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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Raw Feedback

Always great to start off the show after ĎMania with a recap of ĎMania, all the results are the same, not much to comment on really, just thought I would, because I hate some people who totally ignore the recap video of ĎMania on to of the show. Sometimes for me, itís the little things that count.

Okay, so since this is recap I canít really say too much but what I will say is Cena saying that there should be a new number one contender comes off a bit heelish. It is like he is trying to avoid a rematch. I donít know if this is seeds being planted, or if you just plain messed up so I thought I would mention it. It probably would have been a lot better if Cena said something like who ever there is in the back that I havenít faced, if you want some, come get some. Just would have sounded more Cena and would have fitted his character a lot better rather then just flat out saying Shawn Michaels should not get a rematch. Shawn Michael also seemed a lot like a heel, when its face against face there are some things you have to watch out for. Having this in recap makes it that much harder as we donít see the true emotion that the two guys have. Such words as fluke straight away make HBK sound as if he is down playing Cenaís talent, and that is something that during a face against face feud should not happen, unless one of the guys is going to turn heel soon. Cena was better here finally saying that line, made it seem like he wasnít scared, it was probably the first proper face thing he has said in this promo. The Coach as GM, imo, is a great decision. I am a mark for The Coach, I love his cockiness and all, Vinnie Mac taking leave is a good option, the whole hair storyline sucked, and this was a nice way for you to scrap that. Having to have tag team matches all the way up until Backlash is something that would usually get a tad boring, but due to it only being four weeks away I can see some nice, slow tension building, in all of these tag matches. In a summary, I wasnít a fan of both superstars talking, but Coach came out and straightened things up, we should now have an entertaining build to Backlash and a great main event at Backlash.

Armando Estrada is another man that I mark for, and I must say that he should have a great future in this thread if you re push him after he was embarrassed by Bobby Lashley at ĎMania. Usually AAE tries to calm Umaga down, but he really seemed as if he just wanted Umaga to go out for blood tonight, I will like that a lot but it seems as if there will be trouble for Super Crazy.

Just a little note, yes its nit picky and I donít usually care about to many mistakes, however, its Samoan Drop not Samoa Drop, one thing I hate is when people write out moves with incorrect spelling. On to the good news, this is exactly what Umaga needed; the splash through the table after the match was great just to re-invent him as a monster again. Perfect, I say feed him maybe one more jobber and then he will be ready to rumble again.

Carlito getting put on the show individually, without Flair is good in my eyes. ĎLito needs to be alone to be a success, I can see him not winning tonight, he needs to turn heel and ditch Flair. Anyway, just having this interview, which seemed in character enough BTW, shows me that your willing to give him some kind of push and that is exactly what I want to hear.

Masterlock challenge? I guess itís alright that youíre continuing with it after Lashley broke the lock a few weeks ago. Masters excuse made me lol to be honest. Okay, so this is not exactly entertaining, Masters doesnít look big and bad by defeating Jim Duggan, unlike Umaga I donít think Masters can pull it off. Having them have a proper wrestling match next week almost makes me cry, if your trying to push Masters having him compete against Jim Duggan for a few weeks in a row is definitely not the way to go.

Uggghhhh, by the looks of this youíre going for another Edge/Hardy feud. No matter what Hardy it is, feuding between any member of this family and Edge has been done to death, I think this is sometimes the problem with threads around this era; the same things get done over and over again. Also, Edge should be doing so much better, he is a former WWE Champion, where as Jeff Hardy is hopeless. Donít try telling me otherwise.

Val Venis and Kenny Dykstra in a match for the number one contendership for the IC Title makes me laugh. Automatically I knew that either Johnny Nitro or Carlito was going to win. Iím not going to lie, I was a little shocked to see Carlito come away with the victory, I really think he needs to be heel and needs to ditch Flair, maybe this will happen after he wins gold? Anyway, still not a great match up because rather than Nitro and Carlito going at it, they both paired off with a jobber each.

Good that the drafts is coming, at this stage, and itís still only early, you really need to freshen things up.

Oh my god, now we have got The Highlanders facing Cena and Michaels. This is a match I was expecting to be good; Coach just ruined that for me.

Okay, well another stinker if you ask me, just a match to continue the build for HBK/Cena at Backlash. Looking good anyway, like seriously looking good, I wish you the best of luck from where you go from here with this, but these two and Umaga are the things keeping this show from stinking If I am brutally honest.

This love story crap between Carlito and Ric Flair needs to hurry up and end. If Carlito some how takes the title off of Umaga art Backlash with this personality he has currently, I will be very upset.

Video promo for main event is really not needed. I guess extra hype is alright, but there is really no history between the two, this just seems like a way to add in an extra segment.

The main event was pretty entertaining; however it seemed like a typical Jeff Hardy match, a lot of spots and no in ring psychology. Meh, I would prefer a slow match with a whole heap of psychology tbh. Anyway, loved the ending and the aftermath, Edge showing his brutal side is something I will always love and something I commend everybody to do. I personally hope Hardy is out for a while. Anyway, great way to end the show.

Overall, despite two good matches being made for Backlash I feel as if this show really lacked, had glimpses of good stuff but it was obvious your still getting comfortable with the era your doing. Anyway, this is all constructive criticism, take it in the right way and I am sure you will get better. I have seen you produce nice and entertaining shows, besides Cena/HBK, Umaga and Edge everything else was meh, I expect things to heat up or at least be a bit better before the draft. Keep at it.

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