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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

Nice promo to start off with HBK. But I am going to admit that it would have been better if Mick Foley would have been there for a 1 on 1 showdown. That would have been the perfect way to close out the feud before WM. Not to say that the HBK promo was bad, it just didn't match up to any of the promos that Foley has been doing since their feud started. But HBK did hype up their match as best as he could which is a good thing.

Good way to build up the MITB match by having an 8 man tag match. We all knew it would end with everyone turning on each other to show that everybody is by themselves. I liked how everybody went after Umaga at the end. It shows how nobody wants him to be in the MITB match. I would not mind whatsoever if Umaga wins the MITB. It would give him a huge push which would be really good.

Ok promo from Theodore Long. I don't really think this promo was really neccesary but he did put over Shelton pretty good to win MITB.

Good match between Kennedy/Helms. After Kennedy won, I knew M&M would come down to try to beat up on Helms. Nice to see Punk and Mysterio come down to chase them off. I don't know who is going to win their match at WM but at least I know it will be a good match.

Now, onto the best promo of Raw. I love how HHH comes across in this promo. You definitely know how to potray him as the best heel possible. The whole time I thought Austin would show up to put HHH in his place. But I never thought that Paul Heyman would show up on Raw!!! By involving Heyman in this feud, you have created the best promo so far in the Brock/HHH feud. Even though it seemed like Heyman was talking for a long time, I enjoyed every second of this promo. At first, I didn't like that Brock wasn't going to be on Raw. But having Heyman come to Raw, was the perfect way to follow up the beatdown that Brock got on SD last week. I was surprised that you didn't have HHH destroy Heyman to send a message to Brock. I was also surprised that Austin didn't show up on Raw either. I hope both Brock and Austin show up on SD to build up the feud even more.

Good promo from Punk/Helms/Mysterio/Mickie. It was a nice way to build up the feud even more than it already is.

Ok, I'm going to talk about both Christian and Cena's promos all at once. I think that both of them came off really good in both promos but I think it would have been way better if it was done in a sit down interview. Like the way Stone Cold/Rock did the SD before WM 17. IMO, a sit down interview would have been the perfect way to cap off this feud between Christian/Cena.

Having Undertaker on Raw is always a good thing but I thought the only reason you wanted to bring Taker to Raw was to continue the buildup with Angle. Without Angle showing up on Raw, I think it was kind of pointless for Taker to be there. Sorry for being so negative there but I just thought it was pointless for Taker to show up on Raw just to be in a squash match.

Great move by announcing a Cena/RVD match for SD. That is a great match to finish the road to WM perfectly. Even if there is no winner, it is still gonna be a great match.

Awesome main event to end Raw!!! This main event could not have gone down any better than it did. It built up both main events from WM just perfectly. I loved the ending with Christian slapping Cena and then Cena aiming a chair at Christian but nailing Edge instead. As much as I like Jericho, he was the last person I wanted to see get the pin in this match. That just tells me that he isn't winning the title at WM. But it was nice to see RVD get the upperhand on both Edge and Jericho. I could be wrong but I think this was the first time RVD has gotten the upperhand in this feud. That was definitely a good thing and was the perfect way to end Raw.

So, this was a definitely a good Raw. IMO, it would have been better with Foley showing up to confront HBK, A sit down interview between Christian/Cena, and Angle showing up to confront Taker. But that is just me trying to nitpick too much here.

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