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Re: ECW: One Night Mafia

Originally Posted by Lostfan View Post
Actually the chances are they're not, since why would the Mafia GF carry out the kill himself? Also w/ 2 killing roles then it makes it less likely.

No. I didn't try to kill anyone.

Yeh targeted not targeted for kill. And no, not really, if they had a killing role you'd be dead, no??

Well even if he was his kill would still go through, but look at the flavour and it looks like Sandman and Rhyno tried to kill me.

Anyone who thought my plan was scummy was stupid, tbf. Like really stupid, especially considering I was proved right.

So from night:
Cbr was targeted and silenced L and RKo- he's not dead? Conclusion they can't kill. (you never mentioned being bulletproof)
Someone (maybe 2 people) tried to kill me- Conclusion, them people's were stupid. Sandman could be a possible vigilante I guess, but well as I said a vig shot was incredibly moronic.
Postage you said you could possibly find a mafia member, any luck w/ that?
Dealer is innocent.

Jobs2Sandman's role was some sort of indi, not sure what it specifically did though, with a smallish player base we won't have too many indi's tho I should imagine.

Also any chance of a character claim CBR now that you've outed your role?
yes you are right

Originally Posted by Thunderman View Post
A good night there. We found out there could well be a second faction of maybe 3 players max, looking at the size of the game. Also am liking the idea of The Ace using characters in the night phase as when we come to the later stages and the inevetiable character claims come we can look back and see what characters are defo in the game.

Retep is coming off very sus by not wanting to read night. CBR is coming over sus as well, unless Steven L or RKO are in fact mafia. So im going to lynch: RKO920
this post says you read the night pretty ok and yet you have not read the most noticeable part in night post that they are silenced
Originally Posted by Thunderman View Post
CBR is silencer then? Isn't that usually a mafia role?

why silence someone on night 1? Screaming scum to me.
you said you are suspicious of cbr in previous post what were you suspicious about?

Originally Posted by Thunderman View Post
Right it makes sense now. I thought CBR was a silencer as in he silenced them, not they targetted him and therefore became silenced. Unvote

I'm sorry for my head not being in the game, I'm going to try and focus more now. I realise I am sus, looks like I have an uphill battle again. But atleats this time I don't need to lie.
you weren't focusing on the game yet till you found retep and cbr suspicious and your read night pretty well it seems exepect the silenced part
i cannot post much as i have pr so don't expect me to lynch or ulynch quickly

So who's gonna prepare my next signature?
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