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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Sorry, life’s kinda been busy lately, but I’m here, I’m queer reviewing your show now, get used to it.

Quite like how you had this ‘taped from earlier’. Just makes it seem a bit different and important. The conversation between the two seemed pretty natural, though I found Heyman to be maybe a bit too patronising. He just seemed like too much of a dickhead. MVP agreeing to face Abyss so he doesn’t have to face Cage as if it’s much easier for him isn’t something that I like too much, as it kinda undersells how big and destructive Abyss is meant to be. While I don’t mind that you’re using Abyss in this role, I don’t think you went about it the right way in the promo. Big move there with Hart, which should prove at the very least, interesting. I’m sure we’ll be getting a title match at Full Throttle, so an Abyss win is almost guaranteed.

I don’t like that we went straight from this to a backstage brawl. You really should have immediately cut back to ringside to have Styles/Striker hype up just how big of a move that is, before getting one of them to say that they’ve just been told that there’s a brawl backstage and that they have to cross to see it. Just makes everything seem a bit more significant, imo. Not too big on you using The Briscoes for the heel turn, as opposed to The Natural Franchise, since The Briscoes are high-flyers and thus easier for the crowd to get behind, especially since their style would seem somewhat revolutionary to the national audience. Both Stevens and Douglas lack character, so making them arrogant, conceited heels would have done them the world of good. I definitely think you would have been better off going the other way here.

Doane/Lance isn’t really the ideal choice for an opener, especially with Lance seemingly dominated and thus not getting much offence in, though it all makes sense when Goldberg interferes to end the match. Definitely looks like the ‘Berg wants a piece of Burke, and you’ve really hyped that well thus far this show. I don’t know if Goldberg vs Burke can go down too well, since one man has to lose and thus lose a ton of momentum (which Goldberg has already done after starting off as by far the biggest star in the promotion), so good luck with it.

Proverbial, not however the how you spelt it. Anyway, Kennedy started off alright, though the promo kinda cooled off by the time you had Kennedy talking to the guy about male strippers. It started off pretty good, but it just lost a lot of steam as the promo went on. I think you were trying to be a bit too funny too with Kennedy’s dialogue, especially bringing in the fagtastic strippers. By the way, if there’s one thing Big Dick Johnson has taught us, it’s that men dancing around in a jockstrap – or even less than that – is completely and utterly disgusting.

I’m not too sure on why you introduced the Hardcore Title, since the champion is only appearing as a bit part in a backstage segment. If you’re going to have a title, use it, otherwise it appears pretty much worthless. When a champion isn’t wrestling, it suggests there’s something wrong with the division he’s part of. The same could be said about Brent Albright, who you gave quite the push to begin with. You’ve really let him cool off to the point where he has no momentum. Why is Lance Hoyt in a match over him on the card? You definitely had Albright looking stronger than Hoyt, though you haven’t really capitalised on it since Battle Lines, which is a disappointment. Not liking this whole Cabana/Street Inc thing, since most of Cabana’s actual humour is from what he does in the ring, and how he acts, as opposed to just acting like a jackass. You’re portraying him as a moron, when in fact he’s very capable in the ring, not just some Santino Marella.

Shelley was pretty damn solid throughout. Staying arrogant, egotistical and narcissistic throughout, this is definitely how you should keep him. The cheap heat at the start – while perhaps not quite necessary – set a good tone for the promo, showing what Shelley was about right off the bat. The promo kept at a good pace, not dropping off like the previous one, and finishing for Shelley with a few of his signature catchphrases that kinda own. Mistico coming in for Rey? Do they even know each other? I’m sure the crowd thinks “They’re both Mexican and they both wear masks so they must know each other!’ so it really isn’t a problem. Rey ending up coming out to kick the youngsters ass sent him a message about ‘respect’, though we’ve already had that happen numerous times throughout this feud, so I just expect Shelley to come back just as disrespectful as always next week – which is, by the way, a very good thing.

While usually Roddy losing to Eddie Kingston would be something to complain about, I don’t have a problem with it since: a) It sets up your next promo and, b) You had Spike cheat to get revenge on Gen Ex, thus furthering the storyline a bit anyway. It also goes further to establishing a relatively new guy to your company, which is always good... even if it is Eddie Kingston *shudder*.

Nice promo from Aries and Roddy, with good dialogue really for both of them. I liked how you emphasized how they had just escaped with how they rushed in and out. Nice touch. As far as the match itself goes, it makes sense that Gen Ex would choose that stip, as shown by what Roderick stated. Definitely liked both the promo, and the choice of match. Makes for a great gimmick match at Full Throttle to top this feud off nicely. Gen Ex for the win, plz.

Liked the attitude of Goldberg in this promo. You write The ‘Berg pretty damn well in both angles and mannerisms and promos. That’s shown again by what you’ve booked for next week. The only problem I have with it is that it’ll probably kill all the momentum Doane had going, whilst Goldberg doesn’t seem like he should be a midcard champion, so you’re then going to kill all his momentum with Burke. You’re going to have to surprise me next week to pull this off well. Maybe have Goldberg beat Lance, then have Burke run in and beat him down in Doane’s part causing the DQ? That’d work well, imo. Interested to see how the next few weeks play out with this.

You won’t be actually writing out Adrenaline, will you? Hope not.

Ugh, I’ve already told you what I think of the stuff with Cabana and Street Inc. Use him properly asap, plz.

Already told you what I think about the male strippers too.

Interesting from Matt Michaels. Could very easily see him being the pawn used to bring in Christopher Daniels. I hope that’s the case, because the Fallen Angel owns.

You said yourself that it was a poor match, so I’m not too big on you having this last fifteen minutes. The run in from Cage was the right move, and having Hart run in and make the count was definitely a nice touch, especially with that result making him the referee for the match at Full Throttle. A big way to finish the show, which also sets up what should no doubt be some big promos next week, with Hart, MVP and Cage all involved. Great way to go off the air.

I know I may have sounded critical in a lot of places in this review, and that’s because some of the booking wasn’t really what I would have gone with. However, what you need to understand is that while I don’t agree with some things, it really is a great read. It’s just so easy to read, and I actually find myself having a fair bit of fun doing so. The writing itself is extremely good, and I find myself loving what you’re writing. Full Throttle is also looking great, so I expect a good card to be finished up from you by then. Hopefully it’s in full.

Overall, good work.

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