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“Welcome back everybody, because after the average product we put out last week I wouldn't have been too shocked if we had lost interest of a number of people. We are coming live the Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall in Essex for another edition of Adrenaline the only place you can see Mad Wrestling.” -Mike Bucci

“Ignoring some initial teething problems that took place last week, I think we are on course to establishing ourselves as one of the more successful independent companies currently involved in the business.” -Lindsay Lohan

“For instance we have a main event that is worth waiting for, as the Bashams hope to exact some revenge on the The Kartel after that incident last week. Not only is this a battle for pride and placement, but it will be the UK vs. USA and so definitely worth tuning in for.” -Mike Bucci

“Lets cut backstage now, as I am being informed a member of the roster wants to get something off his chest.” -Lindsay Lohan


Darren Burridge, the man who in the past made a name for himself in the Doncaster based promotion 1PW! in Team S.H.A.G with Colt Cabana is standing microphone in hand and with a cheeky grin on his face.

“Good evening all, my name is Darren Burridge and I am the most pukka wrestler ever to come out of the England. If you were to define me, it would be fitting to compare me to something like an illegal betting ring. Everyones wants to have a go, nothing is ever played by the book and the house always wins. The truth is, that illegality is only any issues once plod has you in handcuffs and is reading you your rights. This ultimately mean that I will do anything it takes to get what is needed done. That is why I have this hit list.” -Darren Burridge

Darren lifts up a piece of paper to the camera, but what is written on it can't be clearly made out.

“And in my game you always need to prioritize, that is why first on my list is none other than....Spike Dudley. 'Av It Ya Slag!” -Darren Burridge


Both men clearly know that they shouldn't be opening the card, and so were eager to impress management. McGuinness worked with the fans, having clear home support and worked this his advantage having the fans pump him up when such was required. Devine however, was unwilling to stand down and no be noticed and pulled out some aerial maneuvers that made a name for himself whilst he was in the X-Division. The match was ended when Devine went for a do or die move, that ultimately didn't pay off as he inevitably hurt himself as he hit the mat. It only took McGuinness to lock Devine in the London Dungeon for a couple of seconds before he tapped out.

Winner: Nigel McGuinness

McGuinness exited the ring, and showed his appreciation to the fans as he climbed over the barrier and joined them for a post match celebration. It is clear, that McGuinness will always be a firm fan favourite during any show in the United Kingdom.



This match proved to be an all out brawl, with all four men eager to rectify there losses of last week apart from Shark Boy who was very much still in lime light of that momentous three way dance. The match started with A-1 and Shark Boy going at each other, and Guido and Spike going for a bit of a throwback to the ECW days. The match was short lived however, when Spike and Shark Boy ended brawling outside the ring, only for Little Guido to say Arrivederci to A-1 before getting an easy pinfall

Winner: Little Guido


“Do you have any idea what is going to be said?” -Lindsay Lohan

“I have no idea LiLo, other than Mad Wrestling's C.E.O Richard Glock is coming out to make an announcement, all I can say is that it must be important.” -Mike Bucci

Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way

Out from the back steps none other than the figure of Richard Glock himself wearing a complete suit with tie, accompanying him to the ring possibly for his protection our The Sandman and Davey Richards. Two men who have not been scheduled to compete tonight. It doesn't take long until all three are in the ring, and Glock has microphone in his hand.

“Good evening my name is Richard Glock, and I am the C.E.O. Of Mad Wrestling. And I must say how impressed I am with the way we as a small family are growing into a final product. The reason I came out tonight, was I have quite a big announcement to make. Over the last couple of weeks I have been in heavy discussion with Bob Trobich the Executive Director of the N.W.A. and a decision has been made that we had Mad Wrestling will become the official UK territory for the organization. And so I can reveal that over the next few weeks management deciding who is in shot to become the winner of the NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Title as shown on the screen.” -Richard Glock

“Now the reason I brought out Richards and the Sandman with me, is these two guys are clearly currently the best two forms of talent we possess at Mad Wrestling and are clearly the top contenders for the belt and...” -Richard Glock

Suddenly, Glock is cut off as music starts to blast out of the PA system...

I've got this feeling deep inside.
But what it is I don't know.
My vision starts to change.
My mind gets filled with rage.
I raise my fists up to the sky.
Whatdaya see?

The music is all to familiar, and out from the back walks out the iconic figure that is Rob Van Dam who has a sly smile on his face.

The fear I see when I look in your eyes.
Makes you believe I'm one of a kind (one of a kind)
The fear I leave in the back of your mind.
Makes you believe I'm One of a kind.
Hey, Hey, Hey, One of a Kind!
Hey, Hey, Hey, One of a Kind!

The music finally fades out as the fans chant as Rob does his famous, thumbs point.


“What is the meaning of this? You can't interrupt me!” -Richard Glock

Rob Van Dam just smiles as he clambers into the ring, taking a microphone.

“I think you will find out I can pretty much do whatever I want, I believe that is written into my contract. Not to mention that I am Mr. Thursday Night!” -Rob Van Dam


“Is that so, well if you really think you are the next thing then I am going to put you in a match next week as a lesson of why no one disrespects me. Next week you are going to face Richards and Sandman in a handicap two on one match!” -Richard Glock

Rob just smiles at what was just announced, being a man who has never backed down in a fight it is obvious he isn't to worried.

“Oh My Gawd! ROB VAN DAM!” -Mike Bucci

“WHO?” -Lindsay Lohan


At the beginning of the match the Bashams seemed to make themselves known, and cause as much pain as possible to the Kartel in response to their cheap shot attack last week. Once the match settled both teams showed their capabilities as a tag-teams but also what was lacking as individuals. Kartel showed some skill as Samuels connected with a Mongolian Chop to Danny Basham that was followed up by a Kartel kick from Frazier. Doug saved the day, but was not rewarded for it as the Kartel took him out with the Winning Combination as they took the victory.

Winner: The Kartel

After the match, the Kartel celebrated on the entrance ramp but were interrupted as Danny Basham signaled for the technician's to cut the music as he took the microphone.

“I don't care if it is next week, or a couple of weeks after...we want a damn re-match!” -Danny Basham

“What a show we had this week LiLo. We have a heavyweight title, not to mention the signing of Rob Van Damn. I can't wait for the next show.” -Mike Bucci

“And I can't wait till you and me get back to our hotel room.” -Lindsay Lohan

{Decided to do quick results for matches, and extend them for PPV only}
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