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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Hazard Feedback

Nice opening backstage with the champ and Paul Heyman. I don’t see MVP as the cowardly champion, I see him more as the cocky guy that will talk himself up. Although he did get their in the end, I think the early stages were not that good. MVP repeating himself on numerous occasions and what not was a bit to “scared” for my liking, besides that good ending. Heyman was great, sarcasm was great, now you just need to turn him heel.

Oooohhh nice brawl, perhaps a tad more detail could have been put into it rather then the summary that we got, but in terms of booking and entertainment value it was the correct decision.

Okay, first off I just have to say The Godfather > Lance Hoyt. This “Sugar” shit just id not going over with me right now. As for the match itself, I love the direction you have been taking Ken Doane and I would have much preferred for him to have the victory before Goldberg interrupted. Anyway, Goldberg is some what of a loose cannon at the moment, don’t put him in a rivalry, have him continuously bash people, it would be awesome.

Mr Kennedy. Period. He seemed very bad ass here rather then cocky, I actually prefer that, he needs to be bad ass as his in ring skills are almost non existent. Abyss to go over in this feud plz. Umm, a tad weird, Kennedy ordering strippers, I am now intrigued. Nah, hopefully this isn’t one of those piss poor attempts at humor.

I don’t like this Colt Cabana situation at all. If it is not going to involve some actual wrestling, I hope it is only a matter of time before it is scrapped.

Alex Shelley was quite weird here. Where usually I would love his cockiness, I found this promo for some reason to be boring. I think it may have been the fact that the writing was all blocked up, rather then split up, it made me read the same line numerous times and make it some what of a chore to read. I guess what he actually said was pretty good though. Mistico appearance is the ratings. Mysterio attack was also quite good and keeps their feud pumping.

The tour is set, why would you not be coming to Australia?

Eddie Kingston defeated Roderick Strong. Dude, just no. I know it is a way to further the current tag team feud, but this is simply not good enough. You need to have a line between which talent can defeat which talent; I believe this line was a little blurred here.

Roderick Strong definitely the better out of these two, however this backstage segment was pretty much spot on, nothing to complain about. Ladder match should be of the epic kind if Team 3D lose some weight tbh.

Match with Goldberg sounds good for next week. Really glad Paul did most of the talking here, I still think Goldberg may have seemed a little to civil and not explosive enough. That needs to change.

The UK were always going to get the win here, Colt Cabana needs to get released at this stage, he has talent so if he is not going to wrestler seriously, I don’t want to see him wrestle at all. Have I mentioned how much I love Nigel?

The strippers attack. In a way it will get Abyss extremely pissed which is good, but as I said earlier and in my last review in created threads you need to stay away from comedy, and focus on the wrestling, that is the beauty of them, IMO.

Matt Michaels equals I’m confused. Sounds interesting enough though.

Main event, would have been as you said ugly, however it definitely had the star power (in this thread) to work. Nice ending really, with Christian and Bret Hart both getting involved, MVP just got screwed again. I am sure he won’t stop complaining about this now, anyway good main event. Also, on a side note, I was glad that unlike other ones on this show, this match recap told a nice story. In ring psychology FTW.

Overall Power, this was a quite enjoyable show. I don’t know it just felt good to read. I remember when I first reviewed this thread I felt as if your shows dragged, that’s definitely not the case now, you’re improving as you go, it’s only a matter of time before you hit your peak. Keep it goin’ <3

EDIT: The Full Throttle card in the early stages is looking like it could be a great PPV, you may have to write this one in full.

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