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Diva Chaos: A Women's Wrestling BTB Revolution

OOC: Diva Chaos was an all female BTB I do/did on other forums as well. However after lurking around wrestling forum for an enternity, I want to get more involved. So since i didn't want to start all over, Hhere is a quick run down about the history of diva chaos. I've written a total of 37 shows and I will post episodes 36 + 37 after a little bit of feed back as I dont want to double post. So here in a rundown of it's history. It's active roster and it's title history.

Diva Chaos was formed when all the women in wrestling got tired of the product that was being shoved down people's throats on television. So a promotion was formed that showcased the best women's talent in the world. In the early inception of Diva Chaos noteable feuds included Torrie Wilson Vs Kelly, Daizee Haze Vs Lacey, but the orignal big time feud in Diva Chaos was between Melina who became the first World Women's Champion, when she defeated 19 other divas in a battle royal last eliminating Mickie James. Melina was a dominant champion but her clame to be the most dominant woman in wrestling was challenged when Stephanie Mcmahon was announced as the first ever GM in Diva Chaos history. Melina challenged Stephanie's authority constantly and her egotistical ways annoyed both Stephanie and the fans. However no matter who Stephanie threw at Melina, Melina prevailed wether it was Jillian Hall, Victoria, or even the legendary Trish Stratus. However Melina wasn't Stephanie's only enemy as she had constant problems with Candice Michelle and Extreme Expose leader Kelly Kelly. It all came to a head in episode 13 when in an all or nothing 6 diva tag match where if Melina's team lost she would lose the World Title and if Stephanie's team lost then she would give up control to the victor for 30 days Kelly Kelly, Melina, and Candice defeated GM Stephanie Mcmahon, Torrie Wilson, and Michelle Mccool when Kelly pushed Melina off Michelle and made the cover for herself, as a result Kelly became GM for 30 days

However, Melina refused to fall in line behind Kelly Kelly and their short term alliance came to an end, leaving Candice Michelle to decide between the two. Candice made her decision when she helped Kelly Kelly defeat Melina to become the 2nd Women's World Champion in history. Both Melina and Stephanie Mcmahon wanted to get thier hands on Kelly Kelly and both got their shot when the three met up in a triple threat steel cage match, but in the end Kelly Kelly retained the title. In frustration Melina snapped and that's the not only thing that snapped, as Melina broke Stephanie Mcmahon's ankle. Due to the injury of Stephanie Mcmahon the board of directors decided Stephanie was not fit to return to her position as GM and gave power to Kelly Kelly indefinitley. With Stephanie no longer around, Melina look to take back her World Title from Kelly Kelly. In Episode 20 Kelly met Melina in the first ever women's hell in a cell match! In the end Kelly retained the World Title in a match so brutal, Melina has yet to return to action since.

With Melina out, Kelly had no problem finding a new challenger. With new comer Eve Torres rising up the ranks, Candice Michelle becoming fed up with Kelly's abusive antics, and Mickie James who had caught fire with the fans and in the ring. In the end it was Mickie earning the shot and meeting Kelly inside of a steel cage and in the end Mickie captured the gold from Kelly Kelly! Kelly felt humiliated and sent the biggest and baddest women she could find to send at Mickie. From Awesome Kong, Beth Phoneix, Natayla, and even putting Mickie inside the elimination chamber match against 5 other women! Mickie continued to prevail, forming friendships with Candice, Eve, Taylor Wilde, and Maria in the process.

Kelly became tired of being on the losing and that's when she formed her army of champions. First came uniting Natalya and Beth Phoenix who would capture tag team gold. But then Kelly put friends Mickie and Maria against each other for the World Title! However that match was interupted by Beth and Natayla who destroyed both Mickie and Maria. But then Michelle Mccool took advantage of the situation cashing in money in the bank and turning Mickie Vs Maria to a triple threat match. Mickie had to watch her best friend be destroyed by Michelle and then pinned in front of her eyes costing her the World Title.

With Kelly Kelly in control and her army of champions which included World Champion Michelle Mccool, Hardcore Champion Maryse, and Tag Champions Natalya and Beth Phoenix. However a resistance was led against Kelly and her army which included Mickie James, Candice, Eve Torres, Taylor Wilde, and Christy Hemme.

However Kelly's army was just not fighing the resistance they were fighting their own egos as Maryse was not content with just being Hardcore Champion and wanted the World Title as well. Maryse has her title shot coming to her after she won a 20 woman battle royal when she eliminated Mickie James with some help from Natalya. So can the resistance take down Kelly Kelly's army of champion or will it be her own team that destorys themselves!

