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The Death of a Legacy

The Death of a Legacy

Show Changes:
ECW has been discontinued.
RAW airs on Mondays (on USA).
WWE Superstars airs Tuesday Nights (on SciFi)
SMACKDOWN airs on Friday Nights (on My Network)

Kennedy Status:
I am booking this using WWE's current state, and bumping it to September to take it to my BTB start point, that said, WWE's current roster does not include Kennedy, thus I am booking this with Kennedy already released.

PPV Changes:
*Extreme Rules, Cyber Sunday are canceled.
*King Of The Ring will replace "The Bash".
*Unforgiven has been replaced by "Breaking Point".
-No Mercy will now feature all "Extreme Rules" matches.

Roster Changes:
*Matt Hardy to SMACKDOWN
*Mark Henry with Tony Atlas to RAW
*David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Natalya to RAW
*Jack Swagger to SMACKDOWN
*Christian to SMACKDOWN
*Evan Bourne to SMACKDOWN
*Paul Purchill & Katie Lea Burchill to SMACKDOWN
*JR to RAW Announce Team
*Matt Striker to SMACKDOWN Announce Team
*Josh Mathews, Interviewer for RAW
*Gregory Helms, Interviewer for SMACKDOWN
*Tony Chimmel, Sole Announcer for Superstars (and for Interpromotional Matches)
*Vladimir Kozlov Released
*Tiffany Released
*DJ Gabriel Released
*Tiffany Released
*Zack Ryder Released
*Finlay has Retired
*Tommy Dreamer has Retired

Championship Changes:
Exclusive to RAW:
WWE Championship
United States Championship
Women's Championship
Exclusive to SMACKDOWN:
World Heavyweight Championship
Intercontinental Championship
Divas Championship
Extreme Championship (Formely ECW Championship)
WWE & World Tag-Team Championship
*The Tag Titles will have seperate title histories and still have two seperate sets of belts, though they will be defended as one title, which is what WWE is currently doing*

For RAW/Superstars/SMACKDOWN, I will just be doing recaps/quick results, except on special occasion. Some shows may contain just one written out segment with the rest of the show a recap. Pay-Per Views will be posted in full. Heels and faces remain the same as they currently are in WWE.

Recap of major WWE Events/happenings between now (Sunday, May 31st) and the day after WWE's September Pay-Per View, Breaking Point (My BTB Start Point)....

*WWE "Extreme Rules" (E.R.) Results*
-JR commentates with the RAW announce team.
-Todd Grisham & Matt Striker call the ECW & SMACKDOWN matches.
-Christian retains the ECW Title.
-Punk defeats Umaga.
-Big Show defeats John Cena.
-Santina defeats Vickie Guerrero in less than 30 seconds.
-Rey Mysterio retains against Chris Jericho.
-Orton retains against Batista after Rhodes & DiBiase come in, and Orton exits the cage.
-Tommy Dreamer says that Tiffany has resigned as ECW GM, and that he is the new GM of ECW, just before the main event, Mark Henry interupts him - and says that if Dreamer is ECW GM, he quits.
-Jeff Hardy defeats Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

*WWE.com announces immediatly after the E.R. PPV, that Vicky Guerrero has signed Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas to RAW)*

*WWE.com also announces that the announcer change at Extreme Rules is permanent, with JR, King and Cole being the three man announce team on RAW, and Striker/Grisham comentating for ECW & SMACKDOWN. The new permanent announce team for WWE Superstars is Cole, Striker & Grisham, It is then announced that Josh Mathews will be a backstage interviewer on RAW. Gregory Helms will continue interviewing on ECW, and do so on SMACKDOWN as well. Tony Chimmel will now be the permanent announcer for ECW, WWE Superstars and Interpromotional Matches*

*On RAW (the episode following Extreme Rules), Batista wins a number one contendership match to get one more shot at the WWE title.

*Vladimir Kozlov is released 1 day after E.R.*

*WGN Superstation and WWE have a contractual dispute that can't be resolved as a trial contract for WWE Superstars is about to expire, this dispute takes place a day after Extreme Rules.*

*WWE executives make the decision to keep Superstars, and replace ECW's timeslot with it (as they believe Superstars will be able to get better ratings than ECW did on SciFi), the same day of the contractual dispute*

*WWE writers stay up all night re-writing storylines to kill off the ECW brand.*

*DJ Gabriel gets released 2 days following E.R.*

*On ECW (the episode following "Extreme Rules"), Tommy Dreamer is seen backstage. Jack Swagger comes in and says that just like Mark Henry did on Sunday, he quits ECW. Paul & Katie Lea Burchill come in right after that and say they quit too. Dreamer says "Don't let the door hit ya on the..." The cameras cut to the ring (TVPG).*

