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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Just thought I would put a promo that i once wrote out in the open. I believe it is my best work to date.


***No Chance In Hell***

An ungodly amount of heat is heard throughout the arena as the familiar tune of the boss hits and the Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon steps through the curtain with one of his custom grey suits with a white shirt and gray tie. Surprisingly though, Vince McMahon is not with Stone Cold Steve Austin, but the World Wrestling Federation title is planted firmly on his right shoulder.

Jim Ross: Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear, and that is why we are greeted by…

Paul Heyman: (cuts off JR) GREETED BY the greatest man to ever be involved with our industry V…

Jim Ross: (cuts off Heyman) And the biggest egomaniac that I have ever met in my life, unfortunately my boss, Vince McMahon.

The crowd continues to look quite unimpressed as Vince McMahon struts down the ramp like only Vince McMahon can. McMahon continues to swings his arms like a mad man as he stomps up the stairs and steps into the ring, looking like he is in a peaceful mood tonight. Vinnie Mac then walks over to Howard Finkel and grabs his microphone, before practically kicking ‘The Fink’ out of the ring. The owner of the WWF then waits for the heat to die down so he can begin speaking.

Vince McMahon: Ladies and gentleman… Welcome to the new and improved Monday Night Raw!

McMahon lets out a shit eating grin referring to the new champion and the crowd catch on, reigning down an unmerciful amount of heat, as they make Vince wait for them to be silent once again so he can continue.

Vince McMahon: Better yet, welcome to my Monday Night Raw. We are entering a new era here in the World Wrestling Federation, and this new era will be run by Vincent Kennedy McMahon and the new World Wrestling Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Massive heat at the mention of Austin, but Vince’s mood can not be ruined tonight.

Vince McMahon: A lot of you people are probably wondering why or how everything came about last night, and why I hit The Rock over the head with a chair. Well Rock, I just want you to know right now it’s nothing personal, I actually don’t mind you, despite me not sharing the obsession that you seem to have with shoving objects up other male’s asses, I have nothing personally against you.

McMahon pauses before putting extra emphasis on his next line.

Vince McMahon: It’s just business.

The crowd gives out some more heat at the mention of the some what universal catchphrase.

Vince McMahon: Anyway enough of me gloating, I am not one of the most successful businessmen in the world by gloating and resting on my reputation… The reason why I am out here tonight is to explain why from my side of the story, joining forces with Stone Cold Steve Austin was the only option.

McMahon pauses, obviously trying to choose his words carefully before he decides to continue.

Vince McMahon: We may have had a brutal history, I may have cost him championships, he may have cost me a whole heap of money, we both may have attacked each other on numerous occasions, but in the end… it didn’t matter, because the only thing that mattered was the fact that Stone Cold Steve Austin wanted to be the World Wrestling Federation Champion and YOU people wouldn’t let him.

The crowd is at riot level after this statement, as they know this is far from the truth.

Vince McMahon: He came out here day in and day out, and made the mistake of trying to impress all of you people. Anyone will tell you it is not about whether or not you are liked or disliked that counts, it’s how successful you are, and that was the main difference that I had with Steve.

McMahon nods his head.

Vince McMahon: When I watched No Way Out in February and I saw the performance Stone Cold put on in the Three Stages of Hell match against Triple H, I finally realized that Stone Cold Steve Austin knew how to wrestle. Stone Cold Steve Austin was somebody who I could build my company around.

A slight cheer actually went up at the mention of Austin’s win at No Way Out.

Vince McMahon: It’s like I had some kind of epiphany, so I went and spoke to Steve later that night and we planned for everything to come about. Stone Cold sold himself to the devil himself so he could win the WWF Championship and you idiots, just like The Rock, never saw it coming.

Major heat comes from the capacity crowd once again, as it seems as though Vince only said that to get a reaction from the audience.

Vince McMahon: Enough about the past, lets move on to the present. Let’s talk about the real reason why I came out here…

Vince continues with a visible smirk on his face.

Vince McMahon: Tonight I am out here to simply introduce and bask in the greatness of the greatest World Wrestling Federation Champion in the history of this business, because tonight is the greatest night in the history of the World Wrestling Federation, tonight is the first night run by the McMahon/Austin era.

The crowd boos, as this era seems to be making everybody ill.

Vince McMahon: So, without further ado…

The crowd begins to rumble with anticipation, knowing what is coming.

Vince McMahon: Let me introduce to you…

The Texans begin to pop for their hometown “hero”.

