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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Panic! Review

~ First of all, having a Heyman/MVP backstage segment was a good way to kick off the show. Loved how you managed and were able to keep both of these men's characters intact and I congratulate you on that, bravo! After just reading this segment, I love MVP as the champion of your show but after a good main event announced for tonight, I can definitely see MVP losing to keep his match with Christian on the PPV card. Good opening segment but like BKB stated, I don't like how Abyss was kinda' put down a little here when MVP agreed to face him as it does make him look like self destructive monster that he is but nevertheless, it was a good opening to the show.

~ Nice backstage brawl that happened here, I know that more interesting things will hopefully come out of this.

~ This was a good opening contest to kick off the show and I would've preferred a winner to come out of this rather than 'No Contest' the match due to the fact that I'd like these two to face in real life sometime (not that it's a dream contest LOL ) but having Goldberg destroy the living hell outta' them is good for me, and hopefully he can continue to do stuff just like what occurred.

~ Very good Kennedy promo that was done and I don't know what to think of KK dropping his usual 'Kennedy…..KENNEDY!' phrase but maybe I'll be seeing another side to this Mr. Kennedy character now, so it's all good for me. The strippers call kinda' confused me for some reason a little but I can see a twist coming out of this somewhere, but I hope Abyss goes over in the KK/Abyss feud.

~ To be quite honest man, I don't really like this thing going on with Colt Cabana and I have nothing left to say on it than that so hopefully you drop the whole thing…very soon!

~ Lovely promo that you made Alex Shelley execute, it was a great promo and I have nothing bad to say about it, I really don't. His promo lines were great and he was kept in great character, perfecto and perfectly executed. Mistico coming out was good as he is standing up for Rey I guess, this was good but I loved how Shelley backed off but then, Rey comes out of nowhere! Never expected that to occur and when I read those lines, I was shocked to say the least. Nice how Shelley was able to escape and I'm definitely looking forward for the match between these two at Full Throttle, it should be good!

~ I was definitely looking for a nice Roderick Strong win here but Eddie Kingston grabbing the win is no problem with me, although I still think Strong should've got the win. The match was good though and liked how this tag team feud went up the ranks after the brawl that occurred and Team 3D running down to the ring, I can see a Tables Match coming up between these two tag teams.

~ Shocked that the stipulation is going to a Tables Match but a Ladder Match is fine and loved how Aries/Strong brought up the fact that 3D can't even climb their fat asses up a ladder, but my question is if this will be a good match or not because 3D don't really suit Ladder Matches but I guess that I'll just have to wait and see until the PPV arrives on the scene.

~ Goldberg seems a mad man right now and I'm beginning to actually like this although I think that he needs to be 'madder' if you get what I'm saying, hopefully you can do that. Heyman doing most of the promo talking in this segment was good right here and a nice match set up for next week also. I'm begging you not to have some sort of twist so the PPV Match turns into a Four Way for Burke's Title since I want to see Goldberg/Burke but then again, it's up to you and I'll see what you can do with this.

~ Good tag team contest to have right here and glad that this type of match was added onto the card. So glad that The UK was able to pick up the win in this one but absolutely hated how they won this match due to Colt, although I expected him to interfere somehow in this match. Hopefully you can drop this crap and actually make Colt wrestle and actually be comical in the ring or just release him altogether, no offense man >3.

~ Actually kinda liked how you done this with the strippers/Abyss. This was good way to make Kennedy get to Abyss and hopefully Abyss can vow revenge by next week or by the end of the night, good stuff that occurred here.

~ Always knew from when this match was made that this was going to be 'Match of the Night' and it was. Good stuff happened here during the match and MVP getting screwed again actually mixes things up in a good way, despite me thinking that MVP was going to pick up the victory. Also a very good ending with Christian/Bret Hart and I'm definitely looking forward to the next show for next week, nice work here for the ending of the show.

Feedback ~ Well overall, it was an alright show and I'll start with the bad points first to get them out of the way for this. The first thing that I want to get onto you about is the interference in the matches. No offense here but out of the four matches, there was three interferences including one after the match between Kingston/Strong. You just need to cut down on those interferences and when you do, it should be fine, maybe just one, not every week but now and again if you know what I mean. Another bad point that I want to clear is that there's too many damn video packages but don't listen to me on that because that's just me , suppose it's not a problem for you or anyone else but I hate large amounts of video packages.

Onto the good points though, Promos and matches (despite them being in summary, which I actually prefer) were excellently written and one of those promos used for one guy were one of the best I've read in these type of BTBs and that was Alex Shelley, who I hope you push to the very limit. Storylines/Angles are going very well and after an enjoyable show, I really can't wait until the Full Throttle PPV.

Total Rating ~ GRADE C+
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