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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Monday Night RAW
April 2, 2007

Monday Night RAW kicks off in a recap from last-nights epic Wrestlemania 23, with "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva playing overtop the video. We see a recap of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, with Mr. Kennedy coming out on top. Then we go to the World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and the Undertaker, with the Undertaker coming out on top and going 15-0 at Wrestlemania. Next is the Hair vs. Hair match with Donald Trump's representative Bobby Lashley defeating Mr. McMahon's representative Umaga, then McMahon shown being shaved bald by Lashley, Trump, and the special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin. Finally, we go to the most anticipated match of the night, the WWE Championship match between John Cena and the 'Heart-Break Kid' Shawn Michaels. We see some highlights of the epic battle before Cena locks in the STF-U on Michaels and Michaels submits. Cena is shown holding up his WWE Championship on the top turnbuckle as the video ends.

Monday Night RAW then cuts out to the arena and we hear the music of the current WWE Champion John Cena. Cena comes down with the WWE Championship wrapped around his shoulder, his World Tag-Team Championship wrapped around his waist and a mixed reaction from the fans. He comes out and talks about how he and Shawn Michaels had one of the greatest Wresltemania main events that the fans will ever witness. He continues to put over how great of a challenge that Shawn was, but since he defeated him with no controversey, he thinks that there should be a new number one contender crowned. That got a rise out of the crowd, and shortly after we heard "Sexy Boy" blazed throughout the crowd, with Shawn Michaels coming down to the ring with his World Tag-Team Championship around his waist.

Shawn says that John got him last night, and that he's right that a new number one contender should be crowned. The crowd comes off a little surprised at this, not knowing what reaction to give. But, Shawn continues to say that he can beat Cena, and that his win last night was a fluke. Cena now gives HBK an upset look, but Shawn continues. Shawn says that he could beat him here tonight and take that title off of him. Cena says if Shawn wants some then he can come get some, but just before the two can get face to face, Jonathan Coachman makes his way out to the entrance ramp.

The crowd boos the Coach, but the Coach waits for them to shut up before he goes on. He says that Mr. McMahon has taken a 'leave of absence' after his degrading loss at Wrestlemania 23, so until Mr. McMahon makes his return, Coachman is the general manager, which receives some boos from the fans. He continues by saying that if Shawn wants his rematch, he's gonna get it...at Backlash in four weeks. The crowd cheers for the announcement, and the pair of Cena and Michaels smile at each other, knowing that part duex is coming up soon. Coachman says he isn't done, though, and that these two have a responsibility - and that's the World Tag-Team Championships. Coachman says that teams have been lining up in front of his office left and right, begging for a title match against you two. So, starting tonight until Backlash, you two will be teaming up against any tag-team that he can throw at them. If that team wins a non-title match against the two of them, they will receive a World Tag-Team Championship shot the next week.

Coach is about to leave, but adds in that if Shawn leaves Cena in any of their tag-team matches, he will be stripped of his number one contendership spot, and if Cena leaves Shawn in any of their tag-team matches, he will be stripped of his WWE Championship. Coachman then finally does leave as Cena and Shawn stare off as RAW goes to commercial.

Rating: 88%


RAW comes back on the air with the 'Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga in his lockerroom with his manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada. AAE tells Umaga, in Samoan, that he didn't let anyone down last night, and that he is still the most dominant force on RAW. Umaga nods his head and shouts out something in Samoan. AAE tells Umaga that he has a match tonight against Super Crazy and that he's gonna make the Mexican bleed. Umaga lets out a toothy grin and they walk out of the lockerroom as RAW goes back out to the arena.

"I am Super, I am Crazy, I am SUPER CRAZY!" hits and Super Crazy makes his way out to the ring. He has his usual Mexican themed outfit on and gives the crowd high fives before doing a rolling saumersault to enter the ring. "Virtual VooDoo" hits next and Umaga makes his way out again with the Intercontinental Championship hanging from his mouth and Armando Alejandro Estrada coming out by his side. Umaga enters the ring and the first match of the night begins.