Vince McMahon: The new World Wrestling Federation Champion, The Texas Rattlesnake, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!

***Glass Shatters***

A mixed reaction leaning towards cheers like never heard before is given as the new World Wrestling Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin steps through the curtain, wearing a t-shirt that says “hell yeah” and a pair of his denim shorts. Austin continues down the ramp with his bad mother fucker walk (BMF), as he is ready to claim what is rightfully his inside the ring.

Jim Ross: Here he is ladies and gentleman, the man of the moment, the man who defeated The Rock last night, but more importantly the man who sold his soul to the devil, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Paul Heyman: Shut your mouth and bow down JR, as we are in the presence of greatness. This man is the toughest SOB in the World Wrestling Federation, he is your former best friend and he is going to be at the top of this company for years to come.

Jim Ross: I just hope he can see the light before he gets sucked in too deep.

Paul Heyman: Don’t you listen you ignorant jackass, he has seen the light and that is why he decided to team up with Vince McMahon.

Austin then walks up the stairs and hops through the ropes like only he can, before he comes face to face with his new “friend” Vince McMahon. There is a moment of unbearable tension, before Austin and McMahon embrace in a nice hug which drives the crowd nuts. Austin then gets given the WWF Championship and he struts over to each of the four corners and raises the championship in the air. (He only raises the hand with the championship and not both, something he started doing at Wrestlemania Seventeen, I am not to sure why.) Austin then hops down from the last turnbuckle and grabs a microphone before standing silent, waiting for his music and the crowd ovation to die down.

Vince McMahon: Yes, that’s right here he is, the new and improved Corporate Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin raises his title one last time to another very loud mixed reaction, before Austin raises the microphone to his mouth, wanting to give his husky voice a work out.

Stone Cold:

The crowd begins chanting “you sold out” at Austin while Austin and McMahon just shake their heads at the audacity of the Texas crowd.

Stone Cold: I ain’t gonna’ lie, it feels kinda’ weird standing here next to this sumbitch that I have Stunned so many times over the years.

There is a rumble heard from within the crowd, as nobody is exactly sure where Austin is going with this.

Stone Cold: Everybody out there knows ol’ Stone Cold ain’t the type a’ guy to come out here and flap my gums and beat around the bush for half the damn show.

Another little round of applause, as the Texans can’t help but cheer their hometown heroes’ honesty.

Stone Cold: I’m just gonna’ come out and say that I am not sure I like coming out here and huggin’ this old wrinkly bastard… I guess….

Austin is cut off by a monstrous pop due to the insult of McMahon, while McMahon does the famous bobbing adams apple expression.

Stone Cold: I guess what I’m tryin’ ta’ say is… If ya’ want Stone Cold Steve Austin to open up a can of whoop ass on Vince McMahon, gimme’ a HELL YEAH!


Stone Cold: WHAT?



A stupendous amount of heat as Austin is stringing the crowd along for a ride.

Stone Cold: I am a seven time World Wrestling Federation Champion, I am the best of the best, do ya’ really think that I was gonna’ listen to anything that a bunch a’ Rednecks tell me to do?

The crowd laughs as they find this comment to be hilarious because Austin is a Texan native also. Could he be a hypocrite?

Stone Cold: Why is that funny? Do ya’ think ol’ Stone Cold is a Redneck?

Positive reaction as it’s pretty obvious that Stone Cold is a redneck.

Stone Cold: Well… ANH ANH!!!


Stone Cold: Stone Cold will be a lotta’ things in his life, but the one thing that he is not is a Redneck. I moved outta’ my ranch in Texas and I am now livin’ in GREENWICH CONNECTICUT!

Cheap heat.

Stone Cold: It’s time ta’ get down to business anyway. Vince, for you this was a business decision but for me it was the total opposite. My decision to team up with you and take ova’ the World Wrestling Federation was absolutely one hundred percent personal.

The crowd remains awfully silent, as it seems Austin is finally getting down to business.

Stone Cold: Don’t worry, don’t get upset. There is no need to get your little beady eyes all teary ‘coz I ain’t done, there is more to the story. Y’see this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision.

Austin pauses and rubs his goatee, thinking of the correct words to use before continuing on with his speech.

Stone Cold: If ya’ think back ta’ a couple a’ years ago in November of 1999 at Survivor Series, I was run over by some fat sumbitch.

Crowd give a mini pop at the insult of Rikishi, however it does not last long as everyone is to intent on listening to Stone Cold’s explanation.

