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Re: Mad Wrestling

[Fade In]

“Hi welcome to the first ever Adrenaline Show, coming live from the New Lodge Stadium, Billericay. My name is Lindsay Lohan, and I would like to introduce my partner on commentary Mike Bucci.” -Lindsay Lohan

“Thanks LiLo, I suppose I should take this opportunity to say how good it feels to be involved in the wrestling world once more. Also I would like to say hello to all our viewers watching at home, live on Fiver. I can promise you that the birth of Mad Wrestling is one that will keep you all on the edge of your seats.” -Mike Bucci

“Now I don't know all that much about wrestling Mike, so I am going along with the assumption that I will be the student and you will be my teacher.” -Lindsay Lohan

“Teacher you say? I like that sound of that.” -Mike Bucci

“Is that your hand on my leg Mike?” -Lindsay Lohan

“Urgh...yeah.” -Mike Bucci

“Mhmmm you have warm hands. Anyway, I suppose we should focus on tonight's opening contest. Who do we have up first Mike?” -Lindsay Lohan

“We have a good old fashioned three way dance between, Johnny Devine, Little Guido and Shark Boy.” -Mike Bucci

“Sounds interesting, I guess we should let them to that entrance thing that we were told about in the briefing.” -Lindsay Lohan

“That's Amore” by Dean Martin plays out of the speak system, and the fans watching in the small stadium show their enthusiasm, all though it is clear that very few are wrestling fans in the traditional sense. Little Guido, better known as Nunzio walks with an Italian flag over his shoulder and smirk on his face. He look in disgust the fans, at makes a hand gesture brushing his chin as he enters the ring. From the large amount of booing, it is clear that the spectators do not take kindly to his gesture.

“From Little Italy, New York City...LITTLE GUIDO!” -Deja Daire

Clearly not wanting to let himself down and not show his patriotism, Johnny Devine can be seen walking towards the ring holding the Canadian flag in his hand that is proportionally larger than to that which Guido brought out. Devine however, is greeted in a much more hostile way than that which Guido received.


It is clear that Devine doesn't take kindly to the South Park reference as he enters into the ring, looking at the fans in clear disgust towards their actions.

“From Calgary, Alberta, Canada....”-Deja Daire


“...JOHNNY DEVINE!” -Deja Daire

Before anyone gets a chance to around the familiar figure of Shark Boy can be seen running down the ring, at a pace that most 34 year old would be proud of.

“Does he wear the mask, because he is really ugly or something?” -Lindsay Lohan

“Something like that.” -Mike Bucci

Shark Boy enters the ring, and leaps onto the turnbuckle showing his respect for the fan by doing his infamous shark fin pose.

“And from the Deep Blue Sea...SHARK BOY!” -Deja Daire

All three men are now in the ring, all coming to the later parts of their careers but all looking as eager and prepared as they would have been from day one.


Devine and Guido show some initiative, and both instantly go straight for Shark Boy working in some sort of harmonised unison without any premeditated consideration of such a stance. Devine is quick off his feet, and sends Shark Boy to the mat with an Enzuigiri! Guido follows up by locking Shark Boy on the floor with Fujiwara armbar that seems to cause some damage, but is too early to cause some real pain as Shark Boy is able to wriggle out of the the grip.

Shark Boy is quick to react and elbow Devine in the abdominal region, before bringing him to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. However, before he can stand up he is once again sent down to mat by Guido via the force of a Front Missile Dropkick! Shark Boy tucks and rolls in a similar manner to that which is expected of jumping out of a moving care, and exits the ring underneath the bottom rope regaining some composure. Guido turns his attention back to Devine and lift him up to his feet only to be repayed for his efforts by being clobbered in the nose. Guido doesn't seem to happy with that response and punches Devine back, but for extra measure follows through with his elbow to the side of the face. Then in one solid momentum swinging movement, Guido directs Devine down to the canvass with the...


...Devine looks like a car wreck on the floor, but before Guido can even contemplate going for the cover a figure of Shark Boy leaps up from the ring apron onto the top rope and springboards off it and connects throwing Little Guido head over heels with a Hurricanrana! Guido stumbles around after the disorientating move, and is suddenly grabbed from behind by Devine who goes for the school boy roll up pin.


“Little Guido has been eliminated!” -Deja Daire

Little Guido looks totally confused and shocked at just took place, and it takes the referee to usher him away before he finally exits the ring leaving Devine and Shark Boy looking right across from each other at opposite sides of the ring. Shark Boy makes the first move, as they run towards each other by going for a baseball slide as he makes the gap between Devine's leg. Devine doesn't look to happy at the realisation of being out maneuvered. He hauls himself at Shark Boy literally throwing himself forward and manages to knock him over to the floor with a cross body and managing to force both his opponents shoulders to the mat.

“One...Two...SHOULDERS UP!'

Devine looks frustrated as he begins to stamp down in anger on Shark Boy's face. What seems like a relentless punishment is finally stopped as Shark Boy manages to block the assault by grabbing Devine's leg and twisting it causing Devine some clear distress. Shark Boy the leaps to his feet and seeing a window of opportunity connects with the...