*On the same episode of ECW, Tommy Dreamer comes out at the end of the show and cuts a promo about how the old ECW was alot better and how everyone back then had more respect for each other and the ECW title. He then announces that in an homage to the old ECW, all ECW Title matches will now be contested under Extreme Rules. He goes onto say that he's going to be making some calls and we are going to see some old framiliar faces on the show. The fans cheer, as he says some names, stating that we could see The Sandman, Sabu, even Rob Van Dam back here. He is then interrupted by "Voices" by Rev Theory, as WWE Champion Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase come down to the ring. Orton states that he and Legacy have already seen enough of him as ECW GM, and that they are disgusted at the thought of Dreamer bringing back a bunch of 'has-beens' and trying to turn this into the old ECW. Orton said that he & Legacy are going to come out here and make Dreamer's life a living hell each week if he keeps trying to turn it into the old ECW. Orton goes on to issue a challenge to Dreamer. Orton says, it doesn't have to be like that. He says that he wants to face Dreamer in a one on one match this Monday on RAW, he says the catch is, if Orton wins - then there will be no more Dreamer, and no more ECW, 'as ECW dies with Dreamer'. If Dreamer wins, then this is the last we will see of Orton and he vows that he will never step foot on the show again. Orton says it will be a lumberjack match, he will have Legacy and Dreamer can have anyone he wants at ringside. After Dreamer thinks for a minute, he extends his hand and they shake on it. Dreamer then states he's bringing the entire ECW roster with him to RAW.*

*WWE.com announces immediatly after ECW goes off the air that Jack Swagger & The Burchills (Paul & Katie Lea) have been signed to SMACKDOWN by Teddy Long*

*On WWE Superstars (four days after Extreme Rules), The Hart Dynasty defeats Evan Bourne & Finlay to become the number one contenders for the Tag-Team Titles at The Bash.*

*Tiffany is released 4 days after the E.R. PPV*

*WWE.com announces that they have canceled the Cyber Sunday PPV in October and that they changed the name of the September "Unforgiven" PPV to "Breaking Point".*

*On RAW (8 days after Extreme Rules),
Randy Orton defeats Tommy Dreamer, killing the legend of ECW.

*On ECW (9 days after Extreme Rules),
Tommy Dreamer comes out and cuts a promo about how he failed and states that the following week's ECW episode will be the last.*

*On WWE Superstars (11 days after Extreme Rules), Rey Mysterio cuts a promo about how WWE Superstars is a show where any superstar can face any superstar, he says he is putting his Intercontinental Championship on the line, and issuing an open challenge to anyone on any brand. Evan Bourne answers the challenge as Mysterio smiles. They shake hands before the match. After a 25 minute match, Bourne rolls Mysterio up and wins his first title in WWE.*

*WWE.com updates the title section with Evan Bourne as Intercontinental Champion.*

*WWE.com announces Finlay vs. Christian for the ECW title at The Bash

*Zack Ryder is released 11 days after E.R.*

*On SMACKDOWN (12 days after Extreme Rules), Mysterio cuts a promo about his match with Bourne, and says they'll have a re-match at The Bash.*

*Commercials start airing, stating that WWE Superstars will be coming to the SciFi channel, two days after "The Bash".*

*On RAW (15 days after Extreme Rules, 6 days before The Bash), Vince McMahon states that the ECW Championship will be renamed simply the "Extreme Championship" and it will be defended on both RAW & SMACKDOWN following Sunday's PPV. He states that the old ECW will live on through that title, with Dreamer's "last act" remaining intact (with all Extreme Championship matches being contested under Extreme Rules).*

*On ECW (five days before The Bash), Dreamer announces to the ECW Roster, that Champions will be safe after Sunday, and other superstars would be released from their contract. Dreamer then comes out to the live crowd and starts to cut a teary promo to close the last episode of ECW, but Randy Orton comes out and beats him down. He then punts him in the head, as ECW comes to a close.*

*WWE.com announces that Tommy Dreamer has officially retired*

*WWE "The Bash" Results*
-The Hart Dynasty wins the Tag-Team Championship from Primo & Carlito in the opening match.
-Evan Bourne retains against Rey Mysterio
-Christian retains the ECW title against Finlay.
-Finlay then announces his retirement from wrestling.
-Vince McMahon is seen backstage talking to Evan Bourne, The Hart Dynasty and Christian, stating that they are all still here because they have gold. He tells Evan Bourne that he is officially a SMACKDOWN superstar as of tonight, and tells him to leave. He then states to the remaining stars that they can choose which brand they want to be a part of due to the fact that their titles are defended on both brands. Christian says that he's headed to SMACKDOWN with Bourne. The Hart Dynasty says they'll head to RAW then.
-Randy Orton and Batista battle to a no-contest as DiBiase and Rhodes interfere, as does Ric Flair, thus ending in somewhat of a brawl.
-Jeff Hardy retains against Edge in a no holds barred match.

