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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread

Six World’s of Wrestling (SWW)

I am looking for 6 (yes, six!) partners to work with me on a new concept for a BTB called SWW. Everything is explained below.

1. SWW is split into 6 brands
2. The six brands are Raw, Extreme, Nitro, Impact, Smackdown and Heat
3. Each brand has a one-hour show each week starting with Raw on Monday through to Heat on Saturday.
4. Draft picks will be taken in turns until all 6 bookers have 16 wrestlers each to use
5. This is a current day BTB so if you draft Sting then you are getting 2009 Sting not 1992 Sting!
6. After this, you must also pick 4 jobbers, these must be obscure wrestlers. Jobbers are not allowed to be turned into full-time wrestlers. If the jobbers win a match then he will turn into a free agent and he will go to the first booker who signs him.
7. In total, there will be 120 wrestlers in the BTB at any one time!
8. You can only have a maximum of 5 jobbers. So, if you have already stolen one ‘mistreated’ jobber then you can’t steal another and have 6!
9. Each show will have their own champion (Extreme Champion, Impact Champion, etc). You can crown your champion straight away or hold a tournament. It’s your choice!
10. You must not have more than 24 on your roster (including jobbers).
11. People can propose trades at any time. The trades must be agreed by both sides to be put into full effect. If you wish, you can do handicap trading. This means that, if you want to, you can swap John Cena for Evan Bourne AND Jamie Noble.
12. You must review the previous bookers show before you post yours. Minimum 100 words. However, if you give more reviews then you will receive more reviews so it benefits everyone.
13. You must post your show 48 – 96 hours (2 to 4 days) after the previous one leaving enough time for reviews and to make sure the pace isn’t too quick to catch up with.
14. Shows are posted following the order of the week (Monday first, then Tuesday, etc)
15. PPV’s are every four weeks.
16. PPV’s will feature one match from each booker. These matches must be written up in full by you and sent to me by a certain deadline TBD.
17. All PPV matches have a 30 minute time limit (not including entrances).
18. You must post at least 3 TV shows before each PPV (This gives you a week off with no penalties). If you post less than 3 shows before the PPV then your planned PPV match will be cancelled.
19. When you PM me your PPV match you must also tell me who you think, except yourself of course, deserves the main event slot at the PPV. The booker with the most votes will Main Event the PPV. If the votes are tied then we will have a double main-event.
20. After each full week of shows, I will offer 6 new wrestlers who aren’t currently in the game. You must swap one of your current wrestlers for a new one. First come, first served. If you don’t swap then I will make the swap for you using www.random.org (You don’t want that)
21. I will make sure that people follow the rules and make everything run smoothly.
22. There may be a few twists and turns along the way to spice things up a bit!

All 6 bookers will be allocated a brand. If you have a preference for a particular brand then let me know and I will take it into account.

If you are interested then PM me!

I promise this will be fun!

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