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Re: Being The Booker

As promised the Raw review...Smackdown to be edited in later for you.

So Benjamin finally gets the match that he's been wanting and he gets a little bit of spotlight as well. I think it was played off well with Cena coming down and all but my only complaint was probably the way you had Cena speak. I don't think you've had him use his "rapping" gimmick too much recently so he hasn't been talking too much like one at all since then. Maybe it's just me but I haven't been noticing too much of the slang talk that he used tonight.

MNM promo was pretty much standard for them but I don't really like how Bischoff has been slowly pushing towards a face run. I can't see Bischoff being a face and hopefully it doesn't lead to that. I know MNM's been driving him crazy but the way he's perceived as talking to them strikes me as he's doing this for the fans and not for himself. Surprised MNM didn't interfere in the Kennedy/Punk match to perhaps add even more push to the match. Oh and you put Match #3 in the heading when it's only the second match. Caught that one.

Nice to see Finlay trying to get some help which of course I knew was going to be turned down from the other two. I could see Finlay being the one that gets attacked next week from both men if you choose to go that route.

Nice little video package and you've done well with all of the video packages that have been hyping the big match so far. It's certainly not the biggest WM match that you've had but it sure does feel like it with all the hype that it's been getting since it was announced.

And no surprise to see Umaga win, especially after the promo earlier. I can't really see Umaga winning MITB but even if he did I think it'd be a good choice. I think you have a wide array of candidates that can carry the briefcase for a good while and would all make good champions in the future.

Overall good segment and I'd say probably the best out of all of the ones that you've had for this feud. It wasn't anything special but I did enjoy the post-promo brawl a lot for some reason. I could see Austin taking both men down at WM just like he did in real life at WM XX but I'm not really sure what's going to happen and it seems to a lot of intrigue to the match that it already had.

Nothing much to say on the HBK/Cade match. Certainly was nothing like their match back at SS but either way it was a good win for Michaels. Shame to see no Foley or at least some type of appearance before/or after the match. Hmmm, I speak too soon huh? Wow NICE promo from Foley as it really brought out a lot of his emotional failures recently and I really could see WWE having done a promo like this if they were going this route with him. I really enjoyed it as I have all of your Foley promos that you continue to amaze me with.

No surrpise to see Santino lose but I expect that contract to be coming after WM when he gets a fluke win. Pretty much just a big clusterfuck with everyone coming into the ring which I guess was to be expected.

Once again no surprise to see Orton trying to get a little bit of help but we know that there won't be another spot taken up for MITB this late before WM. Either way GREAT main event for what it was worth on TV and the ending turned out to be good but it seems to be reminding me perhaps a bit too much of HBK/Cena where it was all about the attacks and the trust factor. Maybe it's just me but that seems to be what I'm getting a lot of this from.
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