...that sends Devine falling flat out onto his back. Shark Boy leaps on top of him for the cover.



Shark Boy leaps up onto the turnbuckle as he raises his arms in the air, as the fans show their happiness at his victory.

“Here is your winning of tonight's contest...SHARK BOY!” -Deja Daire

“What an interesting match Mike, I assume this was a good way to kick of Mad Wrestling.” -Lindsay Lohan

“Without a doubt gorgeous.” -Mike Bucci




[Traci Brook's Office]

“George do you have any news on our guest, I was sure that he was going to be here soon.” -Traci Brooks

Traci is walking to and throw within her office, likely experiencing first day nerves as everything is currently lying on her shoulders and it is vital that today is a huge success.

“Shall I try and get through to him again, and confirm it. You never know he could just be stuck in traffic.”- George

There is a silence between both of them before Traci goes red in the face.

“Do I really have to answer that? Go on call him now!” -Traci Brooks


“Mike it says up next we have a tag-team match, I think I have been involved in one of those.” -Lindsay Lohan

“I think you meant you have been tag teamed LiLo, those are two very different things all together. Maybe we can talk in a little bit more detail about this, after the show.” -Mike Bucci

As a sound of loud industrial music begins to play, the indistinguishable pairing of Danny and Doug Basham can be seen walking down the entrance ramp. Both men wave to the fans in unison as they make there way to the ring.

“At a combined weight of of 495lbs, Doug and Danny...THE BASHAM BROTHERS!” -Deja Daire

“These two guys look like they know what they are doing, what the scoop on these two Mike.” -Lindsay Lohan

“Well the Bashams are a team of two brothers that have been working together for a while, and are actually three time tag team champions. I have complete faith that these two men will make a name for themselves here in Mad Wrestling.” -Mike Bucci

The Bashams finally enter the ring, and reach to a degree one of the largest cheers of the night. Both brothers show respect for each other, as they look towards the back weighting for the scheduled opponents of Darren Burridge and Nigel McGuinness. Suddenly, however two masked men slide into the ring both holding steel pipes as they charge at the Bashams simultaneously knocking both of them out cold as they crash to the mat. Both mystery men dropped the pipes as they stood over the Bashams.

“Who are these two guys?” -Lindsay Lohan

“Considering that their faces are masked, I can't really tell.” -Mike Bucci

Both men pull off their masks, and reveal themselves as Terry Frazier and Sha Samuels known to most in the UK Independent circuit as the Kartel. Terry takes the microphone, with a smile on his face.

“Welcome to England!” -Terry Frazier

“Are these guys part of our roster?” -Lindsay Lohan

“I am going with that assumption, but I am guessing this will be confirmed soon. I guess we can forget about this match, as there is no way that Bashams are going to be cleared to compete now.” -Mike Bucci




“The following contest is a singles match and is scheduled for one fall. Already walking to the ring, hailing from Niagara Falls, Ontario...A-1!” -Deja Daire

The bigger Canadian Adonis that is A-1, known to his friend as Alastair Ralphs walks down to the ring with a look of purpose and concentration to him. Be rolls himself underneath the bottom rope, before signaling for his music to be cut as he asks for a microphone.

“Good Evening Essex! My name is A-1 and I am the biggest thing to come out of Canada since the Hart Foundation. Hell, considering how washed out and stale that family of pink wearing spandex have become I would go as far that I am even greater than them. What you are all going to witness tonight is my legacy, beginning tonight right here at Mad Wrestling.” -A-1

“Here Comes The Pain” by Slayer sounds out, as a young and cocky figure that is Davey Richards emerges from the back and for a moment just stays still looking down at A-1 in the middle of the ring, before smiling to himself as he walks down to the ring.

“And the opponent, from Othello, Washington...DAVEY RICHARDS!” -Deja Daire


Richards is quicker off his feet, and knocks A-1 into the ropes with a Lariat. As A-1 bounces back however, he spins in the air and knock Richards over with a heel kick to the chin. A-1 then grab hold of Richards and irish whips him into the ropes, and as he returns back sends him to the mat with a powerful clothesline. Richards though shows that he is more than capable of lasting the preliminaries, as is quick to get back to his feet. Richards slaps A-1 in the face, before planting him over with a belly-to-belly suplex.

“This is why Richards is one of the most credited technical wrestlers on the circuit today.” -Mike Bucci

Richards leaps up into the air, and lands on top of A-1 with a leg drop that knocks all the air right out of the big Canadian. As Richards goes to pick up A-1 once more though, he is sent flailing backwards as his eyes are raked in a move that the referee didn't get a clear view of. As Richards spins around temporarily blinded, A-1 stands up and charges at him and connects with a Spear!

