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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

MVP and Paul Heyman: A very interesting and well-written segment Power, I didnít expect that, both MVP and Heyman were very in character and everything just flowed really, really well. I felt engaged in the promo, I could picture it all in my mind so well done on that. It had a bit of everything I thought and a nice Main Event scheduled, it was a nice touch having MVP say he isnít defending the title because he is the champ of the brand and Heyman cutting him down a peg, well done. Great stuff.

Douglas/Stevens/Briscoes: Another good little segment, the way you describe everything is great, Ďcoldí floor, a nice touch no matter how small it is. Jay just seemed vicious in this, I must say although if I were Douglas Iíd be attacking Jay just as much as if I was Mark I wouldíve been attacking Douglas or Stevens. Itís interesting to see were you go and having Chase try and do it on his own showed he was determined to exact revenge, hopefully we do see some continuation of this.

Doane vs. Hoyt: A decent opening contest, you have created some real nice characters for these two, itís something different. Some good writing, some of the moves were put in the right places and such but I felt the Goldberg run-in overshadowed the match, there is nothing wrong with that as Goldberg seems a bit of a Loose Cannon right now and I donít mind that. The only thing is, unless I read it wrong, you had the referee stop the bout because of the interference. Now, I believe he stops it before Goldberg does anything? I guess thatís okay, but usually wouldnít the referee wait until he has done something before ringing the bell which means Doane wouldíve won since he attacked Hoyt first? Either way, there was no wrong answer, just a little confused.

Mr. Kennedy Interview: Interesting interview, not sure about him dropping the KennedyÖ Kennedy bit but I guess it means he might be taken more seriously. The phone call about strippers in mid-promo kind of took away from it I think but it was a decent promo nonetheless. Kennedy firmly believes he should be WAPW Champ and it seems he and Abyss have unfinished business.

Colt Segment: I thought this was a rather amusing segment, again itís something different even playing cards and then Colt coming in drunk, itís interesting and I will be following to see where it goes. It seems everyone is tired of Coltís drunkenness and weíll see where that leads us. Good segment though.

Shelley/Mysterio/Mistico: Again, another good little segment, Alex Shelleyís lines were written incredibly well and if he said half of that in the ring in real-life if he was ever in the same company as Rey then he would, Iím sure, get incredible heat. I liked that Mistico came out though trying to protect his friend and then Shelley left, I didnít expect Rey to come out but it was a nice touch that he did but in the end Shelley escaped, Iím looking forward to further confrontations and the match at Full Throttle between the two.

Kingston vs. Strong: It was a no so Ďstrongí performance from Roderick Strong but a good match, Kingston getting the win, in my opinion was the right direction to go and the frustration of Aries and co. after the match was taken out on Spike prompting Team 3D to come up, advancing the feud which helps, I am looking forward to this one too. Also, the stipulation of a Ladder Match, surprising choice but a good choice. Austin seemed really intense and angry too. Iím thinking after what was said that Team 3D will win but I guess weíll need to see.

Goldberg/Heyman: Goldberg just seems like a raving lunatic right now, but that is a good thing, he seems like he is just nuts and could take down anyone at any moment and that was shown in the opening contest. I want to see Burke/Goldberg and Iím pretty sure we will end up seeing that, I certainly hope we do.

The UK vs. Street Inc.: A nice little contest, I like that you referenced McGuinnessí biceps injury too. Colt coming out was unexpected and the you know what has hit the fan between Colt and Street and I expect to see further confrontations, you can go down a number of routes with this too.

Abyss Segment: Oh, thatís what the strippers were for! Nice man, nice I didnít expect that, very funny segment, Abyss certainly didnít seem to enjoy that, thatís for sure.

Matt Michaels Segment: Can I ask, since I have only started following this again, is Matt Michaels, Matt Bentley the cousin of Shawn Michaels? Anyway, weird little bit from Matt here, really weird who is Arzeal and what does 25-3 mean? Iím confused and intrigued at the same time.

Main Event: A very good main event, Iíve always said it should be the best of the night and it was. A lot of action it seemed and I like how Christian screwed over MVP to get the match to stay on but hit Abyss too, unexpectedly. Bret Hart coming out was also nice and Iím looking forward to Full Throttle.

Overall, a very good show that has me VERY interested in Full Throttle, we will see were you can go from here man.
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