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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback:

Very good way to start the show, as Michaels was obviously going to have this promo all to himself, since you said that Foley wouldn’t be showing his face tonight. Like he himself mentioned, a little weird for him to start the promo by being so happy, but I guess that’s just because WrestleMania is so close and hey, he IS the Showstopper. After talking about the history between these two, this promo felt a little like the Hogan/Michaels feud IRL, with Michaels saying that all Foley had to do was ask for a match. A pretty good way for Michaels to hype the shit out of the match the week before ‘Mania, talking about how ready he is going to be, how ready he always is for ‘Mania, and then mentioning all the great matches he’s had at the event. Both men are obviously ready to “steal the show” on Sunday and I really hope that the match lives up to the billing, because it’s one of the most anticipated ones on the card, imo.

The tag team match was very well played out, as all eight men wanted to show off their skills and they also wanted to get the advantage on each other. Umaga nailing Orton pretty early was the first shock, with the rest of the match breaking down impressively. Haas and Shelton joining forces again would’ve been pretty sweet to see, since they’re one of my favorite teams in the history of the WWE. The ending was pretty good, as the focus shifted from winning the match to destroying Umaga, but that proves to be unsuccessful. Very good brawl to end the show, with everyone backing down from the recovered Umaga. Should be quite the interesting match this Sunday.

Not really much to say about the promo from T-Lo. It’s obvious that he’s confident in his client and it’s obvious that Shelton has all the talent in the world. Hope to see Teddy be involved in MITB, just because I can see something funny happening to him.

Pretty pleased with all of the people inductees the HOF’ers on Saturday. Good to see that my wish was granted with HBK inducting Tyson. Austin and Bischoff are great choices for both Hart and Hogan. A helluva class you got lined up this year.

Much like the match between Kennedy and Punk last week, this was a very good contest, especially considering how little time matches seem to get on Raw, what with all the promos. Pretty academic match, as KK grabs the control early and then endures the comeback before winning the match convincingly. I really don’t like that Kennedy is winning so many matches, as it seems like he is being set up for a fall at WM23. The big showdown between the two sides was expected after the match, as it is going to be one hell of a match this Sunday, with so much at stake.

Just wanna reiterate how damn brutal that beatdown was on Lesnar by Triple H. Easily one of the best in BTB history, imo.

I absolutely love when heels bask in their own glory when a “master plan” was done to perfection. The heat from the crowd is just astonishing and it’s really good booking when something like this goes down. Triple H’s portion of this promo was done to perfection, starting from him talking about the attack to talking about manipulating Lesnar and proving that Hunter is the smarter man, to finally talking about how he proved that Lesnar was the one being protected, not Triple H. Talking about the career and the credibility all being buried was the icing on the cake, as Triple H has all the reason to be confident heading into Sunday. Austin wanting to confront the MFE this Friday? Just another great addition to the show, imo. Vince’s little speech was just echoing what Hunter said, with him bringing out the ARMY that is going to help them win. Everything looks good and then we get the highlight of the evening … PAUL HEYMAN! Truly a fantastic promo/shoot by one of the best talkers in the history of wrestling. Even though he hasn’t been with Brock for a year, he still stands firmly behind his man, talking him up and I loved the way that he ripped into EVERYONE, including Vince and the rest of the MFE. Truly one of the best promos in a long time, possibly beating out Foley’s from last week. The ending was simply priceless, as he knew that he’d be beaten by these men, but he’s willing to accept it. Great way to hype The Iron Man without him actually being here. I hope we get an appearance from Paul at WM23, because that’d be great. Probably only one more promo, that being on SD!, and this build will be capped brilliantly.

Not really much to say about the squash by Burchill. There was never any doubt that he’d be the winner and I guess we’ll wait and see about him. I actually liked him much more as the pirate guy because this new gimmick really doesn’t interest me. But again, we’ll see what you do with it.

Good final interview from the face team for the Triple Jeopardy match at WM23. All four get to talk about the match one last time, as Rey is looking to keep his Belt and the other three look forward to winning theirs. Gonna be a fantastic match and the build has been awesome, very unique idea, tbh.

Loved the passion that the #1 contender showed in this promo. He is absolutely right about everything that he said. He’s never had the hype. He’s never been the man heralded as the next big superstar. But I loved how he talked about proving everyone wrong, and he said that he’s going to do that again on Sunday. Quite the hype that this match was given, and the fact that you did it in such a short time makes it all the better, as this is easily the most anticipated and unpredictable match on the card.

Not exactly the “Raw Appearance” that I had in mind for The Undertaker, as I thought he’d get a very good opponent to face. Either way, this is a good way to keep his build going for WM23, as he finally got some payback on Angle last Friday. Hopefully something big goes down between Kurt and ‘Taker this Friday, as the feud needs that one last bit of physicality to push it over the edge.

I actually liked the promo by Cena better than Christian’s … but only by a little bit. I love the way that his character has changed in such a short time, as it’s obvious that he’s going to be a tweener for a very long time. These two have so much in common that it’s almost scary. They’ve both battled to the top and now we are going to see who truly is the greatest superstar on Raw. Loved the edge that Cena showed at the end of the promo. Should be a fantastic altercation between these two men later.

HOLY HELL! Probably the biggest match that we’ve had during the build to WM23! Van Dam vs. Cena is sure to be quite the showstealer! But I gotta believe that this one isn’t going to go down without interference.

I’m not really going to go much into the actual wrestling in this one, as I thought it was pretty good, but the real story was the feuds between these five men. From the very beginning, things got very personal, with the staredowns and uncomfortable situations for everyone involved. Christian and Cena arguing throughout was a great touch, with it all ending with Cena stealing the chair from Christian and then accidentally taking out Edge. Cena leaves the ring right after the match, looking embarrassed about what he did, knowing that Christian has accomplished his goal, getting into The Champ’s head. The ending between RVD, Jericho and Edge was great with the WWE Champion finally getting some retribution, taking out both of his challengers, with Jericho really getting the worst of it. SD! closing Raw makes me think that Raw will be closing the show on Friday, with the final shot being between Cena and Christian.

Simply phenomenal way for Raw to end before WM23. The only thing I really didn’t like was that ‘Taker didn’t get a real match, seeing as his appearance on Raw was pretty hyped. I still understand where you were coming from with that, just a little disappointed. If this is what SD!’s gonna be like, then I can’t wait to see the final show. You continue to show why you truly are the most consistent booker that this place has seen.


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