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Re: Mad Wrestling

“I am so excited about tonight's show I have already had to change my dress twice, it literally soaked right through.” -Lindsay Lohan

“Are you on the drugs again LiLo?” -Mike Bucci

“Mind your own business!” -Lindsay Lohan

“LiLo is right however, as this is definitely going to be an Adrenaline worth tuning in for. The anticipation is mostly due to the fact that Rob Van Dam will compete in his first match, but other than that we do have a great card booked.” -Mike Bucci


This match was far from entertaining, but not for the reason you would assume. The fact was that Danny Basham was like a fish out of water, with his tag team partner and proved himself very incapable as a singles wrestler. It was unfortunate that Little Guido had to tangle with Basham with the majority of the match, and although he had the upper hand the match didn't really swing in his favour. Shark Boy didn't have a poor showing, but simply it was Nigel McGuinness who was the only man out of the four that looked like he was made for something better and proved it when he hit the Jawbreaker Lariat on Shark Boy for the win.

Winner: Nigel McGuinness

For the second week in a row, McGuinness celebrated his victory by joining the fans on the other side of the barrier, in what has become a clearly a matter of respect for his fellow countrymen.


After a poor showing in the first match, Danny Basham is nursing himself as Doug is walking up and down in the locker room just looking annoyed.

“You know you are going to have to do better than that if we are going to stand any sort of change against The Kartel.” -Doug Basham

“Don't talk to me in that tone! Don't you think I realize that already” -Danny Basham

“Both both our sakes, I really hope you do.” -Doug Basham

It is more than clear, that this isn't the results the Basham brothers were looking for tonight.


Last week Burridge said Spike was on his “list”. It seemed though that Spike was unwilling to let his name be put on any list anytime soon. Spike pulled a number of aerial moves out his repertoire whilst Darren stuck to what he knows best, gritty and powerful but it seemed that neither man was really making enough ground to get the advantage over the other. It seemed that the frustration was too much for Burridge, as he took as steel chair from ring and brought it SMACK into Spike's face. The match was ended, as Spike was given the match via disqualification

Winner: Spike Dudley (via DQ)

However, it was Burridge who was standing over Spike's limp body at the end of the match and despite what the win and losses column reads it was more than clear which man came out on top.



The Kartel our a team that have been working with each other solidly for nearly a decade, whilst A-1 and Devine were only part of the stable Team Canada for three years. The difference showed from the start, as it was clear that The Kartel were so much more capable as a team that Devine and A-1 that it almost looked like they had been put against a pair of jobbers just for the sake of being put over. The match ended as Samuels took A-1 out with the Exploder Suplex, for Frazier to get the cover.

Winner: The Kartel

The Kartel mad their way backstage, with the assumption they were going to celebrate however both A-1 and Devine remained in the ring and it was clear that they had something to say. Devine, known far more for his vocal skills than his partner took the mike.

“Tonight could have been the re-birth of something great, something phenomenal, something truly amazing. However, with the Kartel taking the victory and pretty much putting themselves in a league above us it is more than clear that some changes need to be made. And both me and Alastair agree on this. That is why we are make this statement we want to bring the old team back together...and there is no other team greater than Team Canada.” -Johnny Devine


“Not just yet A-1. We haven't reformed yet. You see Jack, Teddy, Robert, Petey, Eric and Scott we need at least two if not three of you to join us if we are to make this official. If not, I guess me and A-1 will have to go our separate ways and look for a new direction for both our careers.” -Johnny Devine


Summary :
It isn't surprising that the pairing of Richards and the Sandman very much had the early advantage, in what was effectively for the pairing tornado tag rules. However, as RVD start putting up a bit more of fight it seemed the pairing got their wires crossed and rather than going for the victory seemed to be more concerned on which on of them was going to get the credit for the pin or submission and the match soon transpired very much into what looked more like a triple threat match. This was ultimately the pairs downfall, as RVD sent Richards over the ropes with the running drop kick, before taking Sandman out for the count via the Five Star Frog Splash!

Winner: Rob Van Dam

RVD enjoyed the moment, soaking up the admiration from the fans before grabbing a microphone off a ringside official.

“So everybody here tonight, who is going to be the next NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Champion?” -Rob Van Dam


“Well it is clear who the fans expect to become our first world champion, and after a performance like that I can totally understand why. This man is the reason why Mad Wrestling is going to remembered forever. Good Night from me Mike Bucci.” -Mike Bucci

“And me, LiLo.” -Lindsay Lohan
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