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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review:

It looks like we are finally going to get the explanation that weíve deserved all along, as Mick is ready to address the crowd. Not really happy to see the promo start the way his did a few weeks ago, as he doesnít really give us any new information, just saying that he didnít know what he was doing. Then we finally get him to reveal whatís really bothering, and he really made sense when talking about his role at WM22, as it was just what he described it as. He wants to get past that, and going after a guy like HBK is the best way to do it. Itís all making sense now, as we know that Michaels is going to give it his all, simply because of the hate that he has for Foley right now. A good way to end the promo, as this finally answered most of the questions that people have been asking. Very good way to start the show, but itís a shame that we need to wait until next week for Shawnís reaction.

Itís been well documented whatís been happening between these eight superstars over the past month, and I canít wait to hear the punishment that Uncle Eric hands down. Pretty standard inter-gender match, as thereís a ton of interference and then it comes down to just Alexis and Melina, as Laree gets the huge win.

The brawl gets cut short by the GM, as this Triple Jeopardy match sounds pretty sweet, something I was expecting since last week. Perfect way to get all these ďlesserĒ stars on the card without taking up more than one match slot. Great move, imo.

Like the ideas of the past two weeks, with the career highlights packages last week and now you have the training videos lined up. Christian has always looked like a very physically fit man in the world, and this was a good representation of this. He obviously pushes himself to the limit, and I wonder how this will look compared to Cenaís VP.

Burchill is all right, but Iím surprised that you are having him debut before ĎMania. That usually doesnít happen so close to the biggest event of the year. Guess this will be just like they act in real life, so Iíll let it play out.

No shock here with the quick squash match by Burchill. Iím pretty interested to see how he does in the coming weeks, as heíll only be as good as you want him to be. Hopefully he doesnít get a TON of squashes, as Iíd rather seen him thrown into the mix after WM23.

I am so pumped for Lesnar-Triple H and thatís not an exaggeration. Almost more excited about this one than I am about the Main Event, since both matches are going to be unpredictable. VP was a good refresher, since so much has happened between these two already.

Two bad matches in a row? I donít really like that, but it was very good to see DH get another win, as itís been a very long time between wins. Glad Conway is going to be released soon, as heís been a waste of space for a long time.

JR is in the Hall of Fame! Very cool way to do it, as it took him by surprise. Loved how Coach broke character and congratulated JR. Very classy way to do it.

These matches are really not going well, Wolfy, but I know that you need to do this to get the build keep going for WM23. Lesnar wins the squash but then he says that he will have someone in his corner at WM23? Loved how Hunter was convinced that it would be Heyman, but Brock says thatís not happening Ö as itís Stone Cold! Great way for Austin to come into the WM23 fold, as he hates the McMahons and Triple H. Very good choice.

I think that Austin wonít be bluffing, but it makes sense that the McMahons would be skeptical about this, considering the feud Lesnar and Austin had in the past. LOL at Tomko trying to bring up some ďinside informationĒ Ö canít wait to see just how wrong he will be.

Finlay was perfectly in character with his interview, as he just wants to fight tonight. Good point about possibly beating Cena or Christian, as thatíd be a huge victory. Too bad itís not happening. Anyway, Umaga coming up to Finlay was a good touch, as Estrada tells Finlay that he better not get in Umagaís way. Hopefully this will lead to a MITB preview match between these two before WM23.
Teddy is a little upset about the Main Event change, even though the match tonight is still a very good one. Two huge matches get made for next week, as I love when the GMs decide to one-up each other, as now we have Shelton/Christian and Cena/Orton next week. Those two matches should rock the arena, and that will be a very good thing.

This match was much better than I figured it would be, as these two factions have been going at it for a few weeks, and now we get to see the lesser guys all in the ring together. Glad that Henry was used as the monster, as he should always be in that role. A very good way for the match to end, as Mark goes over the top rope, leaving OJ by himself and the match is over very quickly, with Doane hitting his awesome top rope move. The New Wave is the better faction, imo, so itís only right that they win this match.

This is one of the biggest cards in BTB history. Lesnar-Triple H? Angle-ĎTaker? RVD-Jericho-Edge? Christian-Cena? This is going to be the tits.

I didnít think that the Cena VP was quite as good as Christianís, but thatís not saying that you did a bad job, as this was a very good way for him to show off the physique and the way he is getting ready. This is truly going to be a clash at WM23, probably the most unpredictable match you have ever had.

So this is why Austin is rumored to be on Smackdown! this week, so that Vince can confront him and ask him if he is going to be in Lesnarís corner at ĎMania. I expect Austin to do something to get one over on Vince to start the promo, and obviously a Stunner to end it. Should be something to look forward to.

The infamous ďtwo major stars have to team together and talk before the match scenarioĒ was a good one, as we know that one of these is going to turn on the other tonight, I just have no idea who is getting that done.

Loved the way that Cena didnít even talk to Christian outside the ring, instead sliding into the ring and taking down TLK! Umaga not really understanding the tag team rules is not that farfetched, as we know that he canít understand the concept of staying on the apron. Good to see him leave the match, as he canít look weak. Pretty academic after that, as Christian is dominated for a short period of time, but then makes the tag to Cena! Cena looks to get the win, but then Orton takes him down with the RKO! Made the RKO looks a little weak as Cena crawled over and still made the cover on Finlay, but thatís all right. Good way to end the show, as Christian said he was going to take out Shelton, but obviously Cena doesnít believe it. This situation is set to explode in the next few weeks.

Another pretty good show, as youíre really focusing on the build instead of the matches. Guess next week will be different and I canít wait to see Austin and McMahon on Smackdown!. Should be a great next show.


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