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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

ECW on Sci-Fi
April 3, 2009

ECW kicks off with the same video package that RAW did the night before, only focusing more on the only ECW exclusive match - the New Breed vs. ECW Originals - and Bobby Lashley's win against Umaga in the battle of the billionaires match. The video ends somewhat abruptly and cuts to the arena. We hear the fans chanting "E-C-Dub, E-C-Dub" as we are greeted by Joey Styles and Tazz. They hype up tonights scheduled match, which features Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von and Matt Striker versus Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, and The Sandman,

They talk about how the ECW Originals pulled it out to win against the New Breed before we hear "Hell Will Be Callin' Your Name" and the ECW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley makes his way out. He has on just his wrestling outfit and enters the ring with the ECW Championship wrapped around his waist. He takes the microphone and talks about how he did it last night and defeated the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga. He says that it was his hardest match he's ever had and now he feels like he's on top of the world. Now he has to defend his ECW Heavyweight Championship, but who will be the one to challenge him. Will it be CM Punk, who gets some cheers from the ECW Crowd. Hardcore Holly? Maybe even ECW's own Rob Van Dam. He doesn't know, he just needs answers.

"Crash" hits and ECW Representative Mick Foley makes his way out to the ring. He says that if Bobby wants some answers, he's going to get it. There's going to be an elimination chase to determine who is going to face Lashley for his ECW Championship at Backlash. He tells the fans who aren't familiar with the concept that tonight there will be a fatal fourway match, the one who is pinned is eliminated, and the other three move on. Next week it'll be a triple threat, and again whoever is pinned is eliminated, and the other two move on to a singles match the following week, where the winner is declared the number one contender to Lashley's Championship. Lashley says that's fine, but he wants to know who's all going to be in the Elimination chase. Foley says that that is an excellent question, and the men are... Hardcore Holly (boos), CM Punk (cheers), Snitsky (boos) and 'Mr. Tuesday Night' Rob Van Dam (cheers). He wishes Bobby good luck in whoever he faces at Backlash, and tells him that they gotta get the show goin! ECW then goes to it's first commericial break.

Rating: 94%


ECW comes back on air and "Don't Waste My Time" hits, and the New Breed, Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, & Matt Striker make their way down the ring. Burke leads the two down the ring as Styles remarks that in a WWE.com exclusive, Burke guaranteed that he would never lose another match against an ECW Original and that tonight the future of ECW was going to shine with him, Cor Von, and Striker. The three men enter the ring after being introduced by Tony Chimel and wait for their opponents. "Man in the Box" hits next and Tommy Dreamer along with his partners Sabu and the Sandman make their way down the ring. Dreamer comes down with a chair in hand, Sandman with his signature kendo stick, and Sabu is bringing a table down. They all slide in with their foreign objects, but the referee tells them that this match is not contested under extreme rules so they'll have to get rid of the weapons. The three originals give the referee their weapons, one at a time, and when the referee turns his back the three Original's jump the New Breed!

After a few seconds the referee breaks up the malee and Striker and Sandman are the first two to start off the match. The Sandman controls Striker in the early stages of the match because Striker is still worn out from the jump that the Originals had on him, so after hitting Striker with a bulldog, he drags him over to the Originals corner and tags in Sabu. Sabu immediatly climbs to the top rope and jumps off, connecting with a Guillotine Leg Drop! He covers Striker for the pin but only gets a two count after Burke breaks it up. The referee orders Burke to get back out to the apron and while that's happening Sabu tags in Dreamer. Dreamer tries to deliver some punches to Striker, but the referee gets in the way before Dreamer can hit him. The referee says he didn't see the tag between Sabu and Dreamer, so he orders Dreamer to get back out. Dreamer tries to argue with the referee, so that gives Striker time to get over to his teams corner. Dreamer leaves and Sabu re-enters, but not before Striker can get a tag to Marcus Cor Von!

Cor Von quickly takes Sabu out with a Belly to back suplex, which receives some heat from the crowd. Cor Von quickly goes over to The Sandman and pulls him over the ropes into the ring. He delivers a stiff shot to Dreamers face to send him to the ground and goes over to one of the corners of the ring, stalking the Sandman. He waits and waits until the Sandman gets up and turns around... a POUNCE by Brown! The Sandman crashes right back to the canvas as Cor Von looks at his work done. We hear a "holy shit, holy shit" cheer from the crowd, but Cor Von is oblivious to Sabu being back up, and when he turns around he gets hit with a crossbody from Sabu.

For the next few minutes we get a variety of battles between Sabu and Cor Von, Burke and Sabu, Dreamer and Burke, Striker and Dreamer, until we get to the final stretch, where the Sandman and Elijah Burke are inside of the ring. The Sandman Irish Whips Burke off the ropes and bends over, looking to hit a flapjack, but Burke stops right before he gets to the Sandman and hits him with a huge uppercut to the jaw! Sandman falls down onto the ground and Burke drags him over to one of the corners before jumping onto the turnbuckle and doing a handstand before coming down with an elbow, landing on Sandman's chest. Burke quickly yells out "it's done with" and picks up the Sandman and pushes him into the turnbuckle before running to the opposite turnbuckle and connecting with the Elijah Express! Cor Von and Striker take out Sabu and Dreamer while Burke covers the Sandman for the three count at the 9:41 mark!

Burke celebrates his victory as Striker and Cor Von enter to celebrate with him as well. Tazz puts over Burke by saying that he is well ahead of his time and that he has the potential to become a future ECW Heavyweight Champion, judging by his performance here tonight. Styles then switches gears and they go backstage with Brooke, who's with Mike Knox!

