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Re: WWE: Life After Vince

DIVAS live from "THE DIVA CLUB" (formely the Impact Zone) in Orlando, Florida

[i](Recap of show)

The show opened with the DIVAS General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, coming out and doing her usual insults to the crowd, receiving tremondous heat in the process. She says that she will prove everybody wrong and that DIVAS will become the number one wrestling show in the world under her leadership. She announces that in the next month, they will hold a DIVA World Title Tournament where 16 of the best women wrestlers in the world will compete to become the first ever DIVAS World Champion. After the crowd suprisingly gives her some cheers, she then announces the women that she expects to lead DIVAS into the future and the music hits an AWESOME KONG appears. Vickie goes on to sing her praises as the most dominant woman wrestler ever until music hit and the crowd goes wild and LITA comes out. Lita makes her way to the ring and starts to run down on both Vickie and Kong until music hits and the crowd really erupts and Trish Stratus appears and makes her way to ringside. After all three has said their parts, everybody was cheering for it become physical but Vickie squashed the situtation by getting Kong out of the ring before anything happened. Lita and Trish gave each other a stare down as they went to commercial.

Match One-Beth Phoenix VS Taylor Wilde

(Wilde gets in some offense but falls pretty easily to the Glamazon's Glam Slam)

Winner-Beth Phoenix

(After the match, we saw a video package of newcomer MsChief before the break).

Coming back from commerical we saw Vickie in her office with Kong and announced that tonight she has a special match for Kong's first round bout. This will truly show everyone who the most dominant women wrestler is.


Match Two-Mickie James VS Melina

(A back and forth matchup against former WWE Women's World Champions saw Mickie James catch Melina in a surprise small package for the win)

Winner-Mickie James
(After the match a video package of ODB and her step-sister Mickie Knuckles is shown from a trailer park)

Match Three-Lita VS Roxxi

The crowd roared with the retun of Lita and she didn't disappoint, hitting a Swanton to pick up the win. Afterwards in a sign of repsect Roxxi shook the hand of Lita as they left the ring together)

(Video package is shown of the "Dark Angel" Sarah Stock in action from Mexico)


Main Event

Awesome Kong VS The Bella Twins

The twins gave Kong a hard time in the beginning until a Kong backhand knock Brie out of the ring and left Nikki alone to catch an Awesome Bomb.

Winner-Awesome Kong

After the match, Brie tried to help her sister but got an Awesome Bomb for her trouble. Vickie cam out and egged Awesome Kong on to continue the attack until Trish caming running out for the save. Trish quickly backed up Kong with forearms shots and finally knocking her down as she landed a flying forearm. Vickie was screaming as Trish and the Bellas look determined to teach Kong a lesson. Before they could get to Kong though, out of nowhere they were attacked by a return of former Women's Champion, Jazz. After the Jazz's blindisde, Kong and her started the beatdown once again. A chair was thrown in by Vickie as they looked to take out Trish once and for all until Lita comes running out for the save. As Lita comes charging, she runs right into a chair shot by Jazz though. Lita and Trish were both in trouble as Jazz and Kong both now had chairs and was looking to do some serious damage but before they could the lights in the DIVAS CLUB went out and when they turned back on CHYNA!!! was in the ring and looking better then ever physically. Chyna stared down both Kong and Jazz as Vickie ordered them out of the ring. As Lita and Trish tried to thank her, Chyna turned her back and left the ring without saying a word to anybody.

(If this is the first time reading one of my shows, this is just a way to get DIVAS in without spending much time on it so I can concentrate on RAW and Nitro)
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