*Finlay officially retires at The Bash*

*Immediatly following The Bash, WWE.com moves the profiles of the members of The Hart Dynasty to RAW. WWE.com also moves the profiles of Christian & Evan Bourne to SMACKDOWN*

On RAW (the episode following The Bash), Vickie Guerrero announces that Batista will recieve one final title match at Night Of Champions, however if fails to win the WWE title, he will be suspended until SummerSlam. The Hart Dynasty defeats Carlito & Primo in a title re-match in their RAW debut.

*On WWE Superstars (2 days after The Bash, now on SciFi); Maryse makes a challenge to any WWE Diva on RAW or SMACKDOWN, and states that she will put her Divas title on the line, Melina accepts the challenge and wins the match, becoming the first and only Diva to hold the Divas & Women's title (and at the same time).*

*WWE.com announces that in 2010, Extreme Rules will take place in October. They then announce that it will take the place of No Mercy, with the two PPVs becoming one called No Mercy: Extreme Rules (Starting in 2010.

*On WWE Superstars (the following week)
Melina defends her Women's title against Maryse, and loses that title to her.*

*WWE.com announces immediatly after the show, a Divas/Women's Title Unification match for Night Of Champions*

WWE "Night of Champions" Results:
-Randy Orton retains the WWE Championship via DQ, when Triple H comes out and beats Orton down.
-In the finals of the 2009 King Of The Ring tournament, Christian defeats Jack Swagger.
-The Divas/Women's Title match ends in a double disqualification resulting in both divas retaining their respective titles.
-The Hart Dynasty issues an open challenge to any two superstars on SMACKDOWN. Undertaker & Kane come out and defeat The Hart Dynasty for the tag titles.
-Jeff Hardy defeats Edge to retain the title in an Extreme Rules Match.
-Matt Hardy comes out and announces that his WWE contract expired yesterday and that Teddy Long has signed him to SMACKDOWN,issuing him a higher paid contract than Jeff Hardy (storyline).

*WWE.com moves Matt Hardy's profile to the SMACKDOWN Superstars page after the PPV.*

*Before SummerSlam, Jeff Hardy tells Edge that he can no longer defeat him, and that he has beat him in every kind of match, Extreme Rules, Ladder, and he'll wrestle him one last time at SummerSlam, and tells him to name the match. Edge then makes it a TLC Match. On the RAW brand...to insure no outside interference, Triple H makes his match with Orton at SummerSlam a Hell In A Cell Match.*

*WWE "SummerSlam" Results*
-Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes defeat Undertaker & Kane to win the Unified Tag-Team Titles.
-Jeff Hardy retains the World Title in TLC.
-Randy Orton defeats Triple H in Hell In A Cell, after several wrestlers interfere (Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Batista and Ric Flair) after Orton got thrown into the door and the door broke off. Orton comes out on top in the end though, as Legacy decimates Ric Flair, Batista & Triple H.

*On RAW (the night following SummerSlam), WWE Champion Randy Orton, and Unified Tag-Team Champions Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes kick off the show. Legacy goes to the ring and Orton claims that the three of them are the best in the company and that they are bigger than DX, and they are bigger than Evolution. Batista then comes out. Before he can say anything Triple H's music hits. They both go on to make a challenge to Legacy for later in the night. Before Orton can accept or deny the challenge, Ric Flair's music hits. He says they can't take on Legacy by themselves and proposes a 3 on 3 match of Legacy vs. Evolution for the main event. They accept. Later in the night, Ric Flair is seen knocked out in the back, making it a 2 on 3 handicap match. Legacy wins the match. After the match, Orton announces the Breaking Point WWE Championship Main Event as being a 5-Way Scramble Match with Batista vs. Triple H vs. Orton vs. DiBiase vs. Rhodes.*

*On WWE Superstars (two days after SummerSlam), Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes issue a challenge to Batista, putting their titles on the line. They tell him to find a partner and meet them in the main event of the show. Later in the show Batista comes out, and introduces his partner as John Cena. Rhodes & DiBiase enter with Orton. Cena & Batista win the tag-titles after an unseen interference by Triple H, who then attacks Orton at ringside as Batista & Cena hit their finishers on DiBiase & Rhodes.*

*On SMACKDOWN (five days after SummerSlam), qualifying matches are held for the Breaking Point World Title match. Matt Hardy, Christian, Edge and CM Punk qualify.*

*On RAW (8 days after SummerSlam),
The Hart Dynasty wins a number one contendership match for the Tag-Team Championship at Breaking Point. Cena & Batista, now being dubbed "The Dream Team" by the announcers, retain the Tag-Team Championships against DiBiase & Rhodes.

