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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

This is something I really don’t like, it’s not just this time or depending on who’s wrestling but I just hate squash matches opening up the show. It is proven through research that the opening of a show is very important due to how many viewers stay watching, and I think a lot would not have liked this start. Anyway, rant over and it was a nice win for Angle, just keeping the momentum rolling. Okay, after this aftermath I have a new opinion of things, starting off with a squash is awesome if it is going to followed by something like this. The whole way through this attack I was expecting Angle to get the advantage but it just never happened. The lack of mind games seemed to screw with Angle enough and that can be all that is needed. Anyway, this was nice to not make ‘Taker look like a total bitch but if ‘Taker is to hold on to his streak, Angle must get the upper hand again before ‘Mania.

I’m personally not a huge fan of Tony Atlas, even some of the stuff I have watched I just couldn’t get into him, but in saying that I guess he deserves to be in the HOF.

Nice interview from Chris Jericho, he had the whole cockiness thing down, mention the Undisputed Title and all that, was really in character. One thing I liked is that the go…through…hell part in the last line kind of makes me think that perhaps you’re going to incorporate some of his sadistic character into your thread. Maybe I’m reading things wrong, but if this is the case, do it right, like usual.

Another pretty generic win for one of The Hardyz as they continue to take the momentum into ‘Mania. I think you’re playing this perfectly for a huge upset, I really can see AMW retaining at this stage… hopefully this feud continues after ‘Mania, or there is a draft or something, because the tag division on SD lacks depth.

MVP perhaps scared? Probably, I know he won’t weasel his way out of the match or anything, but having him showing signs of fear could be good for some kind of feud after ‘Mania. Unless of course he wins MITB.

The Hardys interview besides both sucking on the microphone was decent until the last line by Jeff Hardy. Totally lame and unneeded, practically ruined the whole interview, seriously. I hope they don’t win at ‘Mania to.

Random Cruiserweight match here, not to say I don’t like it, its just rather random. I was very happy to see Kash’s team get the win as he has been under the pump lately, he couldn’t go into ‘Mania looking like a total bitch, I have something for you to ponder over though even if ‘Mania is finished, can Kendrick really carry the Cruiserweight Division? I personally don’t think so.

I love your ‘Mania flash backs, they make me pull out my dusty old DVD collection and watch some old school ‘rasslin’.

I really did not enjoy the promo with the Smackdown MITB competitors at all. I mean, it started off nicely with MVP doing what he does best but it went far down hill from there. Paul London and Charlie Haas are useless on the mic, and what you had them say really didn’t seem to help the situation. As for Carlito he is okay on the mic but only when he is a little more serious, this whole laid back, trying to be funny ‘Lito didn’t work for me, because I didn’t find him funny at all. Was an interesting concept, but I doubt they’re all going to go for Umaga. Just wanted to let you know I do realize you have to hype up every match not just the main ones, but this promo just didn’t do anything for me at all.

WTF? Charlie Haas getting the win was so unexpected. This match probably would have been the best match so far, but I definitely didn’t expect it to go down like this. Interesting none the less, and while all this did was make it look like Haas has a chance at ‘Mania, the real question is whether or not the others will agree with MVP. Either way, nice match up and shocking, yet good result.

Brock Lesnar is in the building and seems extremely pissed. Terrific way to build the anticipation of what could be an epic confrontation later on in the night.

Nice win for Batista, clearly about momentum. Shows Albright that the clock is slowly ticking on his title reign. Is this the end of Viscera in this thread? I hope so.

Awesome main event really, two of the three in the main event and the lumberjacks around ring side, it definitely was an explosive situation. I was surprised there was a clean winner but I guess the way Edge won kept RVD looking rather strong. Who cares about these two at the moment, this night belonged to Chris Jericho and having him be the key ingredient in the result of this match up was smart and exciting. Nice aftermath to, as the greed for the title was the feud a few weeks back, but now there is some legit hatred between the three competitors.

This final segment just about sums up why I love you so much. Everything and I do mean everything was perfect, from the set up to the ambush to the deadly finish. This was just awesome. I don’t think there is a bad word I can say about it… Seriously, epic stuff.

Overall Wolfy, yet another great show, first half was a bit iffy at times maybe, but the second half of the show made up for it and then some. Seriously, good work, you should be proud of yourself, ‘Mania is getting closer, I can’t help but get more excited every time I venture in to this thread. So, you know, keep it up.

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