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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Women's wrestling doesn't get a love in real life, or BTB, but I personally am a big fan, and I try to book it as pretty important. One of my favorite matches that I've written was an extended recap of my Women's Title Match for my Judgement Day PPV, so I'll put it out for this thread.

- XXX -

We then cut back to the arena, where Victoria's music plays to loud heat. The Black Widow comes out, looking angry but incredibly focused, knowing what's at stake in this match. She makes her way down to the crowd, throwing dirty looks at the fans who continue to boo, then enters the ring. She looks out across the arena with a frown, as the crowd returns their dislike for her. She then turns to the stage, awaiting her opponent, and more importantly, the title she'll be wearing.

After a second, the music of the Women's Champion plays to a big pop, and Mickie James comes out from the back! The Sexy Sweetheart has a big smile on her face, and is full of energy. She wears her Women's Title over her shoulder, and skips down the ramp, high-fiving the fans. She slides into the ring, looking up at Victoria, but then heads to the turnbuckles to pose for the fans with her title. She does this at every corner, then climbs down. She doesn't take her eyes off Victoria, who meets her gaze, and she hands her belt over to the ref. He holds it up, the prize in this interbrand match, then passes it to a worker, and calls for the bell.

WWE Women's Title Match:
Victoria vs. Mickie James (c)

Finish: Two of the best women wrestlers in the entire world met up here in a Backlash rematch, and both women wrestled fiercely in an attempt to secure the title. Victoria was the aggressor in the early going, looking for several power moves, but the ever-intelligent Mickie managed to find counters to some of these moves, taking control of the match. Now, Mickie hammers away at Victoria with punches and forearms, then whips her off the ropes. Victoria rebounds, right into a Lou Thesz press! Mickie then continues the onslaught of fists, with Victoria frantically trying to get her off. Mickie tries to grab her leg for a pin attempt, but Victoria manages to shove her off. Mickie quickly rises to her feet, but Victoria's a little slower, and it costs her, as Mickie is able to land a spinning kick to her midsection! This doubles Victoria over in pain, and Mickie is able to hit the ropes, come back at Victoria, and sunset-flip over her, bringing her down, trapping Victoria's arms for a pin...



Kick out!

Victoria is able to barely get her shoulder off the mat, but Mickie wastes no time in getting back to the offense. She gets up and tries to help Victoria, but the Black Widow repays her by giving her a forearm to the stomache! Victoria then places her shoulder in Mickie's midsection, and drives her across the ring, crashing her into the turnbuckles! Victoria then starts to ram her shoulder repeatedly, knocking the wind out of Mickie, then backs up at the ref's request. Victoria lets up, but grabs Mickie, and whips her across the ring, into the corner! Mickie stumbles out, holding her back from the impact, but inadvertently walks into a kick to the midsection. Victoria sets her up, and hits a powerful vertical suplex. She gets up, looking down at Mickie with anger, then hits the ropes for some added momentum, and hits a jumping elbow drop! She covers Mickie, hooking the leg...



Shoulder up!

Mickie manages to save her Women's Title by kicking out, but Victoria doesn't look pleased at all. She picks Mickie up by the hair, getting some heat from the ref for that, but she pays no mind. She lands a few punches before whipping her off the ropes, but Mickie ducks under the clothesline attempt! She rebounds off the ropes, and again ducks under a clothesline, this time by sliding between Victoria's legs! Mickie springs back up, showing energy, with a kick to the midsection of Victoria! Mickie grabs her in a front facelock, and yells out at the crowd, who pop back. The Sexy Sweetheart then jumps for the Mickie-DT, but Victoria, with a little help from Mickie's jumping momentum, is able to push Mickie off, backdropping her to the mat!

Both women are down, but Victoria is the one that gets up first. She walks over to Mickie, grabbing her by the hair again, and sets her up for another suplex attempt. She tries to lift Mickie up, but the Women's Champion prevents herself from being lifted fully, then tries to hit her own suplex. However, Victoria's also able to fight against the lift, then the Black Widow knees her in the midsection! Victoria then whips her off the ropes, and catches Mickie in a fireman's carry! She holds her for a second, before spinning Mickie, hitting the Spider's Web! Victoria doesn't go for the cover right away, as she stands up, and pretends to kick dust over Mickie, garnering heat from the crowd, but Victoria pays no mind, and nails an impressive standing moonsault! She covers this time, again hooking the leg...



