ringside. Candice climbs the ringside barricade as Beth gets to her feet and Candice gives her cross body block! Candice gets the fans pumped up and then grabs the steel chair! Beth gets to her feet and Candice runs with the chair and hits Beth in the face with the chair and knocks her over the barricade, back into the ringside area.

Candice climbs over the barricade and goes under the ring for more weapons! Candice grabs a trashcan and slides into the ring and then grabs a kendo stick. Beth gets to her feet. Candice charges and smashes Beth in the midsection with the kendo stick then a hard shot to the back and another! Candice rolls Beth into the ring. Candice slides into the ring. Candice goes for another kendo stick shot but Beth ducks it. Beth grabs Candice by the throat causing her to drop the kendo stick! Beth hoists Candice up into the air by her throat and tosses her to the mat!

Beth grabs the trashcan and charges Candice and hits her with the trashcan. Candice is hurt badly as Beth throws the trashcan down and then picks Candice up. Beth lifts her up in the air and drops her with a sidewalk slam onto the trashcan! Beth with the cover 1..2.. Candice kicks out! Beth can't believe it! Beth rolls out of the ring and grabs the steel ringstairs! Beth slides the stairs into the ring before sliding back into the ring herself.

Beth grabs the steel stairs and lifts them. Candice stumbles to her feet. Beth charges with the stairs but out of desperation Candice delivers a spinning wheel kick to Beth and the steel stairs and on top of Beth's chest! Beth is trapped under the ring stairs! Candice jumps on the ringstairs and covers Beth! The ref counts 1..2..3!
Winner by pinfall Candice Michelle

Candice quickly rolls out of the ring as the fans erupt. Candice limps up the rampway holding her back as you can see the pain on her face. However, Candice is smiling through the pain as she has upset Beth for the past two weeks! The ref pushes the steel stairs off Beth as she rolls around the ring holding her chest in pain. Candice stops and poses at the top of the rampway as we go to commercial.

Back from the break Lauren catches up with Candice Michelle

Lauren:How do you feel right now after beating Beth Phoenix for two straight weeks.

Candice:Physically...i feel awful, i can hardly walk, i ache all over. Emotionaly...I feel great! Everyone thought I didn't have a chance against Beth, but I beat her fair and square in the middle of the ring no excuses.

Lauren:So now that you beat Beth, what's next for you?

Candice:I only have one thing on my mind right now...Kelly Kelly! Kelly has tried everything she can to end my career, she sent everyone after me, but I'm still standing! Kelly, it's time to finish this thing once and for all!

Candice walks away as Lauren looks on

Back to the ring ODB stands in the ring with her flask in hand as she smacks her chest and awaits her opponent.

The music of Layla hits as she looks focused after being embrassed earlier tonight by ODB. Layla skips her usual in ring strech and slides into the ring and gets into the face of ODB.

Layla shoves ODB but ODB drills her with a right hand and then lifts up and hits her with a fallaway slam! Layla holds her back as ODB picks her up and irish whips her into the ropes. Layla bounces off the ropes, ODB puts her head down for a back body drop but Layla delivers a stiff kick to the chest! ODB walks around the ring holding her chest and Layla hits ODB in the side of the head with a roundhouse kick! ODB is out! Layla makes a cover 1..2..3!
Winner by pinfall Layla

Just like that Layla gets some payback on ODB. Layla grabs ODB's flask and pours it out over ODB's face. Layla exits the ring with a hand on her hip as she struts back up the rampway.

We go the back where Kelly Kelly in her office with Natalya who is ready to take on Mickie James!

Kelly:Listen to me, Mickie James will not be Maria's partner tonight, do you understand me?

Natayla smiles and nods yes and then exits the room. Kelly stares on as we go to commercial.

Back from the break the music of Mickie James hits as the crowd erupts. Mickie comes hopping out on to the stage and then runs down the rampway and slides into the ring. Mickie cimbs the middle rope and raises her arms in the air and points to the fans before leaping off the ropes and streches in the ring.

The music of Natalya plays as she makes her wayout on to the stage as she laughs manically before heading down to the ramp. It was last week when Mickie eliminated Natayla from the battle royal, only to have Natalya caused Mickie to get eliminated by Maryse moments later. Natalya slides into the ring and climbs the middle rope. Natalya leans back and laughs manically as Mickie stares on. Natalya hops down and this match is ready to get underway.

Mickie and Natayla lock up in the middle of the ring and Natalya walks Mickie back into the corner. Natayla releases and then hits Mickie with a knee to the midsection and then follows up with a shoulder to the midsection. Again Natalya with another shoulder to the midsection. Natalya goes for a third one but Mickie jumps up and leaps over Natalya. Natalya's shoulder hits the ring post and Mickie rolls her up in a school boy 1..2.. Natalya kicks out.