Active Roster

A New Wave

Announce Team

Angelina Love (Inactive)
Brooke Adams (retired)
Candice Michelle (Inactive)
Kayla Sparks (Retired)
Kristal Marshall (Retired)
Lena Yada (Inactive)
Nevaeh (Injury)
Stephanie Mcmahon (Inactive)
Trinity (Retired)

World Women's Title History
Current: Maryse defeated Mickie James (Volume 60)
7th Champion: Mickie James defeated Shimmer Champion Daizee Haze, World Champion Natalya, and Michelle Mccool in a fatal four way elimination match to become Undisputed World Champion (Vol. 50)
6th Champion: Natalya defated Maria (Volume 50)
5th Champion:Maria defeated Michelle Mccool (Volume 41)
4th Champion:Michelle Mccool cashed in Money In The Bank to defeat Maria and Mickie James in a triple threat match (Volume 32)
3rd Champion Mickie James defeated Kelly Kelly in a steel cage match (Volume 25)
2nd Champion:Kelly Kelly defeated Melina (Volume 15)
1st Champion:Melina won a 20 diva battle royal, last eliminating Mickie James (Volume 3)

Tag Team Title History
Current: Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews defeated Rain and Jetta (Vol 75)
11th Champions: Rain and Jetta defeated Madison Eagles and Jessie Mckay (Vol 59)
10th Champions: Madison Eagles and Jessie Mckay defeated Shimmer Tag Team Champions The Canadian Ninjas, World Tag Champions Ashley Lane and Nevaeh, and Rain and Jetta to become Undisputed Tag Team Champions (Vol. 50)
9th Champions: Shimmer Tag Champions Ashley Lane and Nevaeh defeated World Tag Champions Mickie James and Taylor Wilde to become the first team to hold both sets of Tag Titles (Volume 43)
8th Champions:Mickie James and Taylor Wilde defeated Beth Phoenix and Natalya (Volume 38)
7th Champions: Beth Phoenix and Natayla defeated Candice Michelle and Eve Torres (Volume 32)
6th Champions: Candice Michelle and Eve Torres defeated "The Rockstars" Christy Hemme and Jillian Hall (Volume 31)
5th Champions:"The Rockstars" Christy Hemme and Jillian Hall defeated Velvet Sky and Angelina Love (Volume 27)
4th Champions:Velvet Sky and Angelina Love defeated Mickie James and Maria (Volume 22)
3rd Champions:Mickie James and Maria defeated Velvet Sky and Angelina Love in a ladder match (Volume 20)
2nd Champions:Velvet Sky and Angelina Love defeated Torrie Wilson and Michelle Mccool (Volume 15)
1st Champions:Torrie Wilson and Michelle Mccool won a one night tag team tournament, last defeating Kelly Kelly and Layla in the finals (Volume 10)

Hardcore Title History
Current: Ashley Lane defeated Cheerleader Melissa (Volume 60)
5th Champion: Cheerleader Melissa defeated Daffney inside hell in a cell (Volume 56)
4th Champion: Daffney defeated Maryse (Volume 37)
3rd Champion:Maryse pinned Michelle Mccool in a fatal four way also featuring Shelly Martinez and champion Natayla (Volume 26)
2nd Champion:Natalya defeated Shelly Martinez (Volume 24)
1st Champion:Shelly Martinez defeated 7 other divas (Beth Phoenix, Traci Brooks, Gail Kim, Torrie Wilson, Eve Torres, Layla, and Victoria) in an elimination style match up last eliminating Victoria. (Volume 20)

International Title History
Current: Velvet Sky won the title when she pinned Jessie Mckay in a tag match where Madison's IN Title was on the line (Volume 75)
3rd Champion: Madison Eagles defeated Velvet Sky (Volume 70)
2nd Champion: Velvet Sky defeated Christy Hemme (Volume 56)
1st Champion: Christy Hemme defeate Katie Lea in the finals of the International Title Tournament (Vol. 50)

Shimmer Title (Inactive)
Last: Mickie James defeated Shimmer Champion Daizee Haze, World Champion Natalya, and Michelle Mccool in a fatal four way elimination match to become Undisputed World Champion (Vol. 50)
2nd Champion: Daizee Haze defeated Mschif (Volume 40)
1st Champion:Mschif brought the title to Diva Chaos that she had already won in Shimmer (Vol 37)

Shimmer Tag Titles (Inactive)
Last: Madison Eagles and Jessie Mckay defeated Shimmer Tag Team Champions The Canadian Ninjas, World Tag Champions Ashley Lane and Nevaeh, and Rain and Jetta to become Undisputed Tag Team Champions (Vol. 50)
2nd Champions: Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews defeated Ashley Lane and Nevaeh (Volume 45)
1st Champion: Ashley Lane and Nevaeh brought the titles with them to Diva Chaos that they had already won in shimmer (Vol.37)

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