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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima (Glory by Honor VI Night 2)

So in the first match, Morishima injured Danielson’s retina and orbital bone. In the second match, Shima again attacked the eye to save his title. Things have changed a little bit since these two were last in the ring together. Morishima is no longer the ROH champion, falling to Nigel McGuinness a month prior. Another change since then is the hatred that these two men now share for one another. The attack on the eye has lead Danielson to not care about the title for the time being. It’s time to escalate the violence. This takes place in the Manhattan Center, the same building where the first match between these two took place.

Danielson comes out with no eye patch this time, signifying that Morishima tried to get the job done and failed. His super focused entrance is a little touch that I like. Remember in the first 2 matches where Danielson connected with a dive early to take control? Well, he does it before the match even starts. He fucking MURDERS him on the outside before they eventually make it back into the ring. Morishima gets in control, but Dragon screams, “C’mon you mother fucker!” He’s challenging Morishima to finish a job that Dragon knows he can’t finish. Morishima is more than happy to oblige and clubs Dragon like a baby seal. This continues until Dragon capitalizes on a mistake and takes to the air. He’s not as strong as Morishima, but 200 pounds landing on anybody will do some damage. Speaking of doing some damage, Danielson looks to inflict damage of the permanent kind as he takes the ring bell hammer and stabs Morishima in the eye, but Shima hits a desperation Backdrop Driver on the floor. Damn. Danielson is knocked stupid after that. Every time he tries to climb back into the ring, Morishima hits him off and taunts him and the crowd. Danielson is busted open. He eventually gets back into the ring with the first successful Sunset Flip on Shima, but no time to celebrate as Shima quickly decapitates him with a Lariat. You know what’s next, but for the 4th time in the series, Danielson counter out of the Backdrop Driver. A vast array or Rolling Elbows, dropkicks to the knee, kicks to the chest and MMA Elbows are able to take down the monster. Danielson is throwing everything in his arsenal at Morishima tonight. Morishima is on the ropes so he desperately goes for Danielson’s eye again. Dragon is now the one in trouble, so he uppercuts Shima’s nuts to save himself from blindness. He then stomps Morshima’s balls to jelly and gets DQ’ed. Dragon couldn’t care less.

After they scrape what’s left of Morishima’s nuts off the mat, Nigel McGuinness comes out and questions Danielson’s motives. He points at the word “Honor” on the ring mat and asks Danielson if he has any left. Danielson is as amped as a guy who just snorted an eight ball and had 10 Red Bulls, so he kicks Nigel’s injured arm and mocks the Jawbreaker Lariat. New York LOVES that. This Bryan Danielson is a different guy who doesn’t care anymore.

Danielson cuts a promo in the back just moments after he walks through the curtain. Danielson says it wasn’t ‘eye for an eye’, it was eye ball for a different kind of ball tonight. Morishima may be a bad ass, but he can’t do what he did to Danielson without repercussions. And if Nigel wants to get in Dragon’s business, then Danielson can get into his by taking the World Title when the time comes.

Another insane match. This one was all about the violence and hate and I’m all for it. Hard to believe they squeezed all of this into 13 minutes as it never slowed down from before the match even started. They made me feel like this was a fight between two guys who want to legit hurt each other. The finish to me is perfect. Danielson wanted revenge and he got it all right. You knew there was going to be another match, and this only threw gas on the fire. Epic in ever sense of the word.

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