Stone Cold: That took me outta’ action for ten LONG months, and durin’ those ten LONG months while sittin’ at the house doin’ nothin’ all day, I thought ta’ myself, these ten LONG months are ten months gone from my career.

Austin pauses for a second, as it seems him being out for so long still angers him to this day. Austin takes a deep breath before continuing.

Stone Cold: Worse than that, it was ten LOOOONNNGGG months from my livelihood, and that made me think, when I got back, I would have less time ta’ get the title that I crave… The title that I need, the title that I can’t live, breathe, eat and sleep wiv’ out, (pointing at title) what I’m tryin’ ta’ say is that I need this title to live.

The crowd remained in a stunned silence, as Austin takes another deep breath letting his intensity drop back down.

Stone Cold: So as I was sayin’ I was sittin’ at home thinkin’ and I decided that the easiest way for me to get MY title back would be ta’ get an ally that has a whole heap a’ power within the dubbya’ dubbya’ eff. And, well…

Austin looks at McMahon.

Stone Cold: Ya’ won’t find anybody with more power then Vince McMahon!

Vince McMahon takes a bow, obviously very proud of himself and surprisingly the Texans give him a mixed reaction, obviously because he is associated with Stone Cold.

Stone Cold: What I’m tryin’ ta’ get at is, I think my reasons for doin’ what I did are normal, all I am doin’ is makin’ up for the ten months that missed out on, you can all hate me as much as ya’ like but the fact of the matter is you are all just jealous SONS A’ BITCHES and if it came down to it, I could open up a can a’ WHOOP ASS ON EVERY PIECE OF SCUM IN THIS BUILDIN’ TONIGHT!

Austin then raises his championship in the air while the crowd reign heat down on him, one crowd member even throws their beer into the ring but rather than making a fuss out of it, Austin plays on it.

Stone Cold: Ya’ just reminded me of what I wanted ta’ do, just ‘coz I ain’t the same as I used ta’ be, it don’t mean I don’t like a Steveweiser, so hit my music and throw us some beers, ‘coz McMahon and I are celebratin’ the beginning of my title reign STONE COLD STYLE!

Austin’s music hits and he climbs up to the top rope on the corner closest to the time keepers’ table as the time keeper opens up the cooler that conveniently happens to be at his feet, and begins throwing Austin some Steveweisers. Austin and McMahon celebrate and hug in the ring and drink two beers each, before Austin’s music stops. They don’t pay any attention and Austin begins swimming in beer, while the evil McMahon laughs and the crowd can’t help but cheer even though they hate him. Everything and I do mean everything seems to go slow motion for a moment and stops until.


The crowd jumps to their feet and they give an epic ovation practically shoving it up the ass of their hometown “hero” as The People’s Champion the Rock walks through the curtain and stops at the foot of the entrance ramp. The Rock is wearing his “Layeth the Smacketh Down” t shirt with his black with white stripes sweat pants, not in the mood to mess around with the crowd. The Rock then takes off his sunglasses to reveal an intensity in his eyes the likes of which has never been seen before, as he then pulls a microphone out of his pocket and gets ready to speak before being interrupted, not by his music but by Stone Cold Steve Austin himself.

Stone Cold: Don’t come out here and try and sing ya’ little nursery rhymes and piss me off, ‘coz it ain’t gonna’ work. Me bein’ champion has nothin’ ta’ do with you’, ya’ just happened ta’ be at the wrong place at the wrong time, so I suggest you put cha’ little Versace wanna’ be glasses back on, tuck your tail between your legs and leave before I come up there and make ya’ leave ya’ silly little bastard.

Austin takes another sip of his beer before The Rock gets ready to speak.

The Rock: … … …

The Rock drops his microphone and sprints down the ramp as the crowd go absolutely ape shit, the yellow bastard Vince McMahon quickly rolls out of the ring in fear while Austin picks up his WWF Championship and a furious Rock slides into the ring. Once in the ring, Rock quickly runs at Austin who swings wildly at Rock with his championship belt, The Brahma Bull ducks and then goes to town, peppering Austin with right hands and backing him against the ropes. Austin drops the title belt and Rock picks it up and hits Austin with it, sending Austin through the ropes and to the floor. Rock then climbs to the top rope and raises the championship above his head to massive cheers from the sold out crowd (who seemed to have turned their back on Austin) and Rock then throws the title at a now busted open Austin, who picks it up and along with McMahon, jogs up the ramp trying to get the hell out of dodge. Rock however hops out of the ring and follows as he has vengeance on his mind tonight on Monday Night Raw.



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