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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

Raw Feedback

Well done. Seriously, you really canít open a show much better than this. Vince McMahon was great, doing just as Vince would do, gloating and what not, nothing much to say. Triple H turning face is something I will really like, I mean the power trip was good and all, but you canít do it and be different to irl. Triple H is going to be the new Austin it would seem; this makes me think that by next years ĎMania Triple H will be champion. Whoever feuds with Vince is the new man. So, as I said earlier, awesome way to start the show. Quick question though, whatís happening with The Rock?

More epicness from Triple H here. I hope he and Stephanie remain together and he becomes the son in law from hell, would be a lot more original then just having them divorce and then everyone hating Triple H. This is my opinion anyway.

William Regal as Commissioner brings back some awesome memories. Taker/Triple H 2 should be great, McMahon should have been out of commission for a while though, you just made Triple Hís finisher look rather weak.

Rhyno getting the win over Jeff Hardy is something I was very happy with. For one, Hardy is a spot monkey who I really donít like. Two, Rhyno owns and not enough people realize that. Hopefully this is the start of some kind of push, at this stage in time Edge and Christian were kind of goof balls, Rhyno needs to get away from them and be on his own. Make it happen, and push him to the moon.

Eddie does all the talking, He seemed rather in character, but you tried to play on the Mexican heritage way to much. Like, Eddie never says no way, Jose, lol, it just made me laugh, there is such thing as in character and stereotypes and I think you got a little bit lost between the two. Also, even though on Smackdown there is going to be a big tag match, I feel as if maybe you took to long talking about that and the match for tonight was some what of an after thought. It should be a good match but I just donít like tonight being over shadowed by Smackdown.

Another fairly decent match up, even matches that donít really shine were good in the attitude era. As I said, seemed like a decent enough contest, and having Test pin Eddie is a great way to have Eddie still panicking for his match on Smackdown. I just hope you do something with Malenko and Saturn as well, and donít just have Eddie do everything.

Fairly lengthy interview here with Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. I loved Angle, he was completely on song and just another great interview. As for Benoit, he didnít talk much around this time, but he did seem decent enough. Limited lines for him is good. As for the submission match, it should be great, I can see an epic build up, just picture it, the ankle lock vs the crippler crossface. It has awesome written all over it, do it right please.

Old school Chris Jericho is for the win in so many different ways that it is not funny. Everything was great, I lolíd at the Tupac line as well. Only thing I didnít like was Jericho calling himself the ďKing of the worldĒ he didnít start that until 2002.

Nice win for Jericho over X Pac. X Pac and Justin Credible never got going irl and I cant see them getting any further in this thread. Thatís why 2000 is so much better, DX .

Too Cool being squashed is not cool, they were an okay tag team. Not in Edge and Christianís league, and I know the new champs have to get the win, but they could have had a bit of a better showing then this.

Edge and Christian getting some decent mic time was good to, one thing I have noticed is that in BTB, a lot of people never give their tag division mic time. Spike Dudley as bait, I get the idea, but I still donít see why Christian would chase Spike? Besides this, another good segment.

The Undertaker is warming up. Even just showing people getting ready for their matches, its something the WWE never does anymore, and its something that I really liked.

Austin is here as well. Great.

Stephanie and Vince are still talking. Good to not see Vince try and pry Trips and Steph apart, this means Trips shall own because he will stay in the family. Trish vs Stephanie is what I like to call a stinker.

Big Show squashing Raven. Ugh, I know you love Show, but please do something decent with Raven as well.

What an epic main event. Not only was it an epic main event but some how, some way Triple H picked up the victory. Just great all around, I know where Triple H is going from here, but I am curious to see just what you do with The Undertaker.

Business is about to pick up~! Oh SHIT~!

Austin was pretty good in this promo, his explanation was simple yet effective, and working with Vince makes things easier. As much as I liked this promo, at times it seemed a little to formal to be Austin so maybe just work on that for next time. The Rock was pretty awesome to if I am honest, I really donít know why he was standing at the bridge, I found it to be unneeded, if not a little stupid. An explanation would be nice.


Rock with the ambush, simply great work. Well done.

Overall, a very enjoyable show, hops of positives barely any negatives, keep it up my good friend.

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