The match is just a short squash match, with Umaga dominating the much smaller luchador for the whole match. He begins with taking Super Crazy out with a running lariat. He quickly picks him up like a ragdoll and listens to Estrada's directions. Umaga Irish Whips Super Crazy off the ropes and meets him with a jumping Samoa Drop! Crazy falls hard on his back and Umaga gives out a freakish smile on his face. He drags Crazy over to one of the turnbuckles in a seating position. He goes over to the opposite side of the turnbuckle and charges at Super Crazy before hitting a Samoan Wrecking Ball! Umaga listens to Estrada's directions some more and picks Super Crazy up before connecting with the Samoan Spike in the middle of the ring for the win at the 2:38 mark!

Overall Rating: (67, 68, 66) **

Umaga celebrates his victory and Estrada comes in quickly and hands Umaga his Intercontinental Championship. Estrada then grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia and says that Umaga isn't done with the Mexican yet and that he's gonna BLEED. He orders Umaga to go outside of the ring and get something under the ring. After a few seconds of searching Umaga pulls out...a TABLE! Umaga slides it into the ring and sets it up while Estrada stomps on the helpless Super Crazy. Umaga sets him on the table and climbs the top rope while Estrada keeps Crazy on the table. Umaga slaps his pecs and dives off of the turnbuckle before connecting with a BODY SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE! Crazy looks knocked out, but Umaga is handed a pair of Brass Knuckles from his manager. Estrada picks Crazy up and Umaga quickly charges and lands a brass knuckles shot to the face! Crazy is now bleeding from the mouth and Estrada quickly puts his hat back on and his cigar back in his mouth before he calls Umaga back and they leave the ring. While the EMT's work on Super Crazy, we are taken backstage with Kelly Kelly who's with Carlito.


Kelly asks Carlito how it felt to be left off the WrestleMania 23 card, and Carlito says that it was not cool. He and Ric Flair had been teaming up and winning matches, yet they still aren't getting any title shots. So he talked to Ric about it and Ric gave him his blessing to wrestle tonight in a fatal-fourway for the number one contendership of the Intercontinental Championship. Kelly asks him what his thoughts are going into the match, and Carlito says that he's going to use the advice that Ric gave him before he came out here and that was to give his all, because it's cool. He then leaves as RAW goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 80%


RAW comes back on air and 'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters is in the middle of the ring, with a chair seated right in front of him. He says that tonight he's going to hold his annual Masterlock challenge. He says he knows that Bobby Lashley broke out of the hold a few weeks ago, but that was only because he had some dirt in his eye and was distracted. He promised tonight that whoever came out would not break out of his hold. After a few seconds of waiting for someone to come out "OOOOOO" hits and 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan makes his way out, with his 2 by 4 in his hand. He gets some U.S.A chants from the crowd before taking the microphone from Masters' hand and telling him to simply "Bring it, tough guy!" Duggan then sits on the chair and waits for Masters to lock the Masterlock in. Masters slowly locks in one arm before quickly locking in the other and swinging Duggan around as he has the Masterlock locked in. Duggan tries to fight on for a few seconds but his face quickly turns purple and passes out from the Masterlock.

The bell rings and Masters quickly drops Duggan to the ground. Duggan's head is beet red from the Masterlock, but Masters seems happy with the result. He goes back out of the ring and grabs the microphone and brags about how he didn't even break a sweat. He says he's gonna show Duggan what will really happen when he makes Masters mad next week in a match next week. Masters puts his hands in a Masterlock position as the camera's go backstage to Jeff Hardy.



Hardy has ice on his neck and leg from his huge jump during the Money In The Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania 23. A doctor is still doing some work on Hardy when Edge enters the lockerroom. Edge is sporting tape around his waist and tells Hardy that he cost him another chance at becoming World Champion, and that he's gonna pay. Hardy says he's not medically cleared to wrestle tonight, so it's a no-go for him. Edge says that he cost him a shot for a future World Championship because of his stupid tactics, so he wants him in the ring tonight. If Hardy doesn't come out, he's going to come back here and make sure that Hardy won't be medically cleared to wrestle - ever. Hardy gets up off the bed and they stare off as RAW goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 94%


RAW comes back from the commercial break and Val Venis and Kenny Dykstra are already in the ring in opposite corners. After a few seconds of hype by JR & King, "Cool" hits and Carlito makes his way out to the ring. Carlito throws an apple up and down and bites on it as he enters the ring, before finally "Papparazzi" plays and Johnny Nitro makes his way down. He takes off his fur coat once he enters the ring and tosses it onto the ground while Lillian Garcia announces the match as a fatal-fourway for an Intercontinental Championship match at Backlash.