Mickie kicks out!

Victoria's in shock that she wasn't able to pick up win right there, and briefly argues with the ref about the decision. She snarls at him, then gets up, picking Mickie up by her top this time, wisening up about the ref's previous warnings about a disqualification. Victoria then picks her up in a second fireman's carry, and once again tries to hit the Spider's Web, but somehow, Mickie is able to counter, using the throw's momentum to snap off a hurricanrana!

The Women's Champion gets back in the match, and climbs to her feet. Victoria, angered by being caught off-gaurd, rises up and tries to hit a clothesline, but Mickie ducks under it, catches her arm, and hits a neckbreaker! The two women are down, but the fans are lively, chanting for Mickie. The two women start stirring, and a few seconds later, are stumbling at each other, fists ready. Victoria fires off first, but Mickie blocks it, and returns fire. She hits a couple of fists, then a standing dropkick that sends her to the mat. Mickie quickly gets to her feet, while Victoria's a little slower, enabling Mickie to come off the ropes for a second dropkick, this time to the face!

Mickie then springs up, and points up top! She steps through the ropes and climbs up the corner, but Victoria spots her out of the corner of her eye, and makes a mad dash into the corner, wildly swinging, connecting with Mickie's face! Mickie loses her footing on the ropes, allowing Victoria to climb up as well! She hooks Mickie up for a suplex, but as she tries to lift her up, Mickie holds on to the ring rope apparatus, then starts delivering shots to Victoria's midsection. Mickie weakens the Black Widow enough, then pushes her off, with Victoria crashing to the mat! However, Victoria manages to roll onto her stomache, and shortly starts to get back up. This only helps the Women's Champion, as she dives off the top with a big crossbody! Mickie holds the position for a pin...




Victoria doesn't let up, getting the shoulder up at the last possible moment. Mickie doesn't waste any time in getting to her feet, and waits for Victoria to get to hers. When she does, Mickie pulls her in for a kiss, getting a pop from the crowd, then Mickie looks for the Goodnight Kiss kick! Somehow, Victoria's able to overcome the spell of Mickie's kiss, and duck underneath the kick, but also manages to lift Mickie up in an electric chair position! Before Victoria can take advantage of the move, Mickie spins around on her shoulders, and hits a hurricanrana!

Mickie gets back up quickly, as does Victoria, and Mickie tries a clothesline. However, Victoria ducks underneath, then kicks Mickie in the midsection when she turns around. Victoria grabs her around the waist, and lifts her up onto her shoulder, looking for the Widow's Peak! But in an impressive maneuvor, Mickie is able to free her head, and flips through Victoria's legs, bringing her shoulders down with a sunset flip pin!




Again, Victoria is able to kick out of Mickie's counter, then climbs to her feet. However, Mickie was ready and waiting, with a kick to the midsection! Mickie grabs ahold of her head in a front facelock again, and yells out to the crowd, now on their feet! Mickie jumps, spins in the air, and plants Victoria right on her head with a thunderous Mickie-DT! Mickie hooks the leg with the cover...




Mickie retains her title!

Winner and Still WWE Women's Champion:
Mickie James

Cole: Mickie James retains the Women's Title and keeps it on RAW!

Coach: As much as I love Mickie, I was really hoping Victoria would bring the title to SmackDown!

Joey: Victoria tried to pull the hat trick by making the Women's Title the third title in a row to change hands here tonight, but couldn't beat Mickie James here tonight!

Tazz: A tough loss for Victoria, but what a match that was! Incredible!

Mickie celebrates her big win over Victoria after a great match. The ref hands her her Women's Title, and she thrusts it into the air as the crowd cheers for her and her win. She poses atop the turnbuckles, proudly holding up the title she fought so hard to retain, and pointing at the crowd who supported her all throughout. She then climbs down, and spots Victoria, picking herself up using the ropes, still in pain after the Mickie-DT. She looks at Mickie with a vengeful stare, and Mickie approaches her carefully. She extends her hand, showing respect for the opponent that took her to the limits. Victoria just looks at her, then down at her hand, and surprisingly, accepts, to a big pop! The two women shake hands, and give each other nods, but the angry look never leaves Victoria's face. Mickie then rolls out of the ring and starts making her way to the back, high-fiving the fans. Despite the pain she's in, Mickie gives them all a big, genuine smile, and waves at the SmackDown! audience at the top of the stage, before turning around and heading to the back.
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