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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Nice way to start the show with Shawn Michaels having a little something to say, promo came off nicely nothing really wrong, characterization was good and all that. Typical HBK listing his achievements and all that, however I probably would have preferred it if he spoke more about Foley and less about HIM and HIS accomplishments as Foley is definitely the more exciting character at this time.

Clusterfuck match up to start the show, Iím not going to lie I didnít really enjoy this match up, I mean I read it a few times to try and see it from an exciting angle but just couldnít. The only thing I liked was the aftermath and how Umaga continues to look unstoppable. Great work with that, really great work.

Pete Rose and Kane. Oh the memories. You continue to choose great ĎMania moments.

Nice interview from Teddy Long, hyping up his client, Shelton Benjamin, who I am sure will do okay before losing at ĎMania.

Hall of Fame inductees are all pretty stock standard really, one I really like is Michaels inducting Tyson, that should be great fun. Are you actually going to write the ceremony out, I would love you if you did?

Very entertaining this match for me, unlike the previous match. Helms is a great talent and he will be good later in this thread but the correct decision was for Kennedy go over. Nice that you made it clean to, raise Kennedyís stock a little. Didnít like the aftermath with everyone coming out but no contact being made, itís happened a bit to often with these superstars, IMO.

Fuck. This was a long promo to say the least. Triple H was okay without being anything overly special, there wasnít really anything wrong but nothing overly great either. Vince McMahon I felt was completely unneeded, he just rambled and I really didnít enjoy his part in this at all. Paul Heyman was epic. Really epic. I marked for his appearance and everything he was saying just sounded so right. Great promo, I was kind of upset to see him get attacked because it was so predictable, but it didnít hamper what was an awesome promo.

at Heyman getting thrown in the trash, perfect way to fuck up a good night.

A squash with Raw and Smackdown on the same show, I donít care if youíre pushing Burchill in the future or not, thatís pretty bad to have a squash when you have so many superstars capable of putting on great matches.

Generic interview with one half of the triple jeopardy match, wasnít to interested in this, seemed like it was all coming from the mouth of Jim Ross if Iím honest.

I wish it REALLY was six days away.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful hype promo from Christian. Well done!

Thatís it from The Undertaker. Hopefully something happens with him later otherwise this will be a major disappointment for me.

Insert same comment about Christians promo earlier here fore Cenaís however Cenaís seemed a little more intense so I probably liked this one better.

Champion against champion on Smackdown should be great. I love Double A.

The main event was an amazing read. Great match recap, I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I enjoyed the winners. Just all the tension between the triple threat competitors, and then between Christian and Cena it was already to come to a head in an explosive situation. Great ending to the show.

Good show, not as good as I expected, and I have seen better, but good nonetheless.

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