The match is rather short for what's at stake, just going over the six minute mark. The main focus is on Nitro, who is dominating Venis on one side while Carlito and Dykstra battle it out on the other. Nitro hit a Nitro Blast on Venis midway through the match, but Dykstra broke it up at two with an axe handle to Nitro's back. For the next few minutes the guys keep switching on who they go after, until we get to the finish where Dykstra hit a Gullotine Leg Drop from the top rope on Venis and celebrates for a few seconds, but quickly gets hit with a Superkick from Nitro, who receives some jeers from the crowd. Nitro is close to covering Dykstra but Carlito goes low on Nitro and nails him with a low-blow, a classic Nature Boy move. Carlito rolls Nitro up and wins at the 6:04 mark to become the number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship! Carlito celebrates his victory with his arm being raised by the referee. He quickly leaves the ring, though, and we get a video package...

Overall Rating: (67, 68, 65) **

Draft Video Package... 4 weeks... it comes!

We come back and we appear next to General Manager Jonathan Coachman's office. There are many guys there, the World's Greatest Tag-Team, the Redneck Wrecking Crew, Cryme Tyme, & the Highlanders, most notably. They're all arguing within themselves about who should get the first shot against the current World Tag-Team Champions Shawn Michaels and John Cena. Coachman comes out from his office and tells them all to settle down. He says that he's randomly selected the first challengers and it's going to be... the Highlanders! Robbie and Rory look at each other and point at themselves, realizing they get the first shot. They jump up and down, but the other three teams don't look too happy. Coachman tells them that they better get their butts out there, because their match is next.

Rating: 59%


RAW Comes back on and the Highlanders are busy making their way down to the ring, still somewhat awestruct that they get the first opportunity. Eventually they get in the ring and "Sexy-Boy" hits, with the 'Showstopper' Shawn Michaels making his way down to the ring. He has the World Tag-Team Championship around his waist and enters the ring. After a few seconds of standing on the turnbuckles and doing a few taunts, he waits, along with his opponents, for his tag-team partner. "You Can't See Me" plays and the current WWE Champion and one half of the tag-team champions John Cena makes his way out to the ring. Cena gives the fans high fives and quickly enters the ring, looking pumped up and ready to compete, although HBK doesn't feel the same way. He hands both of his titles to the referee and the match is underway.

HBK starts off the match for his team, highly insisting it, I may add, while Robbie starts for his team. Cena and HBK actually work pretty well today, with this match not taking an extended period of time. Both Cena and HBK get their signature moves off on the Highlanders, who, as noted by JR, still seemed amazed at getting the first shot that they can't even move. The match ends rather quickly with Cena picking up the pin for his team after a F-U on Rory at the 4:27 mark.

After the match the Highlanders are quickly dispensed and we are left with Cena and Michaels in the middle of the ring. The two of them give a hard stare before Cena offers his hand out to HBK. HBK pauses before grabbing Cena's hand and giving him a firm handshake. Cena is about to go back and start celebrating, but HBK pulls him back in closer and they are almost so close that they can see the intensity on the other man's face. Shawn lets go and leaves with his World Tag-Team Championship, while Cena celebrates on the top turnbuckle with his titles. We then cut backstage.

Overall Rating: (72, 74, 69) *1/2


We see Carlito walking in an empty hallway, now in street clothes, and someone shouts out his name. Carlito turns around and it's none other then 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair. Ric quickly grabs his hand and congratulates Carlito on his win a couple of minutes ago. Carlito thanks him, and the only way he would've won is because he's been being mentored by the best in the world. Flair smiles, but he reminds Carlito that he's still on a mission, and that mission has to be the Intercontinental Championship. Umaga isn't a walk in the park, and we're going to have to get you in training for that Intercontinental Championship match at Backlash. Carlito nods, and Flair tells him that facing Umaga will be like facing a gauntlet, so he's going to try and prepare him for it. Carlito nods again, taking it all in, as the two walk off as RAW goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 87%


A video promo then comes again, and it's hyping up the next match, the Main Event, featuring Jeff Hardy and Edge. It shows a quick history of Edge's accomplishments, including his first ever WWE Championship win at New Years Revolution, and Jeff's accomplishments, including his multiple tag-team and Intercontinental Championship reigns. It then shows Hardy's attack on Edge last night in the Money In the Bank ladder match, and it ends with "Edge vs. Jeff Hardy: Somethin's gotta give!"

