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It has been a long day, so much so that current discussions have gone deep into the night but finally a decision has been made. Despite the current economic crisis I have been deep in talks with a number of sponsors that have given be the economic ability to run my federation for a trial period before deciding at a later date whether or not to give me the full clear to what eventually in the future could prove to be a successful and profitable venture. And so at 02:41 GMT, I the owner of Mad Wrestling am happy to announce that as a business we are officially open. I am happy to announce that Traci Brooks has been appointed as the General Manager of the Adrenaline Brand, and in the next couple of days we will be able to inform you of the talent that will be joining us at Mad Wrestling.
[Message From C.E.O. Richard Glock]

[Mad Wrestling HQ London, England]

Traci Brooks, the first ever General Manager of the Adrenaline the sole brand for the newly constructed federation, Mad Wrestling sits in her office looking extremely pleased with herself. Not surprising considering she has risen from a minor management role with limited power from TNA, to a more establishing and power giving role as a General Manager. Sitting opposite her, is an unknown man and it quite clear that who he is, is in many ways irrelevant.

“George, do you have the list of who we have managed to sign so far?” -Traci Brooks

“Here you go Miss Brooks. Obviously, all those on the list will only be given part-time contracts until our period of grace is over and we are given full clearance from our investors.” -George

Traci takes the piece of paper from, the man who we presume to be her assistant.

“Is this it? There can't be more than ten names on this list.” -Traci Brooks

“There is actually eleven Miss Brooks.” -George

Traci looked at the list of wrestlers, and allows the camera to pan around to actually see who will be the first member of the Mad Wrestling Roster.

- Spike Dudley
- Johnny Devine
- The Sandman
- Shark Boy
- Doug Basham
- Danny Basham
- A-1
- Darren Burridge
- Nigel McGuinness
- Little Guido
- Davey Richards
“So basically we have eleven men who, are currently found within the independent circuit. A few of them, have worked for the big boys but never had what it took to stay there for long enough.” -Traci Brooks

“Pretty much.” -George

“Just what I was hoping for.” -Traci Brooks

“Do you have any Aces up your sleeve at all Miss Brooks?” -George

“I have a couple of contacts George, and I might be able to rope a couple of them in. But really, we need to focus on having our first house show. Nothing to big, but big enough to start turning heads.” -Traci Brooks

The scene fades out.

Mad Wrestling presents:

Adrenaline House Show
New Lodge Stadium, Billericay, Essex
Thursday 14th May 2009
20:00 GMT

The General Manager of Traci Brooks would like to invite you to attend the first ever live event, of the newly founded federation Mad Wrestling. Entry is a free of charge, and there will be plenty of room. Mad Wrestling is an independent company, but the highlight of the night will must surely be the main event that features to debatable ECW legends. Plus rumor of a big announcement has been recently been confirmed as having a shed of truth to them.


Match One
Shark Boy vs. Little Guido vs. Johnny Devine

Match Two
The Basham Brothers vs. Nigel McGuinness & Darren Burridge

Match Three
A-1 vs. Davey Richards

Main Event
The Sandman vs. Spike Dudley


*Any Comment Appreciated*

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