“Ooh my that looks like it hurt. He is going to need a band aid for sure.” -Lindsay Lohan

A-1 lifts up Davey, in the form of a suplex and drops him belly first on the top rope and leaves him hanging. Then bouncing off the adjacent ropes he leaps in the air diving toward Richards, who at the last minute manages to pull himself out of the way and watches as A-1 hits with nothing but air. Richard then runs to the parallel side of the and springs off the ropes, and as he returns connects with the Damage Reflex! He then grabs A-1 and brings him solidly to the floor with the...


...and then drop on top for the cover.



“Here is your winner....DAVEY RICHARD!” -Deja Daire

Richards show his joy at the victory as he leaps onto the top ropes, and springboards off it doing a backwards somersault.


[Traci Brook's Office]

“Can I just say on behalf of everyone at Mad Wrestling, what a privilege it is to have you here today.” -Traci Brooks

“I am not surprised to be honest, it isn't everyday a legend like myself come out of retirement.”-Unknown

“So have you come to a decision over whether you would like to join us for the long haul, I know everyone would be so grateful if you were to be a part of this company.” -Traci Brooks

“Only if my demands are met, as you might have guessed you aren't the first company to approach me and so if I don't get what I want there would be no point of me being here.” -Unknown

“Yes we call cater to your needs. You may bring whoever you want into the company, as long as they pass the wellness policy and use them in your own stable and you will be granted a world title shot as soon as the title has been made available to us. Was there anything else?” -Traci Brooks

“No that was all. Thank you very much Miss Brooks for your time.” -Unknown

“Will we all see you at the next show? -Traci Brooks

“Of course.” -Unknown




“And so we come to the final contest of the night, and one that I am definitely looking for. I can't think of a better to way to end tonight's broadcast than with a Hardcore match.” -Mike Bucci

“That sounds painful.” -Lindsay Lohan

“They usually are, but they are great to watch none the less.” -Mike Bucci

“It is now time for the Main Event! The following contest is a Hardcore match, introducing first...THE SANDMAN!” -Deja Daire

“Enter The Sandman” blasts out of the PA system, but almost as expected The Sandman doesn't appear from the back instead. As the camera searches the crowd, it finally finds The Sandman standing amongst a group of hands with a beer in one hand and his kendo stick in the other. He opens the can and drinks the beer, before taking the can and smashing it against his head in his iconic fashion until he is bleeding before raising his arms into the air as he walks down the steps towards the ring.

“These fans really love this guy, and yet he is already bleeding. Isn't that a disadvantage?” -Lindsay Lohan

“Not if your the Sandman.” -Mike Bucci

The Sandman finally reaches the ring to the disappointment of the fans, as he leans up against the ropes looking to the back in anticipation.

“And the opponent from New York City...SPIKED DUDLEY!” -Deja Daire

Spike runs out from the back, at a full sprint as he slides into the ring and immediately throws a punch at the Sandman.


Spike continues his melee of punches, each blow sends Sandman to stumble that slight bit further back and the Runt of the Dudley clan is showing no sign of stopping on this initial assault. Spike then chops The Sandman in the mid-section before taking a step back and running at him and connecting with a diving clothesline sending both men to topple over the top rope. Sandman is feeling the effects of landing on the concrete, but doesn't have anytime to recuperate as he is roughly picked up by Spike who shoves him shoulder first into the barrier, with clear intent of causing as much damage as possible.

“For such a small man, he is awfully strong.” -Lindsay Lohan

Spike grabs steel chair, and folds it up as he takes a good look at The Sandman. He then lifts it up and brings it down, but Sandman moves at the last second as Spike hits the barrier hard and drops the chair from the power of the vibration alone. Sandman is quick to deal with the opening as he lifts up Spike and brings him down hard on the concrete with a Flapjack! The Sandman then takes hold of his kendo, and hits Spike a number of times preventing him from having any chance of getting back up to his feet.

“This is why I miss the good old days of ECW.” -Mike Bucci

The Sandman lifts up the body of a dazed and confused Spike Dudley and throws him over the top rope and back into the ring, then leaping up over the rope he lands on top of Spike with an heavy elbow to the face. Spike however, is quick to his feet and grabs hold of the Sandman and send him to the mat with a neckbreaker. He then clambers onto the nearside turnbuckle and leaps off connecting with a Diving Double Foot Stomp!

“That just look painful, ooh my!” -Lindsay Lohan

Spike kicks the Sandman in the face, before lifting him up and dragging him to the corner. He then grabs hold of him and goes for the...


...Sandman somehow manages to reverse the move and instead Spike is being sent down to the mat via the...


...Sandman is quick to go for the pin.



“And your winner is....THE SANDMAN!” -Deja Daire

The Sandman smiles as his hand is lifted in the air, and “Enter The Sandman” plays out of the PA system once more as he lifts his kendo stick high in the air.

“It seems that is all that we have time for our first show, this is always the problem with a 50 minutes TV slot. Please tune in next time for another Adrenaline Show. Thanks from me, Mike Bucci.” -Mike Bucci

“And me LiLo.” -Lindsay Lohan

[Fades Out]
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