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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Austin101 View Post
Rajah, you are mistaken. I'm sorry but Running is The single most efficient excercise in fat burning. Going fullout for the first fifteen followed by a jog and then a cool-down walking session is more effective.

I know some of you might not believe it knowing the long reviews I write-out on here but I am such a gym junkie.

Five days a week, 2-3 hours a day. Some say it's too long but fuck that, I make sure my muscles get the nutrients and lost fluid they need inbetween with breaks.

I just bought No-XPLODE for more energy and it's fucking incredible. No wonder it's so popular.

I love it.

The gym is my life...and oh yeah, I kind of enjoy Wrestling as well.

By the way, Invincible, RUNNING "IS" The best cardio to do in losing fat. It's been proven, so you were right.

I do that every day for 30 mins, run almost 5 K as I am going full out for at least 22 of those 30 minutes, at a pace not many could do and it took me two long years to get in shape to do this regularly.
*Lol, not mistaken. It's a proven fact. Bodybuilder's don't run.

*2-3 hours in the gym? Are you kidding me? Way too long, again that's a fact. You've obviously doing something totally wrong.

*Ask any reputable supplement seller and they'll tell you No-Xplode is crap, which it is. It's popular as it's marketed well. It's the same as any MuscleTech product. Well marketed but recommended by no-one with knowledge.

Stick to DVD reviews.
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