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Re: WWE: Life After Vince

WWE RAW live from Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio

(The show kicks off with his normal promo showcasing the stars of the WWE. The camera spans the sold-out arena as we fans roaring, as the new era in the WWE is ready to begin. Finally the camera stops in the ring, where we see the new owner of the WWE, Shane McMahon standing proudly with mic in hand.)

Shane (smiling): " I would like to welcome everybody to first ever "Monday Night RAW" of the Shane-O-Mac era."

(Crowd cheers for Shane)

Shane (soaking it in): "One questions has been asked to me over the course of this last few weeks. Shane, how can you top your father? The answer is easy...(pauses as the crowd waits silently) I'm going to give what you the fans want!

(The crowd erupts to Shane's cheap plug)

Shane: "The first thing, I'm going to do is give you a general manager for RAW that won't back down from a wrestler. (crowd cheers). Somebody that will take it too the limit. (crowd cheers). Somebody that for sure will make RAW the most entertaining show in wrestling today.Ladies and gentleman, I give you your new RAW General Manager."

(Shane points to the entrance ramp as music is heard for the first time on RAW in years as "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash walks out to the roar of the crowd. He gives the crowd the old "Wolfpac" sign as he saunters to ringside. Shane and Nash shakes hands in the middle ring as McMahon hands the mic to the seven-footer. The crowd finally dies down as "Big Sexy" is ready to talk)

Nash: (pulling his back out of his face): "First off, let me say it feels real good to finally be back on MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!"

(The crowd erupts once again for a cheap plug)

Nash:"Let me say, when Ol' Shane-O call me with this idea, I wasn't sure. But when he assured me that I would have total control of the show, I couldn't resist. I mean RAW with me in charge, it's only TOOOOO SWEEEET!!

(The crowd erupts, but soon music is overheard as the cheers quickly turn to boos as the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, appears with his new manager, Angelina Love by his side. He struts down to ringside as Nash doesn't look happy about being interrupted)

Edge (cocky smile on face): "WHOAAA!!(shaking his fingers in front of him), look Angelina it's the scary "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash."

(Edge and Angelina laughs as Nash and Shane look on)

Edge: "So Kev, you are the man in charge huh...(Nash shakes his head yes) So let me lay down the law right here, see this (He holds up his belt). This is the World Heavyweight Championship and means that to you I'm untouchable. I'm not a wrestler here on RAW, I come and go as I please and wrestle who I want, when I want. As long as we see, eye to eye, on this Kev, I think we will get along just fine. What do ya say?"

Nash:"Well, Edge that's a tempting offer but I have to say NO! (crowd erupts). You are right that you are not on the WWE RAW roster but Shane here, has assured me that if you do show up on this show, that I DO have the right to make matches for you. So how about tonight you put that shiny, new title on the line against let's say......MY OLD FRIEND "THE HEARTBREAK KID" SHAWN MICHAELS?!!"

(The crowd roars as the match is announced, Edge is beside himself as Angelina tries to console him. Nash and Shane smile in the ring as Edge and Angelina finally vacates the arena)

Nash (as they are walking up the ramp): "Hey Angelina, remember my office is always open if you want to find out why they call me "Big Sexy"!

(Edge is outraged by the comments and heads back to the ring before Love finally stops him. Nash puts his fist in the air as his music plays and we go to commercial)


(We come back from break and see Edge and Love still visibly upset when the come across Randy Orton backstage)

Edge: (stopping Orton): "Did you just see what happened? Did you see how Kevin Nash is screwing me over already."

Orton: "Yeah, I saw it Edge and really I couldn't believe it."

Edge: "I know can you believe that he is making me wrestle, Shawn Michaels." (Angelina Love rubs his shoulders as Edge is beside himself)

Orton: "No what I can't believe that Kevin Nash didn't pick me instead! Everybody knows that in a match between the two of us, that I would come out on top. But instead coming up on WAR, I have a four way match to become WWE Champion against Batista, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk. (The crowd pops at the announcement) So you should consider yourself lucky."

Edge: "Oh, is that so, Randy. I have no problem meeting up and defeating you on down the line but we both have to worry about tonight. I would like to see both of us walk out of the arena tonight with gold around our waist. What do ya say?"