Mickie and Natalya get to their feet. Natalya goes for a closeline but Mickie ducks it and then takes her down with a closeline of her own. Mickie quickly hits the ropes and hit Natalya with a dropkick to the side of the head. Mickie again with the cover 1..2.. but Natalya kicks out. Mickie lifts Natalya up by the hair, but suddenly Natalya takes Mickie down with a double leg takedown and goes for the sharpshooter! Natalya tries to lock it in but Mickie fights it off. Mickie grabs the ropes and forces Natayla to let go.

Mickie gets to her feet and once again locks up with Natalya and this time Natalya knees Mickie and then delivers a backbreaker! Natalya with a cover 1..2.. but Mickie kicks out. Natalya picks Mickie up and then Natalya throws Mickie into the corner. Natalya comes charging in but Mickie catches with her a swinging head scissors! Mickie climbs to the top rope and comes off with the lou thesz press but Natalya caught Mickie in mid air! Natalya runs with Mickie in her arms and drives her back into the corner.

Natalya drills Mickie with a hard right and another right hand. Natalya goes for another right but Mickie blocks it and hits a right hand of own. Natalya goes for another right but its blocked yet again and Mickie hits a right hand and another right hand. Mickie jumps up and catches Natalya in the headscissors! Natalya counters though and powerbombs Mickie in the corner! Natalya with the cover 1..2.. Mickie kicks out. Natalya rolls out of the ring.

Natalya pulls Mickie's legs and crotches Mickie in the corner ring post! Natalya grabs the right leg of Mickie James and drives it across the post! Mickie screams in pain as Natalya grabs the leg again and rams it into the post again. Mickie is in pain as Natalya smirks. Natalya looks over and shoves the time keeper out of their chair. Natalya grabs the chair and she runs and smashes Mickie's knee with the steel chair as the ref rings the bell!
Winner by disqualification Mickie James

Mickie screams in agony and clutches her knee in the ring. Natalya throws the steel chair down and slides into the ring. Natalya grabs Mickie's legs and and stomps in the back of the right knee. Natalya steps through and the locks in the sharpshooter! Mickie screams in pain and is tapping out but the match is over. Natalya wrenches back as the ref tires to pull Natalya off. The ref gets her off but Natalya kicks the ref and tosses him through the middle rope! Natalya grabs Mickie's legs again and locks in the sharpshooter again! Mickie is in pain.

Running from the back is Taylor Wilde who climbs the ring ropes and hits Natalya in the back with a missile dropkick! Natalya rolls of the ring as Taylor takes another swing at her. Natalya walks back up the rampway as Taylor stares back. Mickie rolls around the ring clutching her knee as she screams in pain. Taylor checks on Mickie as Natalya smirks as she walks up the ramp way. Mickie holds her knee in pain as we go to commercial break.

Back from the break we see during the commercial that Taylor and a referee had to help Mickie James to the back and it looks like Natalya succeed in taking out Mickie James for the main event.

The music of Maryse hits as she makes her way down the ramp as she quickly walks down the ramp with a smile on her face as she steps into the ring and snaps back as she waits for her partner.

The music of Michelle Mccool hits as she quickly makes her way down the ramp and slides into the ring. She looks completley focused as she stares at her partner Maryse. The two get face to face and are already arguing again as they await Maria.

Maria's music hits and she makes her way out on to the stage and blows a kiss to the fans and heads down the ramp. Maria stops at the ringside area and looks on in the ring with a smile on her face. Michelle and Maryse stand in the ring taunting Maria.

Michelle:Mickie James is not here to save you now!

Maria smiles and looks back as the music of Christy Hemme hits! Christy makes her way out on the stage and hops down the rampway. Christy and Maria meet at ringside and then slide into the ring together. Michelle and Maryse stare down Christy and Maria. Michelle and Maryse argue who's going to start the match until Maryse finally lets Michelle start it out. Maria agrees to start the match off for her team.

Michelle tries to catch Maria with a quick right hand but its ducked by Maria. Maria then hits some rapid right hands of her own that backs Michelle into the ropes. Maria tries to irish whip her across the ring but Michelle counters and sends Maria into the ropes. Maria comes back though and takes Michelle down with a spinning head scissors! Maria follows up with a closeline. Michelle rolls out of the ring and slaps the apron in frustration.

Michelle walks around the ringside area as Maria invites her back in. Michelle slides into the ring and Maryse slaps her on the back. Michelle doesn't look pleased as Maryse enters.

Maryse:Let me show you how it's done!

Michelle steps out of the ring as Maryse walks around. Maryse locks up with Maria and then locks her in an armbar. Maryse grabs Maria by the hair and throws her down to the mat and then stomps on Maria. Maria tries to get up but Maryse rolls up Maria's back and locks her in a camel clutch! Maryse smiles as Maria screams in pain as Maryse pulls back. Maryse let's go off the hold and picks Maria up.

Maryse irish whips her into the corner. Maryse charges in but gets a boot to the face from Maria. Maria quickly hops up on the middile rope and then hits Maryse with a cross body block! Maria with a cover 1..2. Maryse kicks out.

