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Re: JLA Wrestling

JLA LiveWire

I just couldnt wait to post another LiveWire so I've posted this weeks eddition early.

"My sacrifice" by creed plays in the background, while the JFA superstars show what they can do. The video ends with Eric Bischoff smilling. The Miami crowd erupt as the camera shows the vast aray of signs and masks. We go to ringside with JR and Jerry the King Lawler.

JR- Ladies and gentlemen we've got a slobber knocker of a show for you tonight.

Jerry Lawler- That's right JR. Tonight a new JLA Hardcore champion will be crowned.

JR- Also two more matches in the JLA tournament will be fought here tonight.

Eric Bischoffs song blasts over the PA to a loud reaction of boos and jeeres.

Bischoff- Hello and welcome to the greatest show to appear on your telivision screens... JLA LiveWire. The crowd begin the JLA chant. Now tonight the prestigous Hardcore title will be on the line. Now we have a number of JLA superstars who want the chance to win this belt. Bischoff reveals the Hardore belt under his shirt which he later slings over his shoulder. I've been racking my brains to decide the type of match we should have. And after talking to my good freind and boss Vince McMahon we came to an agreement. Tonight in Cleveland Ohio we will have a match lasting exactly 30 minuites. There will be twenty superstars in this match all fighting in a no holds barred falls count anywere match. Anyone can be pinned during this 30 minuites and if you are the lucky supertar who has the last 3 count at the end of the thirty minuites you are the new hardcore champion. But that's not all for tonight. We will have two more matches in the JLA tournament. Brock Lesnar will fight... The Undertaker. Also Sting will be fighting the Broods Edge. Now lets get on with the show.

Akio vs Ultimo Dragon

Akio walks to the ring smiling.

JR- How can Akio be smiling after what he did to Jyushin "Tiger" Liger last week. Liger is still recieving treatment at the Florida hospital and will hopefully be back in action in a few weeks time.

Jerry Lawler- I dont blame Akio for what he did. He should of been in the cruiserweight title match... Not Jyushin "tiger" Liger.

Finish. Ultimo Dragon wrestles a good match pulling off some excellent submissions working on akio's arm through out the match. Ultimo Dragon looked to have the match won until Akio pulled off a school boy pin from nowhere using the ropes to get the three count.

Winner- Akio

Ultimate Dragon shakes his head in disgust knowing he was screwed by Akio.


We return to the DX locker room.

HHH- Did you see his face after the match I thought he was gonna cry.

Mr Ass- When I hit that Fame asser on the cocky bastard I knew the match was yours.

HHH- Now there's only Chris Benoit to get past and it's on to Bash at the Beach.

Sting vs Edge- JLA Tournament

Finish- The match looks like it could go either way with both wrestlers on the defence. Sting uses the scorpian death lock but to no avail, edge gets a hand to the bottom rope. After hiting the scorpian death drop the brood come to help there fellow member. Sting hits gangrel with a right hook causing him to go over the ropes landing hard on the mat. Christian try's to hit the unprettier for it to be reversed into a clothesline over the top rope. Sting turns around to be hit with the sphere by Edge. He hooks the leg for the referee to make the count 1..2..sting raises his shoulder. The fans go nuts. After edge pulls off some offensive moves causing one long 2 count sting begins to fight back. He connect with two punches to the skull of edge, Sting builds up momentum and hits a belly to belly suplex. The Brood sence somethings wrong. With Cristian disstracting the referee gangrel goes for sting with a clothesline, Sting ducks Gangrels arm and hits the Scorpian Death Drop, Gangrel rolls out of the ring holding on to his neck and head. The referee banns Christian from ringside who after arguing, reluctantley heads backstage. Sting spots Edge in the corner of the ring. The crowd know whats coming and they cant wait too see it. The stinger splash connects perfectly causing Edge to fall hard on the canvass. Sting grabbs the legs of Edge and hits the scorpian death lock. Edge trys to reach the ropes for a second time in the match. Sting makes sure Edge cant reach the ropes by pulling him further away. Edge cant stand the pain any longer and tapps.

Winner- Sting

Edge is helped backstage by his loyal Brood members. Sting celebrates infront of the Cleveland crowd.


We return to the JLA ring filled with twenty superstars.

Wrestlers participating.
The Dudley Boys.
Al Snow.
The Hardy Boys.
X Pac.
Hardcore Holly.
Spike Dudley.
Steve Blackman.
Taka Michinoku.
Paul London.
Billy Kidman.
DLo Brown.
Sheltan Benjamin.

1st pin- Spike Dudley.

2nd pin- X Pac.

3rd pin- Rosey

8th pin- Funaki.

5th pin- Raven.

6th pin- Viscera.

7th pin- X pac.

8th pin- Blackman.

9th pin - D Von.

10th pin- Taka Michinoku.

Finish- Raven and Steve Blackman are fighting backstage near the car park. With other wrestlers fighting each other near by. The countdown begins at 10. The JLA superstarrs franticly break pin after pin. Raven and Blackman break away from the group. Raven hits the even flow DDT for the cover. 1...2...3. The countdown ends seconds after and Raven is awarded the belt by Earl Hebner. The other JLA wreslters run after Raven who heads for the car park. He reaches his car and drives off. The other superstars watch Raven and the Hardcore Title ride off out of Cleveland.


We return with JR and Jerry "The king" Lawler at ringside.

JR- Welcome back to JLA LiveWire we are seconds away from are main event.

Jerry Lawler- I cant think straight JR... we've just witnessed one hell of a hardcore match and now we've got Brock Lesnar pushing his witts against the Undertaker in the JLA tournament.

JR- It's going to be one hell of a slobber knocker King.

"Rolling" blasts over the PA system as the revving of a motorcycle engine grows.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

Finish- Brocks strengh isnt as much of a driving force against the Undertaker as it would be against a cruiserweight or middleweight. The match contains a mixed aray of punches with the odd powerslam and supplex. Brock is encouraged by his manager and friend Paul Heyman at ringside. Undertaker's stiff wrestling style works well against the budding star and his experiance gives him an edge against the rookie. The match has been going for twenty two minuites and both wrestlers could win. Undertaker hits a flying larriot causing damage to Brocks neck--both wrestlers are down and breathing heavly.
JR- How can these two keep going!

Jerry Lawler- I dont know JR, it has to end soon or else these guys will kill themselves.

Both superstars get to there feet looking dazed--Brock charges at the undertaker with a sphere like move into the turnbuckle squashing the referee in the process. The referee is out cold. Brock see's an opening "Paul get the chair." Heyman enters the ring with a steal chair- Heyman walks over to Brock and hits him over the head with the chair. Lesnar is out cold. Heyman helps Undertaker to his feet and shakes his hand. Undertaker chokeslams the confussed Brock Lesnar. He covers Brock and Heyman uses the refs own hand to make the 3 count.
Winner- The Undertaker

After the match Undertaker and Paul Heyman Celebrate on the Titon Tron as Brock Lesnar recieves treatment.

JR- Paul Heyman has turned his back on his freind and cost him the chance to win the tiltle.

Jerry Lawler- Not only that JR, he's teamed up with the Undertaker.

JR- We could be looking at the new JLA champion.

Feel free to post any veiws you've got about JLA. They will be much appreciated.
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