Overall Rating: (68, 66, 70) **1/2


Brooke asks what Knox has been doing in his month absence from ECW, and Knox says that he was busy getting in shape and getting ready to destroy the whole roster of ECW, until he got his match against Bobby Lashley. Brooke says that the last time we saw Knox he was defeated by CM Punk. Knox says he was young and not ready at the time, but he's a changed man and he's ready to kill anyone that thinks they can mess with Knox. Tonight, he continues, Mike Knox is going to prove to everyone why this changed man will become the ECW Champion in no time. He then leaves as ECW goes to another commercial.

Rating: 52%


"Death Grip" plays as ECW comes back from commercial and Mike Knox makes his way down to the ring. Styles remarks that the 6 foot 6, two hundred and ninety three man from Phoenix, Arizona, is ready to show that ECW is the home of the biggest and best giant in the sport and that his first match is against Little Guido Maritado, who is already in the ring. Knox makes his way into the ring and the bell is rung as the match begins.

The match is nothing more then a squash to help put Knox over. Little Guido gets in little amount of offense, with Knox showing his power in the 3 minutes that they are inside of the ring. Knox starts it off with a scoop slam followed by a diving leg drop. He whips Little Guido off the ropes before landing a big boot. Knox hits a few more power moves, including a belly to back suplex and a backbreaker, before finishing off Little Guido at the 3:01 mark with a Swinging Reverse STO, which is coined the "Desert Destroyer" by Tazz. Knox celebrates his victory by beating Little Guido down some more before picking him up and throwing him over the top rope to the outside. Knox then gives the camera a hard stare as they go backstage to Hardcore Holly.

Overall Rating: (50, 35, 66) *1/2


Holly is busy getting on his wrestling gear, just minutes away from the main event. He is shown sliding on one armpad before sliding on another, and just before he is about to leave the door, Snitsky enters and gets in his way. Holly asks Snitsky what he wants, and Snitsky says that tonight he and Holly should team out to take out one of the other two, and then next week they team up on the other one and fight each other in the finals. Holly says he doesn't work with partners, but Snitsky says if he ever wants a chance at the ECW Heavyweight Championship, he'll agree to the plan. Holly takes a little bit of a pause, thinking, before telling Snitsky he will. Snitsky nods and gives out a grin, showing his disgusting yellow teeth, before leaving Holly's lockerroom as ECW goes to it's final commercial break.

Rating: 61%


Draft Video Package... 4 weeks... it comes!

ECW comes back from its final commercial break as "This Fire Burns" plays and CM Punk makes his way down to the ring. He comes out to some moderate cheers from the crowd, who show respect to the talented superstar. He comes out onto the top turnbuckle and points his finger down to his taped wrists and shouting it's "My Time". "Unglued" hits next and Snitsky, bald head and yellow teeth in all, makes his way down to the ring. He comes to a minimal size of heat, but Tazz remarks that he would not wanna even get within five feet of Snitsky because his breath might knock him out. Snitsky enters the ring and "How Do Ya Like Me Know" plays and Hardcore Holly makes his way out. Holly has his "no-nonsense, I don't give a fuck" attitude on, and when he goes into the ring he goes over to Snitsky and tells him something before going over to his own corner. Finally, "One of a Kind" hits and the only ECW Original in the match, Rob Van Dam comes out. He gives the crowd some high fives as he makes his way down the ring before he goes on top of the apron and does his "R-V-D" taunt. RVD then gets in the ring as the main event goes underway...

Snitsky takes out the fan favorite RVD out with a clothesline and throws him over the top rope while Holly works on Punk to start off the match, and then they both start to stomp on the downed Punk. The demolishing of Punk works for the first few minutes with no Van Dam in there, but once RVD makes his way back in, he makes his presence known. He connects with a springboard clothesline on Snitsky before getting inside of the ring and delivers a few punches to the back of Holly. Holly falls to the turnbuckle and RVD monkey flips him off the turnbuckle. Punk then runs at RVD and delivers a kick to the gut before turning and grabbing his head and hitting a bulldog!

For the next 6 minutes we see Holly and Snitsky work on both Punk and RVD, until we get to the end of the match where Snitsky has Punk in his Pumphandle Slam position, but RVD hits a springboard dropkick on Punk's back, which causes Punk to fall on top of Snitsky and get the pin for the 3 at 7:22! Snitsky is the first man eliminated in the elimination chase! Punk slides out of the ring quickly and celebrates, knowing he's stolen a win from Snitsky. Snitsky, on the otherhand, is pissed off to no end, but the referee tells him that there is nothing he can do. His shoulders were on the ground and his foot wasn't on the rope. Snitsky is still angry and vents his anger by taking the referee out with a big boot! Snitsky leaves the ring and we are shown Punk, Holly, and RVD staring at each other outside of the ring as ECW fades to black.

Overall Rating: (71, 71, 72) **3/4

We got a 3.19 rating for 'ECW on Sci-Fi'!
The attendance level was 9028 people.
We made $361120 from ticket sales.

Quick Results:
-Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, & Matt Striker def. Sabu, Tommy Dreamer & Sandman (9:41)
-Mike Knox def. Little Guido Maritado (3:01)
-CM Punk def. Snitsky, Rob Van Dam & Hardcore Holly in an Elimination Chase Fatal Fourway (Snitsky was pinned; is eliminated from the chase) (7:22)

Current Backlash Card:

Singles Match for the WWE Championship:

John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs. Carlito

Singles Match for the ECW Heavyweight Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Rob Van Dam/CM Punk/Hardcore Holly

More to be announced.
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