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Re: Being The Booker

Honestly, this was a bit of a shock with Edge just ditching the match with RVD. It'll keep the tension building for a future matchup, or just leave it to simmer till Mania, either way it's wise booking tbh

Decent Edge promo, very much in character and while it was a bit of filler to me in a way, it kept him on the show for more than a cowardly minute earlier, and the champ always needs exposure

LOL @ Vince. Stunner plz

Cryme Tyme actually are part of your thread? Gotta be truthful, I didn't even think you had them around, and it shows by their total lack of appearances. AMW own, I'm torn in this feud with the Hardyz, but I think they'll pull off the win at Mania, as AMW have OWNED this tag division as of late and some freshness would be good

Nice work with Kid Kash trying to suck up to Vince and weasel out of the way he's being booked atm, that final sentence makes me wonder if he'll try and attack Austin later

Eww. Kash/Kendrick at Mania? I'm sorry, but that will suck. Plain and simple. I really, really wished Super Crazy was gonna be in it too, because a triple threat would appeal much more than this Velocity/SD! worthy matchup.

I loved that Taker/Y2J match from last Mania, even tho Undertaker will NEVER lose his streak, you made it one helluva entertaining contest. This was just as epic and well recapped, very good stuff for a TV match and Jericho winning was a shocker tbh, but it gives him a big rub heading into the title match at WM. Kurt Angle's post match mind games were interesting, once again he's using Taker's own stuff on him, it's a little meh, but gotta admit, Angle's looking like a beast, but he won't be ending the Deadman's streak, no fucking way. Great stuff

London has been on some push lately, and I like it, aslong as he doesn't get booked ala Rey and punch above his weight (midcard at best) I'll be happy. MVP had better not win either, not so soon after coming in. I'm still putting money on Randy Orton. Nice interaction between the two, and Carlito too. Carlito/MVP feud is quite good atm, keep it up post Mania plz

VISCERA!~ Oh good god get that fat bastard away, one time appearance plz. Batista booked strongly as he beats Big Vis, I'm not a fan of Albright even tho he can wrestle quite well. Big Dave gets fucked up, ending the momentum he built with the Arm Wrestling win, I really don't care who wins this match come Mania, I dislike both, soz. <3.

Part of me wanted Carlito to really show it was every man for himself come MITB and nail London after the match, but ohwell, still well played out, Haas is just there for the sake of it to me, could never picture him winning the bank. Gets the four guys on the show, and it's been a bit of a loaded one to say the least

Lumberjack match should be a cracker, can't wait for that. Arn's doing ok as GM, but I can't see him lasting that much longer there

Wonderful promo to end the show. Vinnie Mac was good, Austin was GOLD. Absolutely orgasm worthy. It's these kinda promo's that make me miss your earlier work so much when Austin was around, Rock, The Berg and all the others that've since left your thread. I'm a mark, but even my non markism would have trouble not enjoying this segment. Some nice comedy as you'd expect between these two, and Austin as the Enforcer = Stunners galore for the McMahons tbh. Brilliant ending to the show, as I expected nothing less

Very enjoyable Wolfy, keep up the epicness


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