Maria picks Maryse up and locks her in a wrist lock and then tags in Christy Hemme! Christy climbs the top rope and comes off with an axe handle onto Maryse's arm. Maria exits the ring as Christy hits Maryse with a forearm blow to the side of the head! Christy with another shot and then runs off the ropes. Michelle grabs Christy's hair! Christy turns around and goes for a right hand but Michelle jumps up off the ring apron. Christy turns around and Maryse kicks Christy in the midsection. Maryse pulls her in and hits the French Kiss! Maryse climbs on Christy and covers her with a hand in her face 1..2.. but Maria breaks it up.

The ref gets Maria out of the ring as Maryse picks Christy up and throws her into the corner. Maryse walks over and delivers a back elbow to the face of Christy. Michelle then tags herself in as Maryse doesn't look pleased. Michelle enters the ring as Maryse exits.

Michelle drives her boot into the throat of Christy Hemme and chokes her out in the corner. Michelle then pulls Christy out of the corner and hits a backbreaker! Michelle with a cover 1..2.. but again Maria breaks it up. Maria exits the ring and cheers Christy on as Michelle lifts her up. Michelle hits a snap suplex on Christy. Then taunts her.

Michelle:You brought this on youself Christy! This didn't concern you!

Michelle picks Christy up by her hair and hoists her up for a bodyslam. Chrisy slides over Michelle's shoulder and then grabs her by her hair and hits a reverse twist of fate! Michelle is down and out but Christy is to tired to make a cover. Christy gets an arm over Michelle 1..2.. but Michelle kicks out. Maria cheers Christy on as she crawls towards the corner. Michelle is using the ropes to get to her feet. Christy is almost there, as Michelle reaches her feet. Christy tags in Maria!

Maria hits the ring and takes Michelle down with a closeline, Michelle pops up and gets a dropkick from Maria! Maria grabs Michelle and goes for the bulldog but Michelle shoves Maria off into the ropes. Maria bounces back and gets caught with a big boot to the face! Maria is hurt as Michelle quickly grabs her off the ground. Michelle pulls her in for the faith breaker! Maria counters and back body drops her way out of it! Michelle gets to her feet and gets a kick to the midsection and Maria hits her with a ddt! Maria with a cover 1..2.. but Maryse breaks it up!

Maryse stands in the ring and Christy Hemme comes out of nowhere and spears her to the ground. Christy pounds on Maryse but Maryse rolls her over and pounds on Christy! Christy and Maryse roll out of the ring. Maria picks Michelle up and goes to throw her into the corner but Michelle counters and Maria hits the corner hard. Michelle charges in but Maria catches her with a boot to the face. Maria climbs out on to the apron and then climbs the top rope. Michelle shakes the rope and Maria gets crotched up on the top rope! Michelle climbs the top rope and then Michelle grabs Maria and goes for a superplex! Maria blocks it and grabs the top rope! Maria then hits Michelle with a right hand to the stomach and then a headbutt! Michelle falls off the ropes and the back of her head crashes into the mat.

Michelle is hurt as she stumbles to her feet holding her head. Maria stands on the top rope. Michelle turns around and Maria comes off with a high cross body! The ref counts 1..2..3!
Winners by pinfall Maria and Christy Hemme

Maria has just pinned the Women's World Champion! Maria gets to her feet and the ref raises her hand. Maria exits the ring as the fans cheer her on. Christy runs over and hugs Maria in celebration. Christy raises Maria's arm high in the air. Maria and Christy walks back up the ramp as Michelle comes to in the ring. Maria and Christy pose at the top of the ramp as the fans cheer. Michelle gets to her feet and stares down Maria. Maria motions she wants the World Women's Title to Michelle. Michelle yells at Maria from the ring but suddenly Michelle is laid out by a French TKO from Maryse!

Maryse gets down to Michelle's face and taunts her. Maryse grabs the World Title and raises it high in the air and stands over Michelle. Maryse's music plays as she throws the title down and leaves Michelle laid out as the show comes to an end.

Diva Chaos After The Bell
Lauren catches up with Maria and Christy as they come through the curtain after their hard fought victory.

Lauren:Maria, Christy, congratulations on that huge win. How do you both feel.

Maria:Well first off I just wanted to say thank you to Christy. Mickie got hurt preety bad out there tonight, and if it wasn't for Christy here. I don't know what I would of done.

Christy:Your welcome. Me and Maria have had our problems in the past, but I like having her on my side a lot more then going against her.

Lauren:Why did you agree to team up with Maria in the first place?

Christy:Well, I've said for weeks now that I have got what it takes to be a main eventer. Yet I was constantly overlooked by Kelly Kelly, well maybe I have Kelly's attention. Hopefully I got Maryse's attention as well!

Lauren:Yea I think both you got Kelly's attention tonight. She's not a very happy woman right now.

Maria:If you think she's upset tonight, just wait until next week!

Lauren:What do you mean?

Maria:Let's just say I got a BIG surprise for Kelly Kelly and everyone for that matter, next week.

Maria smiles as Lauren looks on intrigued as both Maria and Christy walk away
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