Rating: 86%

We then go to the arena and "Metalingus" plays, with the 'Rated-R Superstar' Edge making his way down to the ring for this main event. He comes up with his body all taped up but seems ready to whip some ass. He runs his hands through his hair and is desperately waiting for his opponent to come out. "Loaded" hits and Jeff Hardy makes his way out to the ring. Hardy makes his way to the ring, albiet very slowly. He cringes at every step he takes, and before long, Edge leaves the ring and attacks Hardy from the outside. Hardy can't defend himself and Edge has the advantage throughout the attack.

Edge starts with some huge right hands to the face of Hardy, and once Jeff falls on the ground, Edge grabs him by the head and slams it into the steel steps. Hardy is getting absolutely demolished, and Edge tries to keep it going with a steel chair shot to the face, but Hardy ducks it and slides into the ring. Edge then follows suit and the match is officially started. The two have some nice interaction for the 10 or so minutes that they get, with Hardy finally getting the advantage about 3 mintues into the match after hitting a Whisper in the Wind on Edge. Hardy then does more of his signature moves such as the Hardyac Arrest and the slingshot crossbody. At about the 5 and a half minute mark Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Edge and tries for the cover, but Edge kicks out at 2 and three quarters!

Hardy can't believe it and waits for Edge to get back to his feet. He grabs Edge's arm and Irish Whips him and attempts a clothesline, but Edge ducks and lands a spear! That took a lot of energy out of both men, though, and it takes a while for Edge to cover Hardy, and when he just gets a hand over Hardy's shoulder, he only picks up a two and a half count! The crowd is going pretty wild for Hardy, who tries to get his momentum back. Edge is the first to get up and, after a few stomps on Hardy, goes out and grabs a steel chair from the ring announcer. He re-enters the ring and tries a chair-shot, but referee Mike Choida pulls it away from Edge before he can strike Hardy with it.

Edge looks at Choida with a "what are you doing" look, but before he has time to take the chair back Hardy grabs his shoulder and turns him around into a sitout jawbreaker! Edge tumbles and falls onto the ropes, which is keeping him standing. Hardy pulls Edge off the ropes and delivers a few punches before pausing for a minute and running up the turnbuckle and attempts a Whisper in the Wind... but EDGE STRIKES HIM WITH THE CHAIR! Hardy quickly falls down to the ground, screaming in pain, despite him getting the win at the 10:21 mark by disqualification.

Edge continues a beatdown on Hardy, who cannot defend himself one bit. He delivers a barrage of stomps on Hardy before going back outside of the ring and grabbing another steel chair. He throws it over the top rope and into the ring, just near Hardy's head. He slides back into the ring and drags Jeff into the middle of the rind, placing one of the steel chairs under Hardy's head. He gives an evil smile out to the crowd, who are giving him a ton of shit, before slamming the chair down onto Hardy's head, CONNECTING WITH A CON-CHAIR-TO! Hardy is bleeding out of the head now and EDGE DOES IT AGAIN! He then throws the chair down to the ground and does the corna sign with Hardy being treated by medical care as RAW fades to black.

Overall Rating: (77, 84, 64) **1/2

We got a 6.04 rating for 'RAW'!
The attendance level was 9001 people.
We made $360040 from ticket sales.

Quick Results:
-Umaga def. Super Crazy @ 2:38
-Chris Masters def. Jim Duggan in a Masterlock Challenge
-Carlito def. Johnny Nitro, Kenny Dykstra, & Val Venis @ 6:04 to get an Intercontinental Championship Match at Backlash
-John Cena & Shawn Michaels def. Highlanders @ 4:27 in a Non Title Match
-Jeff Hardy def. Edge by Disqualification @ 10:21

Current Backlash Card:

Singles Match for the WWE Championship:

John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs. Carlito

More to be announced.
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