(Orton rubs his chin, contemplating the offer. Edge eggs him on and finally the trio walks off together as we go back to the ring)

( Jillian Garcia announces that the next match is a first round match up in the Intercontinental Title tournament as the crowd cheers the announcement. The music starts as the crowd gives a decent pop to Val Venis who comes down to ringside wearing his trademark towel around his waist. He does his little hip swivel for the ladies in the audience before Jillian announces his opponent. Santino arrives on the ramp to the chorus of boos. With his usual unibrow in all it's glory on his face, he climbs in the ring, ready for the match up)

Match One-Intercontinental Championship Tournament-Round One

Santino VS Val Venis


This match surprisingly has been dominated by Santino. An early mistake by Venis, allowed Santino to drop him over the top rope, catching his throat. Santino has showcased a relentless attack since gaining a few near falls. Unexpectly Santino perches a groggy Val Venis on the top turnbuckle for an attempt of what looked like a superplex off the top but Venis countered with a couple of shots to the mid-section, gaining space before a head butt sent Santino crashing to the mat. Before Santino could recover, Venis came off the top with the "Money Shot" picking up the surprise win and advancing in the I-C tournament.

Winner in 12:11---Val Venis

(A dejected Santino can't believe he lost when he recovers and see Venis celebrating on the ramp. He grabs the mic as many fans are laughing at him after the embarrassing loss to the perennial jobber)

Santino: " You guys are laughing at Santino, aye. You think it's funny that Santino lost to the Big Lebowski. Well ya guys won't have Santino to laugh at anymore."

(Santino slams down the mic as the crowd starts chanting "Na Na Na, Hey, Hey Hey, Goodbye" as Santino runs up the ramp with his hands over his ears)


(We come back from break and are backstage where we Santino on his cell phone talking to someone)

Santino:"Did ya you see what just happened to Santino? (pauses) Well does your offer still stand? (pauses) Santino just can't handle this anymore, they all laugh at me. (pauses, almost breaking down into tears) Can I come next week? (pauses) Okay, see you there."

(Santino pumps his arm in excitement as we head back to the ring, where we see the self-proclaimed "Wrestling God" John Bradshaw Layfield in the ring as the crowd is booing his presence)

JBL: "You all know who I am.(boos) You all know that I got screwed in this new era of the WWE. (boos). I was the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time and then they stripped me of the title with no warning. (cheers). Then because they said that I was too demanding and they didn't even let me in the tournament for my title but gave me a spot in the World Tag Team title tourney instead.(boos)"

JBL: "I know what you are thinking, who is great enough to be the partner of the "WRESTLING GODDDDD! But don't you worry because I found just the man. I found someone that got more screwed over then even JBL himself, someone that is so bitter that we will go through the other 3 teams in this tournament without breaking a sweat. I give you to you my new wrestling and business partner.....JEFF JARRETT!!

(The crowd is in shock as Jarrett comes to the ring with the his trusty guitar in hand. He shakes hands with JBL and grabs the mic)

Jarrett:" JBL, I couldn't have said it better myself. It's time for the WWE stars to face the power of "J&J Incorporated"."

(The two wait in the ring as Jillian announces the Colon Brothers as their opponents. Primo and Carlito are extremely happy to be here as they high-five many fans on their way to ringside. They climb in the ring and stare the new veteran team)


Match Two-Round One World Tag Team Tournament

J&J Incorporated VS The Colons


Early on the speed of Primo was something JBL had problems with as he kept the big Texan off balance with quick high flying moves. It all changed after a few moments when JBL caught Primo with a big boot and tagged in Jarrett. JBL and Jarrett used quick tags and double team maneuvers to isolate Primo from his brother as Carlito was eager to get into the action. Finally after the referee making Jarrett break an abdominal stretch after seeing JBL helping him with leverage did Primo get a chance to make the hot tag. Carlito quickly took control sending Jarrett reeling with a dropkick and knocking JBL off the apron with a big left hand. He quickly tried to end it with a Backstabber attempt but the veteran Jarrett held onto the ropes, resulting in Carlito crashing down. Jarrett quickly locked in the figure four. Carlito screamed out in pain as Jarrett used the ropes for added torque when the referee wasn't looking. Finally Primo tried to intervene but was caught with a "Clothesline from Hell" from a rampaging Layfield. With poor Primo knocked into La-La Land, Carlito had no choice but to finally tap out