*On Superstars (9 days after SummerSlam),
Ted DiBiase wins the Extreme Championship from Christian.

*On RAW (15 days after SummerSlam), MVP challenges Cody Rhodes to a match, he says he will put his US Title on the line if Rhodes puts his spot in the Scramble match on the line. He declines at first. MVP then reminds him that he is the only one in Legacy without gold, and this is his chance to regain it. He then accepts. Cody Rhodes wins the US Championship, with Legacy now all having singles titles.

*On WWE Superstars (16 days after SummerSlam), Cody Rhodes retains the US Title in a re-match from Monday. Ted DiBiase retains the Extreme Title in a re-match from the week before against Christian.

*On RAW (6 days before Breaking Point), a Divas Scramble Match is held, for the Women's Championship - with Natalya, Women's Champion Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James and Beth Phoenex competing. Natalya wins the Women's title as David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd come celebrate with her.

*On WWE Superstars (5 days before Breaking Point), Vicky Guerrero announces that even though Batista is already in the main event of Breaking Point, he still has to defend the tag-titles with Cena against The Hart Dynasty at Breaking Point.

*On SMACKDOWN (3 days before Breaking Point)
CM Punk cuts a promo about how Edge, Christian, Matt & Jeff all have a long storied history. They will all be trying to destroy each other, and while doing so, he is going to take advantage of that and win the title. Edge then spears Punk, Christian chases Edge out of the ring. Christian then looks at Punk and as he slowly gets up, he gives him the Killswitch. After doing so, Matt Hardy comes out. He stares Christian down, as Punk slowly makes it back up to his feet. Matt looks at Punk, kicks him in the stomach and hits a Twist of Fate. He and Christian both stare at Punk, and then leave the ring. World Champion Jeff Hardy then enters. He helps Punk up to his feet. As he does so, Punk goes for the GTS, Hardy gets out of it and hits the Whisper in the Wind.*

*WWE "Breaking Point" Results*
-CM Punk pins every wrestler once in the SMACKDOWN Scramble Match. Jeff Hardy pins Matt Hardy to retain in the closing seconds though.
-Chris Jericho injures his knee in a match with John Morrison, with early estimates of being out for two months.
-Evan Bourne retains the Intercontinental Championship after defeating Charlie Haas (with Shelton Benjamin at ringside).
-Melina retains her Divas Championship after defending it against Michelle McCool.
-After an unseen interference by Natalya, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith defeat "The Dream Team" of Batista & John Cena to win the Unified Tag-Team Titles for the second time in Montreal, where they get a massive pop (though they still are heels).
-Randy Orton retains the WWE Championship. The finish saw Batista throw Ted DiBiase over the crowd barrier, with Triple H clotheslining Cody Rhodes over the barrier on the other side of the ring. Triple H & Batista then go in to the ring. Batista shoves Orton into the refferee, which causing the refferee to get knocked out. After doing so, he gets Orton up, and attempts a powerbomb. Orton gets out of it, and slides out of the ring, and Triple H hits a spinebuster on Batista immediatly after doing so. Orton comes back in the ring with a steel chair, and hits HHH in the face with it. He covers Triple H but relizes the refferee is still knocked out. DiBiase and Rhodes come back in the ring. As DiBiase & Rhodes hold HHH down, HBK makes his return, running down the ramp, as he gets several "You Screwed Bret" chants directed at him during his return. He clotheslines Rhodes out of the ring, and then superkicks DiBiase. Batista gets up and recieves a Pedigree from HHH. John Cena runs down the ramp and attempts an FU on Triple H, but gets a spinebuster for his effort. The Hart Dynasty's music hits as the crowd in Montreal cheers. They aren't at the entrance way though, as David Hart Smith hits Triple H in the back of the head with one of the four tag-title belts (with both title's still having seperate title history, being defended as one Championship still). HBK then receives the same from Tyson Kidd. Kidd locks in the sharpshooter on Michaels as the crowd cheers. Smith drags Orton over Helmsely and revives the refferee. The refferee counts the victory. Orton gets to his feet and smiles. He grabs the microphone as DiBiase & Rhodes get into the ring, with Smith & Kidd still in the ring. Natalya hands all the title belts in, before getting in the ring herself. Orton says "Say hello to the three newest members of Legacy" and drops the mic as all six of them hold up their titles in unison to close the show.


Current Champions:
>WWE Champion - Randy Orton
>World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy
>Extreme Champion - Ted DiBiase
>Intercontinental Champion - Evan Bourne
>United States Champion - Cody Rhodes
>WWE & World Tag-Team Champions - Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith
>Women's Champion - Natalya
>Divas Champion - Melina

I should have the results up for the first week's RAW, SMACKDOWN and WWE Superstars within a day or so.

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