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Re: ECW: One Night Mafia

Originally Posted by CBR View Post
FOS on me because I'm keen on lynching somebody who targted me? My role silences people for the next day phase when they target me so you can see why I'd want to lynch one of the two of them.
It doesn't say that they try to kill you though. Where the hell are you drawing that conclusion from? Terrible logic, might wanna look into that.

Originally Posted by Lostfan View Post
Erm yeh someone tried to kill me? Fucking OWNED.
Shows that a noob did it because they would have to realize that you have like every role on you Night 1 anyways, it's a waste.

Originally Posted by Thunderman View Post
CBR is silencer then? Isn't that usually a mafia role?

why silence someone on night 1? Screaming scum to me.
ffs if you're gonna sign up for a game, don't just expect to get through by coming in and not reading. I'm glad The Ace has made it so that you have to read the writeups in order to fully understand what is happening.

This also shows desperate scumhunting by you.

Originally Posted by Lostfan View Post
However lynching him while he's silenced is poor play, as it gives us no chance to hear a claim and weigh it up, thus it's esentially a blind lynch.
Okai, well Jarrett isn't the brightest crayon in the box. For all we know he could just choose to target CBR every night so that he's silenced, and then according to your logic, he can't be lynched.

From here on out if people are dumb enough to use their role on CBR, I won't care if they're silenced or not. But for now, we should probably let them go since we have no proof they have killing roles, nor do we have proof that they are anti-town.

Vote: Thunderman btw for his lack of reading the thread. This seems weak but he just comes in and points out that silencing Night 1 is scummy or whatever. Well it's usually a scum role, so yeh, but in this case it's not, and CBR didn't mean to silence, that's what his role does automatically.

Also seems like he's scumhunting right off the bat. I mean, there's nothing wrong with scum-hunting, but then he apologizes and expects us to sympathize for him now that he has 'an uphill battle'.
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