Winners in 13:42 and advancing to the finals of the WWE World Tag Team Tournament

J&J Incorporated

(We go backstage to the GM's office where Kevin Nash is sitting down with Traci Brooks as they are looking over papers on the desk. You notice Nash trying to look down her shirt as she is sorting the papers. A knock on the door is heard and Shawn Michaels enters)

Nash:" My man, Shawn. It's been too long!"

(The two give each other a quick hug)

HBK: (looking over at Traci)" I see some things never change."

Nash: (raising his eyebrows):" Well have my own personal assistant is one of the perks of the job."

HBK: "Speaking off perks, I don't want to sound ungrateful for giving me the World Title shot tonight against Edge but I here alot of whispering in the back that the only reason I got this shot tonight was because of you. I don't want that, Kev."

Nash:" So when did you start caring about what people said about you, Shawn? But I have a question for ya, Who retired Ric Flair at Wrestlemaina 24? You did. Who beat Bret Hart in the greatest match of all-time in an Iron man Match up? You did. Who is the Showstopper, the Main Eventer, the Icon? You are. So if you are wondering, those are the reasons that you got the match up tonight, not because you are my friend.

(Michaels and Nash look at each other and shake hands. Michaels looks over at Traci)

Michaels:" Don't get yourself into any trouble"

Nash: (laughing)"I don't even know what you mean."


(When we return, Jillian is in the ring as she announces Shawn Michaels, "Sexy Boy" blares thought the arena as the crowd goes completely nuts. The pyros go off as HBK does his signature pose and makes his way to ringside. The cheers quickly turn into boos as Edge is announced. The World Champion makes his way down the ramp with Angelina Love on his arm)

Main Event---World Heavyweight Title Match

Edge w/Angelina Love VS Shawn Michaels


The two men lay all on the line as HBK took control early. Michaels was one step ahead of Edge until interference by Love gave Edge the opening he needed. Edge seized the moment and threw Michaels to the outside, ramming his back into the steel steps. Michaels screamed in pain as the champ worked over the forever injured back of HBK. After a series of repeated backbreakers Edge got a near fall but slowly the crowd was trying to rally behind HBK. Michaels finally caught his second wind and came back. After hitting the a flying forearm, Michaels did his signature pop up and followed it with an inverted atomic drop and clothesline combination. He signaled to the crowd as he climbed to the top rope and came off and connected on the elbow drop. Michaels tuned up the band as the crowd was going crazy as a groggy Edge struggled to his feet. Michaels unleashed "Sweet Chin Music" but Edge ducked it and the foot of Michaels caught the referee square on the chin instead. As Michaels tried to revive the ref, Edge stood in the corner ready to strike. As Michaels turned around Edge came charging with a SPEAR but caught another SWEET CHIN MUSIC out of nowhere. With Edge out cold, Michaels turned his attention once again to the referee trying to revive him as Angelina Love jumped up on the apron and grabbed Shawn by his hair. Michaels broke her grip and pulled back his fist as the crowd cheered for him to hit her. As Michaels finally decided against he turned around and caught an RKO from Randy Orton, who came out of nowhere. Orton pulled Edge over Michaels unconscious body and rolled out of the ring and back into the crowd. Angelina Love's constant screeching finally revived the referee, who rolled over and made the three count.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion in 15:22


(Edge celebrates in the ring with the beautiful Angelina Love as RAW goes off the air)

Schedule for WAR at 10 pm

Round One Match up for the Intercontinental Championship

John Morrison VS Matt Hardy

WWE 10 Man Lightweight Championship Battle Royal

Bryan Danielson
Teddy Hart
Hurricane Helms
Jamie Noble
Colt Cabana
The Brian Kendrick
AJ Styles
Kofi Kingston
Evan Bourne

Fatal Four Way for the WWE Heavyweight Title

Randy Orton VS Batista VS Jeff Hardy VS CM Punk

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