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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

So we open the show up with Vince McMahon? Right move, since he and Austin joining together is what stole the show in the end. Vince was pretty much awesome. Really, really liked it. He was in-character as hell in not only just the words he used, but also in the way that he just bragged, as well as the little obscene comment at the expense of Linda. The absolute hyping of how WCW is worthless makes you think there will definitely be WCW involvement at some stage down the road, but hey, I could be wrong. Basically, Vince was awesome to begin with. While I was kinda disappointed at the "It was just business." explanation since it was pretty much expected, there's nothing wrong with it. It's the easiest route to go down, and it makes things simple, so I don't blame you for it. Triple H coming down and pretty much going from a complete heel to a complete face was unexpected, though awesome. Keeping Triple H and Austin juxtaposed is good since we know the two can have some insane feuds, and with Vince added into the mix, it's a great move. The whole portion of the promo from Triple H was great, and I loved the fact that you had Steph there, telling him to stop. Triple H nailing the Pedigree to send the segment off really has set the tone for this war, and I have to say, it's a great start. I'm interested in seeing just how long you can keep this going for.

Good way to really hammer what happened down here with Steph and Tripper. This could be big, especially if you keep the two related in this storyline.

Huge match here, with a good start to making Hunter's life hell. Give Tripper the win here plz, to really get him going.

Basic squash pretty much here, which looks to really set Rhyno up. I wasn't too big on the attack on Matt afterwards, as it seems that he wouldn't have been sufficiently weakened to be hit with the Gore. Could've just had Rhyno beat Matt on SmackDown! too. I think it would have worked just as well.

Nice way to get the rematch set up for SmackDown!, as well as a nice six man for tonight announced. I really wasn't too big on Eddie at times since you really overplayed how Mexican he is. Things like using tequilla were a bit too stereotypical, imo.

A nice solid match here. Liked how you got Eddie involved with Test, with him not wanting the tag yet still being made to be legal by the referee thanks to the inadvertant contact. A fine match really for what it was, with a good ending. Nice to build Test up before the match on Thursday, though I'm sure you'll have Eddie retain. I wouldn't mind seeing a test push continue after going down to Eddie, since he wasn't so roided up at this point in time.

Angle was pretty damn solid as the heel in denial, playing his role well. Nice to see you keeping Benout around, and while I found it somewhat annoying to read his portion of the promo with all of the pauses (since I think you overdid it a little), you definitely delivered a big match here. It's going to be hard for you to keep the feud between these two interesting with another seven shows before Backlash after this (especially with Benoit being as bland as he is), though I'm most definitely interested in seeing how it is that you'll go about it. Good luck with it.

Nice basic little promo from Jericho before his match. Character was fine, and I smiled at the owning of Pac. Pretty much a simple defence here for Jericho, just filling in time. Nice comprehensive win keeps his momentum going for now until you find something else for him.

Not feeling too much love for Scotty and Lawler II here. The promo afterwards from E & C wasn't too bad, though I would've marked for a pose from them. This was more about being serious though, so I get where you're going. Not too sure about more from The Dudleyz and E & C since the teams had done pretty much all they could up until this point, so you're making it hard on yourself. The ending itself was very smart though, and something you don't see too often, so kudos on that. However, I see it being very tough on you to keep this going without doing what's already been done time and time again between these two teams.

Big hype for Austin here. His promo really needs to deliver after all the hype you've given it. This stuff between Heyman and JR has been awesome all night btw, and this was certainly no exception.

Good to see you still incorporating the daddy's girl into Steph's gimmick, as it was big around now. She's definitely caught in a hard place. Hopefully you keep her with Tripper for at least awhile, before the predictable turn happens.

Ugh, pretty much the third squash of the night, which is a tad disappointing. Hype Big Show up in the hardcore element for a few more shows, then unleash Show vs Kane upon us plz. Should be big at Backlash.

Oh shit son. Awesome little confrontation between Triple H and Austin. How long until we see this feud? When we get it, it's going to be epic.

Liking the mixed reaction from the crowd here. Triple H is yet to establish himself properly as a face. The fans were booing him just a night ago against the same man, so they can't be expected to instantly adopt him as their new hero. Surprised you had Triple H and Steph working as well as they did together since I thought you'd have at least a bit of heat betwen the two. I guess Steph hasn't officially picked a side yet, which as I stated earlier, I like. Tripper had to win this for his momentum, which really needs to start to pick up here eith the push right back up the card that he's definitely getting.

Great start right off the bat from Austin; insulting the fans and really establishing that he is indeed a heel to get rid of the crowd reaction towards him. A smart move right away. Austin showing he hates McMahon is kinda making this relationship a bit odd. I just think that you need to maybe establish it a bit further than Vince doing it because he thinks it's good for business, and Austin doing it because he thinks it's easier for him. Hopefully you progress it along a bit further than that. Austin as a character throughout his whole bit was certainly on, and the sudden interruption from The Rock was awesome. Rocky too was awesome, and to be perfectly honest, the ending was pretty much perfect. The WCW hype is abso-fucking-lutely huge, and Rocky coming in to nail the Rock Bottom to finish the show cements what should be an absolutely amazing match at Backlash. Really, really an awesome ending to the show.

I came into this thread knowing you were a solid booker with your last thread, but honestly, this really blew me away. An amazing show promo-wise, with some great ideas going around. If you ocntinue to churn out quality stuff, there's no doubt that this thread will be one of the best. A really good start to what I hope is a long-lasting thread.

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