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Re: JLA Wrestling


"My sacrifice" by creed plays in the background, while the JFA superstars show what they can do. The video ends with Eric Bischoff smilling. The Miami crowd erupt as the camera shows the vast aray of signs and masks. We go to ringside with JR and Jerry the King Lawler.

Jim Ross- Hello and welcome to LiveWire. Ladies and Gentlemen this is a momentus occasion as it is the first LiveWire show.

Jerry Lawler- Thats right JR it is, and I'm sure are General Manager Eric Bischoff has something special in store for us tonight.

Eric Bischoffs song blasts over the PA to a loud reaction of boos and jeeres.

Bischoff- Hello and welcome to the first ever JLA LiveWire. I just know that with me on the helm, this show can be the greetest to ever be seen on TV. Now as we all know the JLA have five vacant titles. And tonight right here in Miami Florida two of these titles will be up for grabbs. The crowd errupt. The cruiserweight title will be on the line tonight in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match with Rey Mysterio, Tajjiri, Jyushin Tiger Liger and Billy Kidman all competing. Also tonight, there will be an over the top rope battle royal for the...Intercontinental championship. There will be twenty participants in this spectical... so enjoy. Next week the Hardcore title will be on the line. And the week after so will the tag team titles. Then at JLA's first ever pay per view...the prestiegus World Heavy Weight Title will be on the line. To decide who will be in this match we will have a tournament. The first two matches in this tournament are... HHH against The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels, also Chris Benoit against Hardcore Holly. Now you know the matches we can get on with the show. The crowd errupt with applause.


We return to JR and the King at ringside.

JR- Well king we've heard some huge announcements from are general manager.

Jerry Lawler Thats right JR, but if think the most impotant was concerning the World Title, were going to have a tournament to decide who is the main event at the Bash At The Beach, were the first ever JLA World Heavyweight Title winner will be crowned.

Chris Benoits Music Blasts onto the PA system causing the fans to go insane.

JR- He looks confident going into this match doesnt he king?

Jerry Lawler- a little too confident for my liking JR.

Hardcore Holly is already in the ring after being booed by the excited crowd.

Hardcore Holly vs Chris Benoit- JLA Tournament

The finish- Hardcore Holly taps from the crippler cross face.

Chris Benoit celebrates in front of his loving crowd, as Harcore Holly walks back to the locker room knowing he's blown his chance to be the first ever JLA Champion.

Winner- Chris Benoit

We then go back stage with D Generation X

HHH- You know what you have to do boys. I have to be the first ever JLA Champion it's in my blood.

X pac Dont worry H you can trust us.

We then go to the Dudley Boys locker room.

D Von- Bub Buh are you ready for are match with the Headbangers. This is are first match so we have to make an impression, do you know what I mean?

Bub Buh Ray- Oh I no no no no no what you mean D D D D D D D D Von.


We return to the Tag Team Match Between The Dudley Boys and the Headbangers.

Dudley Boys vs The Headbangers

The finish- The Dudley boys win with a 3D on Thrasher whilst Mosh is hurt outside the ring.

The Dudley Boys are not finished there. Bub Buh Ray stares at Dvon then pushes him, (the crowd are not sure what is happening) Bub Buh breaks the silence
"D Von... get the table". They set up the table in the middle of the ring and then irish whip the dazed Thrasher into the ropes setting him up for a 3D through the table. ( The Crowd are not happy about one there favorite wrestlers being slammed through a table.) The Dudley Boys get the first impresion they wanted.

Winners- The Dudley Boys

We then go to Jyushin Liger and Rey Mysterio bakstage.

Jyushin Liger- Good look out there Rey, i know the better man will win.

Rey Mysterio- Ditto Tiger, i just hope its one us that wins and not Tajjiri or Kidman.

Jyushin Liger- I know what you mean.


We return to the cruiserweight title match.

Tajjiri vs Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio jr vs Jyushin "Tiger" Liger- Cruiserweight Title.

First Elimination- Billy Kidman. He is pinned by Jyushin "Tiger" Liger after the Liger Bomb.

Second Elimination- Tajjiri. He is pinned by Rey Mysterio jr after the 619. When Tajjiri is asked to leave by the referee he sprays green mist into the officials eyes then leaves in a huff.

Finish- Rey Mysterio helps the referee out of the ring with Jyushin Liger waiting eagerly in the ring. Akio runs into the ring armed with a steel chair and hits Jyushin Liger over the head causing a concussion. After aiding to the referee the unsuspecting Rey Mysterio hits the moonsault and wins the match.

New Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio.

Rey mysterio celebrates with his new title in the ring. As this is happening Jyushin Liger is sent to the hospital.


We return with twenty JLA supertars in the ring all fighting for the intercontinental championship.

20 man battle royal- Intercontinental title

1st elimination. Paul London by Tajjiri.
2nd elimination. Gangrel by X Pac.
3rd elimination. Dlo by Edge and Christian.
4th elimination. Christian by Edge.
5th elimination. Matt Hardy by Taz.
6th elimination. Hurracaine by Taz.
7th elimination. Road Dogg by Viscera.
8th elimination. Viscera by Taz.
9th elimination. Shelton Benjamin by Edge.
10th elimination. Tajjiri by X pac.
11th elimination. X Pac by Taz
12th elimination. Edge by Rikishi.
13th elimination. Ultimo Dragon by Rosie.
14th elimination. Rosie by Taz.
15th elimination. Jeff Hardy by Taz.
16th elimination. Raven by Al Snow
17th elimination. Al Snow by Rikishi.
18th elimination. Steve Blackman by Taz.

Finish- Taz clothlines Rikishi over the top rope, although Taz cant controll himself and drops to the floor at the exact same time as Rikishi.

Winner- Draw.

Eric Bischoff enters the ring to sort out the confussion of who wins the match.

Bischoff- There is only one way to settle this dispute, and that is in a match between Taz and Rikishi at the Bash at the Beach. Now this will not be your ordinary singles match...no way, this is JLA wrestling, and if the intercontinental championship is on the line, it will be in a... Last man standing match.

JR- Did you hear that king, the intercontinental title will be on the line at bash at the beach.

Jerry Lawler- Your forgeting the most important thing JR, it's going to be a Last man standing match.


We restart with HBK and Sting backstage.

Sting- Be carefull out there Shawn, I'm sure DX are planning something.

HBK- Dont worry man, I can handle DX. Now I've gotta go and kick Triple HHH's ass.

HHH vs Shawn Michaels- JLA Tournament

Finish- HBK is in controll of most of the match hitting HHH with some great moves including an excellant snap suplex . Around the twenty minuite mark Shawn goes for a sweet chin music on HHH, sadly Hunter ducks under the finisher and HBK's boot connects with the referee's chin. The referee is out cold. Michaels goes for the finisher again on HHH and connects. Shawn covers Hunter but to no avail, the referee cant make the count. DX see a perfect opening and run to the ring HBK throws lefts and rights hitting X Pac and the other D'Generates, sadly there are just too many for Michales to fight back and he gets hit with a Fame Asser. DX flee the scene leaving HBK injured. Tripple H finds his bearings and see's Shawn on the floor, a smile spreads on HHH's face. He hits Michales with a pedigree and then hooks the leg. Earl Hebner runs in to make the count 1...2...3.

Winner- HHH
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